An Urgent Call to Save the Life of Peter Max

Peter Max – Pop Artist, 84-year-old devoted and loving father, loyal and compassionate friend, Holocaust survivor, animal and human rights advocate, and a victim of Alzheimer’s Disease – is being kept in forced isolation in a predatory guardianship in New York City. The guardianship has depleted his hard-earned life’s earnings by over $16 million, with millions being paid, without his permission, to the court-appointed guardians and attorneys who now control all aspects of his life.

Since 2019, Peter’s family and friends have been privately waging a legal battle to free Peter from his involuntary isolation at the hands of strangers; restore to him his dignity; and allow him to be surrounded by loved ones at the end of his life. After more than two years of isolation, Peter’s loved ones fear he is losing his will to live. His health has steeply declined; he appears dangerously over-medicated; and his family and friends fear for his life.

Peter is gentle, loving, and a deeply sensitive man. Everyone close to him knows that he thrives with companionship and suffers without it. Peter was born in Nazi Germany; he escaped with only his parents, with most of his family killed by the Nazis. He grew up as a refugee in Shanghai. The trauma and loss that Peter experienced at a young age has stayed with him throughout his life. Peter arrived in Brooklyn as a teenage immigrant with a hope for the American dream and a love for freedom. The beauty in his art was his answer to the war.

Can you imagine having dedicated your entire life to nurturing a family, a successful career, and many deep, loving, and lasting relationships, only to find yourself, at the hands of a complete stranger, a court-appointed guardian:

  • being held in forced isolation nearly 24 hours a day;

  • being forbidden from seeing your loved ones (including your own children) unless they lodge a formal written request, and, when you are permitted to see them, visits are severely time limited, closely surveilled, and reported on;

  • being prohibited from having any visitors, ever, in your own home (including your children), which had for decades been a hive of bustling activity filled with love and laughter;

  • being forbidden from being cared for by your children, notwithstanding your articulated desire to be cared for by them at the end of your life, just as you cared for your parents at the end of theirs;

  • having your phone confiscated so you cannot make any calls, and having to ask permission to use your own phone to call your own children;

  • having all of your medical decisions made by a for-profit and unfamiliar court-appointed guardian (a lawyer) who has no medical or geriatric training, and having all your medical information withheld from your family, despite the fact that you had named your children in your Health Care Proxy;

  • having your beloved rescued cats cruelly taken away from you, never mind that you were deeply attached to them and had enjoyed the company of animals in your home for over 60 years;

  • being surveilled in your own home 24 hours a day through cameras recording both audio and visual with a direct feed to a court-appointed guardian’s cell phone, so that the lonely, disorienting life that has been forced on you can be constantly observed, in violation of your privacy rights and civil liberties;

  • being restricted from going to your own art studio, the very place you created and where your self- expression flourished for decades;

  • having your life-long friends being required to sign a daunting non-disclosure agreement before they are even allowed to speak to you, and, when you are permitted to speak to them, you are forced to hang up mid-conversation;

  • repeatedly asking for the companionship of your family and friends, only for your court-appointed guardian to ignore your pleas;

  • having your existing legal and estate planning documents voided;

  • being prohibited from speaking to your long-time attorney, and having counsel thrust upon you that you did not choose; and

  • having your hard-earned financial assets liquidated for the benefit of court-appointed strangers.


It took a beautiful imagination to create Peter’s artistic world of color, joy, happiness, and love. It took a lifetime of hard work to achieve his personal success, with the independence and security that success gave him. What right does anyone have to take all of that away?

The guardianship of Peter Max has descended into captivity, where protection in theory has become exploitation in practice; a case study of just how much can go wrong when the vast powers of the State are turned against the interests of the person those powers are meant to protect. It is a textbook example of a predatory guardianship: Isolate; Medicate; Steal the Estate.

Peter and his family have been denied the most essential Constitutional right to familial privacy – the right of the family to remain together without the coercive interference of the awesome power of the State.

Peter’s final wishes are being ignored and his most fundamental Constitutional and Human Rights violated.

We, the undersigned, ask that Peter Max’s unnecessary and unjust guardianship end so that Peter can be returned to the care of his family, as he has been pleading for since 2019, and so that he can receive an immediate and critical medical evaluation.

We stand in solidarity with the millions of victims of guardianship abuse and their families.


Libra Max


Morgan Greene


Les Gurren

Peter's Second Cousin
"Peter’s family, of which I am a member, escaped Nazi Germany in 1938 only to be imprisoned again at the hands of governmental officials."

Rachel Binshtok

Peter's First Cousin
"I want him to be set free into the arms of his loving daughter Libra."

Michelle Guliner-Monahan


Norman Goldsobel

Second Cousin

Rosie Vela

Model, Songwriter, and Peter's former partner/friend of 47 years

Rabbi Haskell Bernat

Supporter and Peter Max Collector

Senator George Borrello

New York State Senate, 57th District

Victor Zurbel

Art Director, Peter Max Biographer
Peter’s friend of 55 years

Billy Squier

No one should be subject to such treatment, let alone a man who has given so much to the world through his art.

