David Spitz

Dave Ockun

Owner - Platinum Road
"What is happening to Peter is wrong in every regard. The system is failing him. Adding my signature to this letter to save Peter."

Kevin Mazz

Peter Max should not be held hostage.

Andrea Santos

Free Peter Max Now.

Matthew Maglione

Lisa M Urgo

Valerie Fischler

Humanity! Let him be with his family!

Mike Hertz

Friend of Shep

Independence Hall

Peter and his family should be free to make their own decisions regarding his care and his assets. He deserves his freedom.

Maxine Macha

Free Peter Max from his court appointed prison.

Kari Smith

Entertainment Manager

Reed Palmer

Shaun Lewis


Randy Thomas

Marley Cooley

I love Peter Max.

Cherry Spielman

Therapist, Owner: The Farm (Holistic Therapy Farm)

Melony Hudnall

Im a huge fan of Peter Max. I heard about this guardianship today. Anyone that survived the holocaust deserves better treatment in their golden years.

Daniel Packar

Michelle Mahon

Peter should be surrounded by those he loves and love him back.

Lisa Woods

Nina Sahim

Heather Holland

Kristin Feehan

Free Peter Max! He should be with his family!

Jennifer Herrera

Music Executive
"Guardianship abuse should not be tolerated."

Juli Leber

#FreePeterMax and family is everything!!!

Bruce Braun


Doreen Barefoot

Christina Gordon

Peter Max deserves to be free of predatory guardianship.

jason nott

He deserves freedom.

Jessica Im

It’s the right thing to do.

Dan George

A man's freedom iand dignity is his right. Peter deserves his.

Karen Pendergrass

I love his work/art.

Stephen Holding

Free Peter Max from this horrendous treatment.

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

For the Beauty & Artistry that Peter gave The World, he should reap the Benefits of a life well-lived in the best ways possible. A Yin & Yang Theory when Balance is needed the most.

Suzan McGovern

Health Lawyer, Artist
"Peter Max is a truly gentle unique man. I worked with him in his gallery when he was the World's Fair Artist. If even half of what is being reported about his current isolation is true then it amounts to cruel and unusual punishment for one so undeserving."

Tamra Staab

The hypocrisy of equating this imprisonment with “care” is egregious! This needs to go to the highest court possible for Mr. Max & his family to live life together peacefully. I can’t believe that a law firm hasn’t pursued this aggressively (and maybe they have) but I’m appalled by and embarrassed it’s happening in our country.

Rita Starnella Starnella


Maureen Dauphinee

"As a young child, I was inspired by the art of Peter Max. Winning my first art award at age 5 was a direct result of the impact of the Mr. Max. His strokes of color opening the mind and eyes of a young girl who has admired him her whole life. We do not live our lives to have those same colors diminished as we grow older. Mr. Max is a symbol. A symbol of hope, endurance, free thought, creativity, and self worth. It's long past time the courts give that back to him while he is still with us to share him once against with his family, and the world."

Laura White

Rescuing Peter Max.

Java John Goldacker

Friend of Peter’s

Mary Compton

Compassion for Mr. Max and his situation. No one should be held against their will.

Sivan Sharr Binyamini

He escaped the Nazis so may he be free.

Becky Akromis

Justice for Peter Max and our corrupt system needs to change

Walt Pitt

My mother has Alzheimer’s, and I travel a path to see her 6 days a week.

Jamie Bierman

For mental diseases that take too many of our loved ones from us too soon— especially while they are still living.

Kelly Stevens

Humanitarian…….there is no reason that anyone who has brought such joy and beauty to the world, should have to suffer in their declining years! Praying that he is extricated from this horrible guardianship and reunited with his family.

Rhoda Smith

Janet Wolfman

Gil Nevo

Peter Max's art inspires me to this day. There is nothing more evil in this world than locking up creativity, self expression, and the right to do so. Creativity will win. Let's go.

Christina Hatherly

Ally for justice and freedom for Peter.

Jessica Bleu

"It is an absolute whole being abuse to allow these circumstances to occur, and continue to turn dark the very last years of one who survived such darkness only to bring the entire world such love and color and beauty. It goes beyond inhumane to imprison such an inspired artist away from his tools, which are his voice. From his family and friends which are his muse and inspiration. From the world at large whose servant of love he has been for so very long. Having met this incredibly kind and one of a kind souls, and having been directly influenced in my own artistic style by his from my earliest memories, I am beyond shocked and appalled. I'm downright angry and indignant and oh so very, very sad. Please let this chapter end soon and let the rest of his beatiful book enjoy a happy ending."

