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Kim James

Arts Educator

Grace Purpura

Retired-Arts Commissioner, City of San Jose, CA; Artist
"Artist Peter Max brought inspiration and joy to people all over the world through his art. Is that how we treat our creative artists? Shame."

Jacqueline Bucknet

Rebecca Delahaye

"This news is heartbreaking!"

Britney Auer

"Releasing him from custody of these monsters is the ONLY right answer."

Andra Milsome

Family Friend

Cheryl Sokolow

"I believe he is not being treated fairly and can not defend himself."

Arabella Luna Friedland

Ronnie Daniels


Eva Jordan

Former Assistant

Heather Hanson

Kathleen Hickey

"As a nurse I’ve seen the abuse!"

Gary Springer

"It is criminal the way these guardians take advantage of their charges as well as the families."

Tim Pohanka

Kathy Showker

Realtor, Art Appreciator
"A family and loved ones are best at advocating for people in care."

Jane Scher

Lee Khatchadourian-Reese

"Allow this man to live the rest of his life surrounded by his family and friends and with his dignity intact."

Julia Lisa

Amanda Eichner


Silverio Hernandez

"Peter Max is an icon and knowing him and his family for 23 years, we know what a great human being he is; my family always remembers his amazing personality, kindness, and unmistakable smile."

Shana Frahm

Political & Entertainment Consultant
"I have close friends who grew up with Peter and this situation makes me ill."

Vickie L Smith


Chris Amper

"Anti elderly abuse!"

Diane Thomas

"Inhumane. Free him!"

Erin Krugel

"I was raised in a house filled with Peter Max art. Ironically, my dad’s name was Peter and my mom’s name was Maxine."

Rita Span

Owner of Peter Max Works

Teresa Frazzetto

"Set him free."

Ellen King-Rogers

"This is elder abuse."

Cynthia Bullock

"Let him have his life back."

Jeanne Brady

Beverly Majors


Anna Gallo

"The treatment of Peter Max is inhumane and harmful to his health and mental well-being."

Danielle Durfey


Robert Lager

"These restrictive guardianships are life robbing. A person should be able to control his own life."

Cory Waisner

"This is not the America we all want to live in, no one should be treated like this and all the things they love taken away, justice needs to step in now."

Justin Walter

"I am a huge fan of Peter Max, and my grandmother had Alzheimer's for years. She went through similar problems (albeit smaller scale) up until the last 3 years of her life. Let Peter Max go and be with family. He earned his money and he should choose who is in control of it."

Jim Levine

Sheila Jain

Library Director

Barbara Johnson

"This treatment should not be allowed!"

Dawn Aiello


David Friedman Friedman

"Appalled at circumstances of Max’s captivity, isolation, failing health and abuse."

Julia Wimberly

Stacy French

Friend of a freed person from a predatory guardianship

Nim Vaswani

Whitney Nowak

Long-time Fan of Peter Max’s Artwork

Rita Pepper

Bob McEachen

"He should have a family member appointed as gaurdian."

Heather Witt

"No one should be in a toxic guardianship when loving friends and family are willing and able to take care of their needs."

Aaron Dancy

"These conditions are appalling."

Irene Glustrom

"Peter Max should have his family or those who know and love him be his guardian."

Nadia Sperry

"Greed is disgusting."

Paul & Anne Newton

"A collector and lover of Peter Max art."

Emily Cohen


Stilwell Melissa

Art Lover

Jennifer Schneider, LMT


Katherine Bennett


Ken Matthews


Gail Hewlett

"Allow him to live out his life with loved ones."

Stephanie Thigpin

"Peter Max should be with his daughter, not with the strangers who are exploiting him for financial gain. This is just cruel and inhumane."

Frederick Spier

"I love and respect the man and his work."

Shonna Lynn

"I would love for this man to just enjoy his life and not have crap like this ruining his life."

Jason Bartanen

"This great man deserves to be in the care of his loving family."