Sandy Linter

Peter Max and all Alzheimer’s patients deserve a quality of life that includes the people who love them. They are not to be looked at as a money till but as humans.

Dr. Will Tuttle

Friend and Colleague

Felicia Tomasko, R.N.

LA Yoga, Editor & Registered Nurse
"Friend of Libra Max, longtime journalist and magazine editor, registered nurse. Believe in following the family's wishes and fulfill the stated wishes of Peter Max rather than exploiting him."

Christopher Minshall

I've had family (including my own grandparents and various extended family) fleeced by ill-empowered legal / non-familial guardians. Stop the ill-mannered exclusive legal" debauchery that is happening and restore rights to any living family. This is pure greed and selfishness unchecked, and it is definitely detrimental treatment to almost any ailing elderly human."

Lynda Bensky

President at Bensky Entertainment
Child of Shanghai Ghetto Survivor

Dr. Elyse Deleski, Ph.D. LMFT

Friend of Peter's daughter
Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor

Dr. Mariana Salerno


Mary L. Trump


Prof. Philip C. Marshall

Grandson of Brooke Astor

Kerry Rooney-Mack

Daughter of Mickey Rooney,
Family Rights Advocate

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, Ph.D.

Aunt died after 8 years in exploitative guardianship

Joe DiMaggio, Jr.

Peter's Friend since 1984
"Appalled by this atrocity."

Dr. Lawrence Fine

This situation can happen to anyone!It is clearly a miscarriage of fiduciary responsibility on the part of caretaker They should be careGIVERS and not careTakers!!

Dr. Deborah Winograd

Art Collector, Doctor

David Fishman

Jewish/Animal Rights Advocate

Jacqueline Costello

Descendent of Holocaust Survivors

Michael Tessler

Hollywood Councilman, Award-Winning Producer
"To deny a Holocaust survivor his freedom after a lifetime spent celebrating liberty with a travesty beyond words."

Elvira Chanlatte

He deserves his freedom, he is a survivor of the Holocaust, he needs to be finally liberated, give him back his dignity, he has given us so much.

Lynne Faut

No one should be held against their will; especially a Holocaust survivor. Do not allow Peter Max’s life to end in captivity.

Inna Avra

Please free this man he already survived the Holocaust he should not be trapped like this in his old age.

Christine Sirunj

I’m calling out this Elder Abuse & Wrongful Imprisonment… Who the hell do you people think you are jailing a Holocaust survivor & keeping him from his own children?!!!

Eric Crawford

The man escaped Nazi Germany and can’t even be free in the USA.

Joshua Mendoza

Let my man have a good last couple years. He escaped the Nazis, he doesn’t need to live like this.

Denita Lambou

Victim of Guardianship Abuse

Eileen Weiss

Family member was victim of elder abuse.

Barbara Stone

My mother and I are victims of this crime syndicate run through the courts in the pretense of guardianship.'"

Sherry Moses

My mother was a guardianship victim and DIED.

Margaret Barron

Elderly neighbor and friend was victim of guardianship.

Dr. Ken Miller

Investigation of injustice & possible abuse.

Louie Psihoyos

Friend, National Geographic Photographer, Oscar Winner

Elizabeth Derringer

Peter's friend & PR Manager of 30 years

Errol Rappaport

Probate Reform Advocate
Mother died under exploitative guardianship

Lawrence Carter-Long

Disability Rights Activist
Peter’s friend of 19 years

Ashia Chacko, EdM

Psychologist and Social Justice Advocate

James Costa

Friend and Film Producer

Michael Gill

Merchant Marine, FreeBritney Advocate

Harry Pistorio

FreeBritney Advocate/Guardianship Abuse Activist

Joe Schick

CEO and Executive Director at Music & Memory, Alzheimer's patient advocate

Leesa Rowland

Friend of Peter Max
Founder and President of Animal Ashram nonprofit animal welfare group

Coppy Holzman

Founder of CharityBuzz, Friend and Supporter

Patricia Weich

Writer "Constitutional Rights of Freedom & Justice"

Ann Morris

Justice for Peter.

Maureen Turci

Artist and Printmaker
Colleague of Peter's since 1980

Lori Peterson

Civil Rights Lawyer and Animal Activist

Amanda Beran

End Conservatorship Abuse.

Karen Kreps

Supporter of 50 years through Swami Satchidananda yoga

Alan Perlman

Dear Friend of Peter and Libra, Collector

Silvana Mace

Horrible. This is an infringement of their rights.

Donna Reid O'Neil

Mother died in exploitative guardianship

Dr. Willie Bierman


Jenny Brown

Longtime Friend of Libra and Peter

Deborah Rankin

Guardianship Reform Advocate

Douglas Franks

Probate Reform Advocate,
Saved mother from exploitative guardianship

Julie Anne Rhodes

Family Friend and Collector

Simone Reyes

Close Friend of the Family

Teresa Jones

Guardianship Reform Advocate

Dr. Robin Futoran

Supporter, Friend of Peter Max

Bonnie Goodman

Hoping to help Peter Max's family.

