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Call to Action


During this week of gathering with family and loved ones, we are heartbroken that our beloved 84-year-old Peter Max remains isolated. We are so thankful for your outpouring of love and concern. 

We are asking for your immediate help.


On November 30th, a key and possibly final court decision will determine if Peter will be freed from isolation at the hands of court appointed guardians who have restricted his freedom and access to loved ones for more than 2.5 years.


We, the family and friends of Peter Max, humbly ask that you:


1. Please contact your local and national press, media, news outlets, and journalists; ask them to cover the important Peter Max guardianship case before the trial.


2.  Please tag news outlets and press on social media.


Peter Max deserves a national outcry before the trial.

Your efforts could save his life.


It is vital that we have exposure during this critical week before our court hearing. We must ensure that the nation knows that Peter's very life is on the line.


We have been contacted by dozens of families struggling to free their elderly loved ones from guardianship. Please help us free Peter Max and also shine a light on this National Human Rights Crisis


In solidarity, and with gratitude and love,

The Family and Friends of Peter Max



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