Albert Fisher

Television Producer and Director, Lifelong Close Friend Since 1965

Fiona Walsh

This is appalling treatment for any human

Kim Bastian

"Free Peter Max. The way he is being treated is undignified."

Denn Vetta

Every human should be surrounded by those they love.

Paula Dory

Peter deserves to be treated better.

Laurie Gabriel

I care about the health and well-being of this wonderful artist.

Tim Fogarty

"This inspirational man needs his real family and his life back. Free this man! Stop the isolation and malevolent control!"

Angela Peters

Peter is a favorite artist of mine. Absolutely nobody should be treated this way. Seems like his family is perfectly able to care for him

Alexandra Elliott

Art Collector, Friend, Activist for Constitutional Rights
"Peters rights are being violated. He has a family who loves him and can care for him the government it’s only stealing from him under the guise of protection."

Jodie Fitzgerald-Burke

Peter Max should be allowed to see and be loved by his blood family.

Benjamin Clayton

He should be with his family.

David Rubert

Worried for Peter Max.

Donna Benjamin

Compassion and respect.

Michael Simms

Peter's treatment is horrific at the hands of the government somehow.

Maria Romero

Sr. Project Engineer/Space Force General Counsel
"Guardianship is human trafficking and human slavery. This must stop!"

Demi Robbins

Because he deserves to be with his family and this is Illegal.

Susan Acs

Loved his artwork from the 70’s

Christian McAnally

Advocate for Justice

Anthony Woodson

Collector - Max’s artwork is transformational, exploring our inner soul. Amazing artist that deserve quality of life.

Laura Contreras

It’s cruel and inhumane to keep someone from everyone and everything they love, especially at the end of their life. Peter should be able to feel the love of his family rather than being cut off and exploited.

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Peter was my earliest artistic inspiration and I got to meet him in 1971 at the Merrill Chase ART Gallery in Skokie. I then followed his illustrious career until this nightmare happened. It is so unfair that Peter's mental state is affected as he should be living his life as the exalted artist that he is by giving so much to the people and by coloring our world as he did. A Pop Culture Icon.

Natasha Gartrell

Marshall Walsdorf

Need for change

Catherine Stratton

Mail Carrier
"It should be up to his family! I’m dealing with my sister having dementia right now, & our family will 100% support her husband through this!"

Touri Strick

"Peter Max should be with his family and not with a person who is taking his money and abusing him because he is ill."

Kelly Robinson

I’ve met Peter Max a few times I’ve given away his prints on the Radio many times always felt blessed. Please Let Peter be with his family.

Helen Pantuso

This is nothing more than state sanctioned robbery. The Guardian is getting wealthy from stealing the assets Peter worked so hard to amass. This must end!

Erin McGee

Heidi Voorhies

My mother did my bedroom in Peter Max decor in the 70’s. Always loved him

Jilnar Mansour

I love Peters art

Kelly Keith


Melanie Fantus

Collector and Longtime Fan

Arthur Rosato

Donna Manzi

Freedom Fighter

Ricco DiStefano DiStefano

Caleb Hickman

Teresa Sena Sena

In support of this man and his family, who has obviously ad much trauma in his life, to be returned to his dignity and those who love him.

Julie Mendelsohn

Philip Cothran


Adam Sobel

Paul Myers

Author, Podcaster

Heather Thomson

Brandi Veil

Maria Alvarez

Human rights, solidarity.

Kayanna Tompkins

Peter deserves peace.

Ashley Groussman Arnold

William Swenson

Free Peter Max.

Jill Straka

I've had a loved one with Alzheimer's. The treatment of Peter is cruel.

Nicole-Juliet Friedman

John Courtney

Peter Max deserves to be free.

Haleh Beroukhim

Shir Samari

This man deserves to have his final days spend with his loved ones and not to be taken advantage of by money hungry attorneys. The legal system is set up to be so convenient for money hungry attorneys and politicians and has no regard for the life of loving, caring souls in this world. Give him his right to life.

Kietti Gantt

Free Peter.

Maggie Tyler

This man should be with his family not strangers.