Debra Trew

Elder Advocate

Lori Burns

Social Justice and Anti-Exploitation Advocate

Sandy Klein Montalvo

So horrible, so wrong and so sad.

Rey Contreras

Guardianship Reform Advocate

Rob McKenna

Mom is in very corrupt conservatorship like Peter Max

Lisa Richards

Civil Rights Activist

Marcia Friedman

Guardianship Reform Advocate
Mother died in exploitative guardianship

Dr. Kenneth Levine

I’m an admirer of Peter, meeting him in his studio in 2010. He was a charming individual.

Vida Amaral, RN

Mother died in exploitative guardianship

Amber Beale

"I met Peter through Rosie Vela when I was a little girl, and he was one of the kindest people I've ever met. He deserves justice and freedom to be with his family."

Ra Rishikavi Raghudas

Writer, close friend of Peter

Deborah Anderson-Gaiser


Lois Eastlund

Longtime fan

Debra Hoffmann Knowles

Writer and Social Worker

Peri Sedigh

"As an attorney I recognize the entire guardianship process can be so abusive and exploitative of the very people commissioned to protect. The system needs reform."

Marie Hegeman

Social Worker and Advocate for Older People

Jeff Van Syckle

Professor of Psychology
"Long time lover of Max’s work and believer that no one should be subject to this type of conservatorships."

Valerie McAndrews

Senior Producer, Human Rights Advocate

Todd Spradlin

Producer, Friend of the Family

Patricia Beaver

Art Director, Educator, Collector

Adam Sokolow

Peter Max Studio operations manager for 33 years
"Peter loves to be around his friends and family- to isolate him is beyond criminal!"

Nancy Rabach

Collector, Friend of Peter
"My heart hurts knowing that Peter is living like this! This is painful and unfair."

Pam Holt

Family Friend
"I am a great admirer of Peter Max and his daughter Libra. This is criminal!"

Susan Saladino


Geralyn Lambou

Father under abusive guardianship

Barbara Audiss

Help a wonderful fellow being.

Rich Hart

Fine Art Dealer, Appraiser, Auctioneer, Author
"Peter is an american icon and should be with those he loves."

John Gunn Sr.

Father of Chris Gunn, who is currently trapped in an abusive guardianship

Kali Mutty

Chief Operating Officer at Multihouse
"Justice for Peter and his family."

Susan Sullivan

Please free Peter Max from the captivity.

Valerie Cantone

I'm Against Cruelty to the Elderly.

Skye Swan

Family Friend
"No one should be in forced isolation, this is beyond cruel."

Maria Lorna Azul Kunnath

"Advocating the End of Conservatorships."

Muriel Reilly

Peter Max deserves to be cared for with love, by his family.

Leah Ostojic

No one should be owned and controlled, this is elder abuse.

Nikki Cohen

This is so awful, hoping you are successful in your efforts.

Sandra Urfer

End Conservatorship Abuse.

Angela Kuda

Free Peter Max, so he can be with his beloved ones and gets his dignity back.

Glyn Jaime

Peter Max painted our wedding picture
"No one should be kept against their will. This is UNACCEPTABLE!! #freepetermax."

Jessica Piele

Sending love and hope he’s freed.

Amy Sacks

Fellow Animal Lover
"Undo this guardianship!"

Glennis McGregor

Heartbroken for any isolated and mistreated person.

Michael Shorr

Loved Peter's art as a child and am saddened to hear of his isolation. This seems terribly wrong.

Dina Giangregorio

Signing because hearing his situation makes my blood boil.

Ailaine Piper

To free this man. He needs his dignity.

Elizabeth Liz

This is unjust - his family wants to help him and this looks like a financial grab

Nicola Gray

Disgusting inhumane treatment of any individual regardless of class or status. Clearly a set up for theft, greed and fraud, cloaked under the deceitful illusion of care and protection of the client.

Martin Rowe

Peter Max deserves to be able to spend his final years in the company of his children. This exploitation is all-too-common and wrong.

Marla Zahn

Mother isolated for 3 years under abusive guardianship

Roger C. Memos

This is unjust and NOT acceptable!

Laura Yanne

...I know how lonely and scared an elderly person can be. I hate that this is happening.

Robby Melnick

Release Peter Max To His Daughter, Libra. I grew up in the 1960's LOVING Peter Max's Art and him as a Beautiful Soul

Christin Olivier

Everything that is being done to Peter Max in this imprisonment of a guardianship appears not for his health and wellness. Keeping family and lifelong friends away is a serious matter. No attorney knows someone well enough to take the place of family and lifelong friends. This is obviously a money grab. No family members can can question his medications, which can kill him. No one can question his diet, which can also contribute to his demise if it is not healthy. No one can question his ability to get fresh air, vitamin D, exercise and even a gym membership, which is incredibly helpful for many senior citizens who need assistance in staying fit. Pharmaceuticals tend to dumb the elderly down, and increase dementia, whereas exercise and a healthy lifestyle, increase longevity. Peter Max has been into health and wellness for years. His family supports that.