Mercedes Kent

Elizabeth Stoner


Jason R

Sarah Lingbeck

Free Peter Max.

Lisa Rainbows

Friend of Shep

Christopher Leyva

Musician, Songwriter
"Everyone deserves dignity a family, and to be able to die a proper death around those who love him the most, no one deserves to lose their rights no matter how honorable or despicable. Human greed is the misfortune we all have to live with but a man deserves to live his last days in love and warmth and affection which is a human right! And financial abuse is a real problem that happens its bad alone when its family but complete strangers it sickens my stomach after the life this man has lived with so much tragedy let his freedom be the reward and may his soul finally get the peace it has craved."

Patricia Friedman

Entertainment Industry Producer
"I knew Peter and his then Girlfriend Suzin in the &0's and many of my friends are close to him now. He's such a wonderful person...his treatmeant is just unacceptable.."

Lee Stollman

Producer, Manager

Tina Lamb

To free Peter Max from a guardianship that is robbing him of his money and time spent with family and friends.


Ray Gibeau

Enjoyed his art! Sad to hear he’s fallen through the cracks of advantage takers.

Betty Otten

Everyone should be allowed to live out their life in dignity and safety and be lovingly cared for.

Olivia Pappas

I met Peter briefly about 10 years ago. It hurt my soul to hear his needs for familiar companionship are not being met.

Cody Heisinger

Peter Max's contributions to the nation and wolrld are deserving of appreciation and he should have best and transparent care including appropriate visitation and access by those he desires.

Denise Lamb

Crystal Hoskins

Denise Koster

I had the honor of working for Peter many years ago for a short time. I am horrified that anyone should be subjected to an atrocity like this. This is beyond tragic to him and his family. How can this be happening and how can our legal system allow such abuse to continue.

John Carbone

Used to live in NY and had to flee because of the corrupt family court system and fear of my wellbeing from a vindictive ex who is hellbent on putting me 6 feet under.

Susana Moskowitz

No one should be at the hands of court, when there is family that can look after that person. This is a stripping of his liberty & happiness in his final years. Abhorrent behavior on the part if lawyers & judge involved.

Chance Waxman

Peter is amazing artist, I’m only 23 and Peter’s art means a lot to me .

Jennifer Goldstine

I have a similar situation with my mother.

Diana Yoon


Keolani Young

Madeline Carr-Harris

Justice for a beautiful and talented soul. He deserves to be with his family and friends as much as he’d like in the final chapters of his life.

Isa Lorenzo Brocket

Family Friend

Marie Lowe Wernicke

Actress, Model

Kathrine McCall

Peter always spoke lovingly about Libra. Please let him be with his loved ones and friends.

Susan Livesey

Peter is loved by so many! We all stand together and demand the freedom from elder abusive guardianship to live with his daughter Libra!

Pat Jaynes

Let his loving family take care of him, Let this man GO...

Janel Martinez

Loretta Dye

What they are doing to him is wrong he needs to be with his family end of sentence end of story nothing else needs to be said!

Alix Rutherford

This isn’t right!!!!!!

Carol MichaelWade

Mr. Max deserves the same liberation for which he stands.

Jerry Hunsinger

Peter's release is a just cause.

Rick Smith

Music Business Attorney
"Blood is thicker than paid guardians."

Anne Marie Principe

9/11 Activist
"I met Peter many years ago when I began fundraising for Charities and campaigns. He was always kind enough to allow me to use his studio for private events where he would join as our host and delight our guests with historical stories and talk about his work. Later on he was forgetful and it appeared he was having issues with memory. He always remained kind, diplomatic and loved meeting new fans of his work. Please do not leave him in the care of a conservator, allow his family to care for him and respect his documented wishes."

Lori Shaw

Collector of Peter Max
"He is a kind man with an artistic mind and heart. The fragility of dementia people is hard enough on the individual without isolation."

Hope Phillips

I have 5 original Peter Max’s, sheets, and so many other of his items. I have loved him since the 60’s, and want for him to live in peace and joy with his cats and family and friends. He has brought so much joy to others, please give him his freedom!

Jacob Wasserman

This injustice goes against everything our NATION stands for.

Kim Munoz

Lawrence Pflum

Unacceptable treatment.

Ellen Berman

It’s the right thing to do.

Robin Apell

Fan of the artist, disturbed by the reports in the press concerning his situation.