Alice Fratus-Nodel

Client Manager
"I work with the elderly and to many times greed takes more than money from those who are not able to handle there affairs anymore. Every person deserves dignity, respect and love."

Amanda Copeland

"Peter Max has been legally kidnapped and is being psychologically tortured being kept away from his family and friends."

Taylor Pawlowski


Judith Brown

Registered Nurse
"No person should be held against their children’s wishes, and isolated from their family."

Elayne Griffiths

This is horrendous and so cruel.

Kristin Lara

This is late life abuse.

Judi and Patrick Gogolen

We are all God's children. He has loving family and friends who he needs to be with, who will ensure his safety and medical care lovingly.

Leslie Chase

I'm appalled that his loving family are not given the rights to care for and love him.

Susie V Kaufman

Human Rights Activist
"I am a nearly lifelong animal- and human-rights activist.... AND a friend of Libra Max's"

Hannah Brown

This cannot be legal? How on earth can an individual be treated like this and have zero rights. The law must change and Peter Max should be allowed the freedom of choice like any other person.

Terri Odom

Animal Advocate
"Everyone deserves to finish their journey surrounded by the people and animals they love most."

Susan Schops


Jane Scher

Cousin, Nurse

Mia Gardner


Eli Binshtok

2nd Cousin, RN
"He loves his family so much when we were with him he made us feel so important. I hope he gets reunited with his family!"

Johanna Lerfel

Executive Director, Cousin

Lynne Joachim


Michael Lang

Creator & Producer, Woodstock Festival
Peter’s friend of 52 years

Beverly Newman

Director, The Al Katz Center for Holocaust Survivors and Jewish Learning
Father died in exploitive guardianship

Representative John Cortes

Florida House of Representatives, District 43 (Retired)

Dr. Susan Jakubowicz

Friend, Psychoanalyst
"Peter should not be held hostage."

Theodora Redmond

Family has always been Peter Max's priority and I have witnessed him care in person for his own father Jakob until his very last days in NYC. I have seen him care for his children and long-time friends who are family to him. I can't believe isolating him from his loved ones can be good for him and as a matter of fact, believe that it is detrimental to his happiness and health. The lack of transparency of his everyday care, added to the control of his communication and visits with his friends and family members indicates wrong-doing in his actual conservatorship. Please release him to the care of his daughter Libra.

Corwin Samuelson

My father grew up near Peter's family in Shanghai. I've always felt a connection to him, and I strongly object to this abuse of this beautiful man.

Steven M. Wise

I have been Peter's friend for more than 20 years and was once his biographer. I spent time with Peter whenever I was in NYC. He loves his daughter.

Marian Cornicky

Victim of Guardianship Abuse, Parents in Abusive Guardianship

Lori Marston

Licensed Family Therapist

Elaine McLaughlin

He escaped the Nazis to now being held in captivity once again?! How can this happen here in the US of A? We should all be appalled and ashamed! Give him back to his loved ones!

Sam Sugar, M.D.

Founder-President, Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship (AAAPG)
Mother-in-law died in exploitative guardianship

Mimi Gelb, MS, LMFT

Peter’s friend of 45 years

Bradford Disney Lund

Grandson of Walt Disney

Catherine Falk, MA

Daughter of Peter Falk
Family rights visitation advocate and pioneer of The Peter Falk Bill

Dr. Leslie Vogel

To support Mr. Max's human rights to express a preference as to whom he trusts and whom he wants to spend time with.

Tony Danza

Friend, Actor

Frances Fisher

"Peter deserves freedom."

Richard Calhoun

Co-Chair, Coalition for Elder and Disability Rights

Ada Lau

Peter's friend and curator for 29 years

Sandee Sanford

As an RN, I am an advocate for those who are unable to advocate for themselves. Isolation is abuse!

Inna Galperin

Child of Holocaust Survivor

Aura Kolnik

Descendent of Holocaust Survivors

Susan Cookus

It is not right what is happening to Peter. Alzheimer’s and a Holocaust survivor and he is such a talented man. He deserves respect and to be treated with dignity.

Sande Bloom

Max Collector, Lifelong Fan, Holocaust Descendant

Erin Paul

"Peter Max deserves dignity in the last chapters of his life. This conservatorship he is in has been causing trauma and reminding him of trauma he survived during the Holocaust."

Marine Michel

Free the artist and survivor Holocaust Peter Max. For he's one of the most successful and representative American artists.

Dr. Victoria Adams

The guardianship does little to benefit Max.

Leah Rumbough

He proudly came to this country to escape Nazi Germany. What happened to our beloved “land of the free”? Unacceptable cruelties like this should never be tolerated. Compassion and kindness must prevail. Peter deserves better. We ALL deserve better.

Aldona Kumpin

Victim of Guardianship Abuse

Marla Zahn

"I am a victim of guardianship abuse and guardianships need to be abolished."

Andres Sandoval

I am a victim of the corrupt laws that corrupt lawyers take your life savings and family in a corrupt court.

Bettina Barbier

These types of guardianships and conservatorships are a travesty. The guardians and conservators siphon money away from their victims while keeping them isolated to cover their crimes. The victims of such arrangements should be listened to, as should their long time friends and family. We have seen Britney Spears freed from her ordeal. Peter Max and all who suffer under the absolute control of such “guardians” should be freed as from their captors as well.

Ric O'Barry

Founder/Director, Dolphin Project
Peter’s friend of 34 years

Cassandra Dumas

Co-Founder, FreeBritney America

Jim Greenbaum

Founder and Managing Director of The Greenbaum Foundation

Bebe Buell

Friend for Decades, Model & Singer

Dr. Sarah Wilkins


Yolanda Bell, MS

Founder, Anastasia's Voice,
Sister died in exploitative guardianship

Eric Schiffer

Chairman and CEO, Patriarch Organization

Kevin Wildemann

FreeBritney and Conservatorship Abuse Advocate

John Fernandes

FreeBritney Activist Against Conservatorship Abuse

Karyn Miles

FreeBritney, Advocate Against Conservatorship Abuse

David Pullman

Founder of the Pullman Group, Longtime Family Friend

Anne Janeski

Shared Guru - Swami Satchidananda/Founder of Integral Yoga

Susan Binau

Founder of Grief Heroes Foundation

David Rivé

Arts Writer, Supporter

Pamela Fortenberry

Captivity is wrong in any form or fashion.

Vincent Marchica

Friend of Libra Max. Lifelong lover of Peter's art.

Jean Upton

Friend since 1971
"Peter took me under his wing when I was a teenager. I owe him my life."

Tracy Archer

Close Friend and former Peter Max Employee

Ann Taylor

Peter's friend of 25 years and employee of 20 years

Joanne Bougalis

Living in-exile in Greece after rescuing mother from exploitative guardianship

Suzanne DeRose

Against guardianship without regard for family and friends.

Nancy Hayman

Protestor of Elder Abuse

Daniel Orvik

Friend of Daughter, Human Rights Advocate

Gene Stone

Author, Family Friend

Marc Altshuler

Longtime Family Friend

Lynne Wasserman

"Return Peter Max to his family."

Jennifer Bro

Probate Reform Advocate, Human Rights Advocate

Dr. Stulc


Terri & Mickey McGuire

Guardianship Reform Advocate

Louis Levin

Friend for 20 years

Susan Datri

Clinical Social Worker

Ellen Letnik

Geriatric Psychiatry Nurse

Nirupa Singh

Family Member under Guardianship

Ciara Joyce

Advocate Guardianship Abuse

Laura Nelson

Advocate of Justice and Peace

Peter Millrose

Music Producer
Friend of Peter's daughter

Angela Smith

No one should die without their family near.

Xargers Demirtas

#FreePeterMax from this unfair and corrupted system.

Jake Boyce

End guardianship and conservatorship abuse.

Lawrence Zupan

Peter's friend of 55 years

John Ciafone

"I have seen bad Guardianship Proceedings and situations where the process is abused."

Russ Gibson

Retired Sheriff
"Any American citizen who has given so much to his or her community has every right to live free…Give this man and his family, return to him his dignity!!"

Noël Alexandra Canfield

Registered Nurse

Don Rittner

Author, Filmmaker, Historian, Anthropology Professor

Eve Baer

Real Life Coach and Reverend Mother

Susan Gaynor

Registered Nurse

Daniel O’Connell

Retired Warden NYC Department of Corrections

Mindy Golann

Registered Nurse, Fan, Geriatric RN

Azu Nieves


John Jordan


Ann Garcia

Executive Director

Sandra Hoh

Retired RN

Andrea Rosenkranz


Meg Halski


Anjana Mebane-Cruz


Ellen Ericksen

Friend and Activist

Natalia Villalpando

Signing to save Peter!!

Enrique Vélez

Liberty for Peter Max and Britney!

Daniel Rahmann

Let’s shed light on abusive and corrupt guardianships.

Susan Houser

Family should be in charge.

Ravel Petershagen

Standing against evil.

Christian Bonnor

Peter deserves to be with his family.

Chris Leathers

Very sad to read. Criminally unfair.

Ariyana Gibbon

Peter's friend since the 1980's, "I wish you the best in freeing your father."

Lorraine Taylor

Mother of lifelong friend died under exploitive guardianship

Andrea Law

Fighting for the end of conservatorships.

Nicolas Scheer

I want to help people living in abusive conditions.