Theresa Everett

This is criminal.

Beau Bernstein

A parent should be with his/her children at this stage in life.

Keith Torgan

Multidisciplinary Musical Visual Artist

Rodney Cormier

Freedom is everybody’s right

Sherron Carter

I’ve seen this horrible disease take loved ones. They all deserve to be surrounded by loved ones.

Jack Constant

"Peter Max is a brilliant celebrated cultural icon and deserves to be with his family and friends."

Elvira Chanlatte

David Soloff

Support for Peter to get him out of this "guardianship".

Scott Trager

Pamela Darby

Fan since the 60's

Deirdre Holland

"Our family is walking in the same unjust shoes as Libra Max. Guardianship abuse must end and we need to bring this fight to congress."

David Kerins

Having been a caregiver myself, Alzheimer's patients are routinely taken advantage of. He should be in his family's care, at home where he can be loved and protected from the thieves who are currently jailing him.

Gene Colacchio

Daniëlla ter Horst

Mary Mueller

Peter’s art was an essential part of my young life and I love it to this day. It exudes happiness and he deserves much better than this travesty from predators.

Danny Oliver

Peter Max a treasure for our times

Patty Burns

Costume Designer

Jennifer Dubois

Please let him go free!!!

Monique Williams

Friend of Peter

Sara Tekula

Irvin Gelb

Talent Manager, Collector, Friend

Natalia Foroutan

Jonathan French

Andy Mendelsohn


Scott Stevens

Darren Boyd

Marti Frederiksen

Songwriter, Producer

Terri Rohrer

Peter’s (and everyone’s) dedicated family has the right to remain together without unwanted government interference.

Dan Gottlieb

Mark Mazz

Got to support Peter!

Lisa Palmer


Charlie Palmer

Chef, Friend

Cory Zechmann

Clive Bates

Free Peter Max to his daughter.

Vincent Cheung

Michelle Berk


Joshua Sullivan

This type of overreaching behavior happen everyday. The time to stop it is now.

Lauren Ghani

Caring for well being of this man.

Zoey Granott


Jacklyn Walling

If we don’t fight for those who can’t fight for themselves, who will?

Al Lattin Lattin

No one deserves to have everything they love taken away from them, especially in the final years of their life. I urge those who have the authority to take action and give Peter his family, friends, animals, art, and life back immediately.

Emmy D'Urbino

How is this allowed to happen to anyone?

Samera Naji

This is outrageous and more so that the courts were involved! Free this man.

Megan Wilson

The family is crying for help, they deserve a fair process.

Tahoe Mack

David Dietrich

Peter Max needs to be freed from his abusive guardianship.

Richard Green

Admirer, Fellow UV Art Lover & Creator

Jan Cole

Because it’s the right thing to do !

Mitchell Kanner Kanner

Peter is a special person. I cannot believe this is happening. He needs his family.

Joseph Charron

Artist Designer
"Inspired by Peter having had the opportunity to have worked with him as a young artist."

Lady Nigel Butterfly

This is criminal!!!

Christine Muller

Tamera Waltman

Advanced Practice Nurse, RN MSN
"This case is tragically akin to the case of Michael Nesmith the composer and musician. There are many elements in common including isolation and abuse. He was finally able to escape his "caregiver" , but was too weakened and succumbed to illness barely 7 weeks later."

Kelly Kole


Philip Spinelli

I've known Peter for 40 years from my NYC days and meet with him every time he is in town.

Kevin Bartlett

President at Aural Gratification, Inc

Susan McGraw-Keber

Rosie Vela is a friend. PETER’s daughter should not be kept away from her father nor should Rozzi. While lawyers are being paid to oversee the estate it is being suctioned and bringing nothing but a heartache to those who love him. Let PETER have his family and the woman he loves be with him.

John Bolton

renee Finberg

Grandmother suffered the same illness.

Kathy Garcia

A daughter should be able to see their father and know how they are doing health wise, not a stranger. This is not correct. This is conservatorship abuse!!! Let Libra see her father before it’s too late! #FREE PETER MAX

Anne Lusby-Denham

I have heard too many situations of abuse of elders and their families in cases of guardianship. Peter Max and his daughter need to be released from this since it appears that financial and emotional abuse are taking place. It is hard enough experiencing dementia but for these abuses in guardianship to be legal is an extreme injustice to the person and their family. It needs to be stopped!