Gaye Mitchell

Concerned friend
"Return him to his family."

Nadia Addasi

Time is up! End conservatorship! Free Peter!

Esther Hughes

A man of his age and stature should not be denied access to his family.

Joy Whisnant

This Is Guardianship Abuse.

Ronni Frey

Peter Max Employee
"Great affection for Peter and his work."

Erica Reiss Lasowitz

Peter was my father’s best friend in the 60s

Brigitte Graf

This is wrong. He has to be with his family.

Seana Katz

Family should be allowed to give love and care till the end.

Christina Reekers

Human injustice.

Judi Smith

No one should be held against their will.

Susan Wolz

Common sense and compassion are needed now!

Bonny Mutty

There is no oversight on guardians. Family is shut out of any due process.

Linda Dionne

Peter helped us in the early 2000's, offering a portrait in lieu of the Miss NH fur coat. A gentle man with a heart for the animals.

Toni Castorino

Supporter or those being held involuntarily.

Slim Khezri

Award-winning Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Businessman
"This tragic and heartbreaking. Peter Max needs to be taken care of immediately."

Michael Harford

Retired County Commissioner
"Human Dignity has no limits."

Harriet Rose

Comedian, Actress, and Advocate
"A disgrace and not humane. This is deadly abuse of the voices that are silent because of disease."

Lesa Martino

Father in abusive, exploitative, and isolated guardianship

Stephanie Snyder

A Fan
"Sad to see loving family and friends kept from a loved one."

Joanne Dorian

Alzheimer's Association Advocate
"So sad that this gifted artist is being made to endure this isolation at the end of his life when he has brought joy to so many with his vibrant art."

Jacy Mann

We need to reform these corrupt laws that allow greedy people to take advantage of a person's civil rights and financials.

Ellen Orsa

Senior Care Manager
"Restore dignity and rights to Peter Max, his family and friends."

Quinn Mason

"Peter has always been one of my biggest art influences and I was appalled to learn about this conservatorship. No one deserves such an injustice."

Jessica Voorsanger

Friend, Artist
"This is a horrible way to end your life. Peter Max should have had his own wishes honored and be allowed to live out his life surrounded bu his family and friends "

Giovanni Martins


Roy LaPlante

Time to show some compassion, Free Peter.

Mary Adams

Bring awareness to a corrupt system and elder abuse. Let Peter be with his friends and family and honor his wishes, estate planning and will.

Sharon Jaffe

Animal advocate
"My sister and I care for our 97 year old father. He is healthy and extremely happy, living a stress-free existence. Peter Max deserves that and much more."

Karen Munze

Let the man have his family and the care he deserves free from those who may not have his best interest at heart.

Jeanette Morales

No one should be held against their will if they want to go to their studio...let him.

Trevor Jackson

Peter deserves to love his life as he chooses with his loving family by his side.

Hart Gliedman


Dr. Gary Marder


Barbara Hochhauser


David Chira


Martine Lerfel


Jessie Joachim Flanders


Tom Freston

Former Chairman & CEO, MTV Networks, COO, Viacom Firefly3
Peter’s friend of 40 years

Shep Gordon

Close Friend of Peter's for 40 years, Legendary Talent Manager, Agent, and Producer

Edward Tricomi

Founder & Principal, Warren Tricomi
Peter’s friend of 45 years

Victor Stabin

Artist, Friend
"Deep amirations for an artist, who was one of a kind. I know Libra and Peter; their father daughter connection is real and as sincere as it gets. To hear that she has been marginalied is horrifying. Peter has lead an intrepid life and deserves the harth of his closet kin."

Nadia Antrobus

My case has many similarities with that of Ms. Libra Max with whom I briefly attended the Calhoun School. My mother was forced into guardianship which turned out to be corrupt . The first guardian, and the following 3 guardians isolated my mother and ‘stole’ as much of her money as possible. My mother passed away 2 years ago during the court battle which still continues after 6 years. Her last guardian refuses to release her estate money. I doubt if I will ever recover from the emotional hell I have gone through and continue to experience.

Betsy Johnson

How dare this be allowed in this United States of America. Shame, shame, shame.

Dr. Jenn Mann, LMFT

VH1 Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn

Dr. Margaret Higgins

Family should be in charge not the state.

Lauren Olson

"Someone with family and friends should not be left alone. Loneliness kills. No pets? No human contact? It's a death sentence!! The very art studio that allowed him to harness his talent into financial wealth; the very wealth that's the driving motive of his captivity, being stolen by the captors, that very art studio that was his livelihood is off limits to the man? Who gets to say how he should spend his last days if not the people who've loved and cared for him for decades!?"

BJ Courville


Dr. Caren Gertner Fritts

"Lover of Peter's Art and Soul, having met this gentle spirit."

Junilyn Vetura, MBA, MSN, RN

Patient Advocate, Peter's friend, admirer, and supporter since 2011
"This is a terrible form of elder abuse."