Waters Breedlove

"As a young child, I was inspired by the art of Peter Max. Winning my first art award at age 5 was a direct result of the impact of the Mr. Max. His strokes of color opening the mind and eyes of a young girl who has admired him her whole life. We do not live our lives to have those same colors diminished as we grow older. Mr. Max is a symbol. A symbol of hope, endurance, free thought, creativity, and self worth. It's long past time the courts give that back to him while he is still with us to share him once against with his family, and the world."

Clair O’Shea

Rhoda Smith

I believe in Peter and family including Rosie Vela to save his life!

John Micera

This is wrong.

Cindy Lasar

To free Peter Max to be cared for by family and friends and end this unjust guardianship now.

Bill Levey

WTF. Peter is a kind and brilliant man who lit up the world, this seems unconscionable.

Sarah Stob

Licensed Masters Social Worker
"It is wrong to deprive people of their loved ones. The family needs to be free to work on their relationship. Humans are social creatures, they need friends and family."

Jo-Ann Orlinsky

Art lover. Owner of a numbered print.

Nirmala Heriza

"Since late 60’s longtime friend and mutual disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda. Please Restore Peter’s mental, physical Spiritual health and well being. Reunite him with his beloved family, friends and cats."

Cherie Kanz

Peter deserves his freedom and his own choices. I just pray that Peter can be Free!!

Manny Katz

Dear Lifelong Friend

Linda Levin

I am ashamed of our legal system. Peter Max deserves & needs his life & his rights as a human being back. In a free" country this should never have happened. Period. This is nothing more than total corruption & abuse in the name of money. He must be allowed to be freed from this prison and taken care of by those that love him."

Mary Bautista Bautista

Ret. Congressional Aide
"He should be allowed to spend his last days with his daughter. Review the billing. He has a loving daughter that is committed to his health and wellbeing."

Robert Panza

<3 Peter Max <3

Donna Mazza

Founder of TheFrankVDiPilloFoundation #RealHeroesArentBullies

Elaine Spencer Spencer


Roseann Calise

This shouldn't happen to anyone anywhere. I remember Peter Max work in the 70's especially. He deserves to spend his remaining time with loved ones doing what he loves.

Leslie Clayton

I have a small collection of his art that me and my family enjoy everyday. He deserves to be surrounded by the love of his family.

Mark Bishop

I have been a huge fan for years. I have many of his paintings and feel like this is a huge injustice.

Cathy Joiner

Was awestruck whike walking through the Atlanta Gallery. At 63 my heart still flutters when seeing his paints. Please give him back to his family and fans.

Tom Baker

Peter, since the 70’s has been my favorite artist. And what they are doing to him is criminal! I’m praying for intervention for his release. I wish I could do more.

Wally Hartman


Jeffrey B. Finowitz

Peter’s work is a marvel. All the best to him and his children.

Christina Russo

I loved his art work on the albums my parents had, who were big Beatles fans. Let the old man be FREE.

Judith Phillips

I partially read some of the affidavits. I see his daughter listed who cannot see her daddy. This is a shame for something like this to take place on a helpless human. This wouldn't be court mandated to happen to a dog in America.

Dr. Zoraida Navarro

Fighting the same thing in Florida with my father

John L. Gard

Design Director, Friend since 1971

Adair Gellman

This is not acceptable. Return him to his family and cats.

Brenda Knepper

"Conservatorship abuse must end.

Marshall Walsdorf

Paul Griffitts


Philip Spinelli

This is fraud.

Kelly Wright

Peter needs to be with his family….I lost my dad to Alzheimer’s it’s something only family and friends can help with

Debora Dickinson

Collector of Max art!

Laurie Colacchio

Kim Sisk

This is just so wrong. He is a cultural icon of my generation. People with dementia should not be exploited by anyone.

Amber Stubbs-Aydell

Everybody deserves for their voice to be heard

Hillary Bloom

This is so wrong. The man has POA's that clearly spell out who and how he should be cared for. If this is ignored and instead strangers are given authority over him, that is such a mismanagement of justice and is illegal and immoral. His legal documents should not be ignored and should be followed. This is a total outrage. Keeping this man in isolation from his family and friends.

Shireen Swagel

Compassion and outrage at abuse of power

Susan Fitoussi

Fan of the Artist