Sherry Lund

Probate Reform Advocate

Dr. Kenneth Crawford

Retired Educational Leader, Artist, Doctor

Mindy Franklin Levine

Director, Yankees Universe Fund

Dr. Gary Marder

A family member is the best advocate.

Linda Kincaid, MPH

Co-Chair, Coalition for Elder and Disability Rights

Dr. Eric Rutberg

Scholarly knowledge of the concerns and personal interest in the best care for Peter Max.

Dr. Jeff Shapiro

Julie Horev

I am also a child of Holocaust survivors, and despise predators of freedom like the people who have Mr. Max now.

Dr. Margaret Richards

My mother is an art history major and Peter Max was held with great esteem in my household growing up. He brought joy to my life at a very young age and I wish joy for him in his now older age.

Dr. Marielle Kaifer

Follower of Peter Max’s work for years. Appalled by his reported treatment.

Dr. Bob Schaefer


Donald Wilkes

Son of a Holocaust Survivor, Business Owner and Artist

Kristi Grauman

He deserves to be free and with loved ones. He didn’t survive the Holocaust to now be captive.

Adrienne Caldwell

This is terrible. They took his cats away? That's devastating. What kind of law allows this treatment of a beloved senior citizen. They're traumatizing a Holocaust victim. Revictimizing the victim.

Trish Mullahey

"Because it sounds draconian, and makes me think that the Nazi rule that stole his early happiness has been reimposed."

Kathy Johnson

Peter Max did not survive Nazi Germany, bring so much joy to so many through his art, and be the humanitarian he is just to be isolated from his loved ones.

Carmen De Isla

Guardianships are abusive and are designed to isolate and strip victims of their rights.

Jodee Sussman

My mom is also a victim of a fraudulent abusive conservatorship in SoCal.

Dr. K. Hahner


Marian Kornicki

"My parents and I are victims. There must be a criminal investigation and the state and county must be responsibly for allowing this decades - long corrupt take over of the courts by a legal-industrial racket."

Zuming Li

Peter's friend and photographer of 30 years

Dylan Spence

Co-Founder, FreeBritney America

Rick and Terri Black

Founders of Center for Estate Administration Reform (CEAR)
Terri's father died under guardianship

David Lett

Auxiliary Bishop

Christine Montani

Senior Editor, Social Life Magazine
Mother in exploitative guardianship

Kathleen Dunn

Guardianship Reform Advocate
Mother died under exploitative guardianship

Dr. Bruce Milner

Friend for years and Peter's Dentist for years

Wanda Huberman

Executive Director of National Health Association

Chloe Williams

FreeBritney & Conservatorship Abuse Advocate

Melissa Riccardi

FreeBritney Advocate

Melissa Carbone

Founder of Ten Thirty One Productions, Entrepreneur, and Friend

Eriyah Flynn

Fan and founder of VeganShift

Charlie Ramirez

Ally against exploitative guardianship

Heather Gragg

Nurse Practitioner/concerned citizen

Cat Cora

Iron Chef, Fellow Artist
"I think it’s an atrocity to such an amazing human being. Peter had given so much to the world and to see such corruption and greed is appalling and inhuman. He needs to be with his loved one who will give him unconditional love and dignity. Every human being deserves those."

Jan Isherwood

Friend of the Family

Frank Lane

Believer in justice and dignity for all human beings

Joshua Avant

Standing against guardianship abuse

Kate Uhry

Close friend of Peter's daughter

Mary Shaughnessy

Friend of Libra and Daughter of Alzheimer's Sufferer

Neal Perchuk

Friend of Libra Max for over 50 years

Kari Esser

Advocate for the Vulnerable & Exploited

Mary Bush

Guardianship/Probate Reform Advocate
Mother died after 12 years in exploitative guardianship

Liliana Bruno

Peter's friend of 28 years

Dr. Frank Sabatino

I feel deeply concerned for Peter’s welfare; connected through his beautiful view of life expressed in his art. Love will find a way.

Lynn & Alan Sayler

Guardianship Reform Advocates,
Lynn’s mother died in exploitative guardianship

Jaxi Rothman

Longtime Friend of the Family

Lawrence T. Reid, Jr.

Guardianship Reform Advocate
Mother died under exploitative guardianship

Emily Wagner

Close friend of Peter's daughter

Benay Vynerib

Very concerned friend

Lisa Gliozzi

Registered Nurse/patient advocate

Hillary Hogue

Probate Reform Advocate,
Saved father from exploitative guardianship

Dan Piraro

Friend since 2004

Susan Scheponick

I am sick to know this is happening in our country!

Mars Green

Ethical supporter for his protection and well-being

Amy Trakinski

Attorney, Activist, Longtime Family Friend

Sophie Levine

Lifelong Friend of Max Family

Adam Campagna

Lifelong Family Friend

Runa Zurbel

Family friend for 50+ years

Dr. Tetyana Dovzhuk

He deserves to be free!

Elana Cooperman

Social Worker
"Keeping this poor soul without his family friends and support animals is cruel and inhumane. This should go before an ethics board and a judge"

Amy J. Koreen


Lesa Cook

Registered Nurse

Dr. Annette Greenfield

Peter Max brought colour into my world.

Benjamin Brody

Former Studio Assistant to Peter Max
"Peter deserves to be around his family and loved ones."

Mikel Wintermantel

Artist and Advocate for Respectful Hospice Care

Nancy Tabb Marcantel

President of Animal Rescue Foundation of Louisiana
"Surely there is a way to allow Mr. Max to live out his days in peace and tranquillity without having his fellow human beings rob him of everything that he worked all his life for!"

Emily Jonas, Esq.

No human being deserves this!

Kathleen Brooks

Admirer and Freedom from Captivity Advocate

Amanda Pendleton

APRN, Human Rights Advocate

Richard Battaglia


Jennifer Angelo

Former Personal Assistant to Peter Max
"Peter is devoted to his friends and family and should never have to be separated from those he loves so much."

Amy Gdala


Lisa Cohen

Family Friend of 40+ years
"Peter Max and his loving daughter, Libra have been close friends of mine since childhood."

Joan Andre

Aging with dignity is a right.

JoAnn Immanuel

Expressionist Artist, Supporter
"I love Peter Max, and am appalled."

Louise D'Amato

It's the humane thing to do.

Chat Vela

Longtime Close Family Friend
"Freedom for Peter is paramount!"

Carol Moon

Director of The Animal Project (NYC)

Snita Gogolla

In solidarity with Peter and his family.

Peter Turok

"I care and trust Libra."

Paige Hinton

No one should be treated this way.

Annelee Ochel

Grateful appreciator of Peter’s work and compassion.

Natalie Stemper

Fighting for this family to see justice.

Leisa Hartnett

Terrible injustice to Peter.

Thomas Lyon

"Signing to help Peter have dignity and companionship."

Joseph Kleineman

Friend and Collaborator since 1970, Master Printmaker, JK Fine Art

Violet Marotta

Occupational Therapist
"This guardianship is not right and I felt the need to sign to end it."

Maya Peterpaul

Family Friend, Artist
"Peter deserves to be treated with kindness and care."

Ginny Soule

He needs his family.

Monica Towner

Senior Nurse for NHS

Debra Voulgaris

"Peter is being denied his basic Human Rights and is being held against his will. This is an outrage."

Mark Burke Koppel

This is illegal. The perpetrators must be brought to justice. NOW.

Daniel White

Friend and employee for 16 years
"Please help right this wrong."

Selina Grissom

No one should be treated this way!!

Natalie Mbogo

Exploitative guardianships need to be analyzed and ended.

Kimberly White

Reading this broke my heart. Greed kills.

Patricia Schaefer

His family should be caring for him, not 'executors'.

Maria Ianc

Free Peter Max.

Bruce Jeffreys

Conservatorship abuse must end!

Chase Warman

Because I don't believe should have their rights stripped from them for the financial benefit of strangers.

Jane Robinson

Exploitative guardianship is cruel.

Donny Moss

Animal Rights Campaigner with
"This guardianship is cruel, exploitive and unnecessary"

Jessica C.

Human Rights & Disability Advocate
"No one should be taken away from family."

Katarra Peterson

"Peter has given so much to so many. His liberty is the very least of what he deserves. #FreePeterMax."

Lisa McWilliams

He painted all of the fallen firefighters from sept. 11 2001 one which of whom I lost personally I knew his artwork as a child. This is not okay. I was a NYC paramedic - we need people to live in peace and not be taken advantage of.

Catherine Wagner

This is cruel and unusual and needs to be fixed.

Anthony Coleman seek profit from Peter's legacy stains both the life he lives today and the legacy he deserves tomorrow.

Chelsey Ng

This is an abuse of power. Loved ones deserve to be together in their final chapter.

Larry Rott

As a caregiver I've seen guardianship abuse most always for financial gain of the guardian. So very sad for Libra and her father.

Rachel Cree-Lowe

Peter is a gift. His treatment is barbaric and exploitative.

Thomas McDonald

No one should have their freedoms taken away without due cause. Especially by the 'law.' No conservatorship should be approved without multiple different evaluation by unbiased parties.

Elizabeth Pandolfelli

I am appalled at the treatment this amazing humanitarian and artistic icon. How dare any “system” be allowed to strip a man of all that he’s lived and worked for his entire lifetime?? This is unconscionable!!!

David Urban

Let the man and his daughter be together.

Al Parinello

Owner, Surflight Theatre, Friend Since 1983, Collector of Peter Max Art
"We need to protect this lovely man."

Patricia Rojas Clinton

Liberty Justice for ALL

Liana Abramson

Peter max deserves his freedom and god given rights. He is an incredible artist who has contributed much to society, and he deserves to live the rest of his life in peace and happiness.


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