Delia Aguilar

"No person should be put in a guardianship against their will or knowledge this is inhumane and hurtful and disrespectful to family that cares for Max."

Stephanie Pelca

"I am deeply disturbed by this treatment of Peter and wish to see a change to restore his dignity and allow him to have a life in allignment with his beliefs and the things that bring him happiness."

Paula Goodbar

"Release him to his family and friends that will care for him and protect him. He deserves better than this!"

Nan Herson

What's happened to Peter Max is wrong & a tragedy & happened out of others' personal greed not care for the well being of Peter Max."

James Raftery

"Free Peter Max from this abusive 'guardianship' and to live a free life."

Eric Sosa

"Nobody should be without their family in their last days."

David Pandeli

"I met Peter in 1986 and from the first meeting, everytime I saw him he always remembered my name. I am handicapped and at one time offered to find me doctors to see if they could help. A very wonderful, caring human being. He deserves so much better!"

Evi Pazmanczyk

"This is abuse. My father was taken advantage of in his dealing years and his family could do nothing to stop it."

Joann Kingsley


Teresa Ritter

"FREE PETER !!!!! This is unbelievable. Give the guy the respect he deserves."

James Catron

"Compassion for the Artist."

Ashley Schwark

"My uncle was a collector of Peter’s art. I am lucky to have some of that after his passing. His art is a message of love and freedom. No one should be stripped of their rights."

Bree Kishman

"As someone who is the caretaker of a loved one with Alzheimer’s, the stress and shut out of Peter’s family will make the disease advance faster. He deserves to be happy in a confusing, gut-wrenching time of his life that no one deserves to ever go through, let alone a gifted genius of our time that we are ever so lucky to have shared this planet with during our time."

Amber Jenkins

Susan Veal

"Peter Max is my favorite artist who has brought untold beauty throughout the decades. He deserves nothing less than that at this end stage of his life!"

Bruce Pendleton

Fellow Woodstocker

Susan Tate

"I met Mr. Max at an art gallery in GA as I always loved his work. His eyes lit up when I raved about his work!!"

Teri Turner

"Our legal system is disgusting."

Christine Migliorino

Art Collector

Judi Lewis

"Stop exploiting Peter Max and all the animals he protects!!!"

Jacklyn Zalopski


Blair Adam Karsch


Martin Cohen

"Always admired and own some of his work."

Mary Jo Graham

"Exploitive guardianships must be stopped."

Cathy Doerrman

"Everyone deserves to be cared for with love!"

Lauren Porsch, Ph.D

Dana Bertagnolli

"I am a collector of his beautiful art!"

Leiann Riggins

"End this abusive guardianship! Allow Mr. Max to live his life as he desires."

Faith Harrison

"This is horrifying! So glad Britney was freed. Give this elder back to his people!"

Lori Lipton

"Someone help reunite Peter with his daughter and end the forced legal constraints against him. This is unfair and inhumane."

Melinda Wimbish

Dorothy Morrison

"I grew up admiring his brilliant work. No one should have this happen to them."

Jennifer Starchvill


Melina Christofis


Adrienne Thompson

"I support ending conservatorship and giving back human rights, civil rights."

Jaime Sahadeo

James Sweeney

"Should have his family near him and taking care of him!"

Eileen Mannix


Cathy Fleck

"Elder care in this country is a disgrace. Peter Max brought and continues to bring joy to the world and to me. I want his final days to be filled with love and kindness with those who love him most."

Elaine Baldacci


Nicole Ramirez

Mary Meredith Drew

"This good man deserves advocacy from people who don't stand to gain from his misfortune."

Rachel DeJohn

"I am a huge fan of Peter Max and the art he creates, to hear this breaks my heart, he should be with his loved ones. Sending love."

Scott Swimmer

"Peter took our young son’s health to heart when he was dealing with the repercussions of chemo and surgeries. He counseled and shared valuable resources."

Linda Montgomery

"His family wants to care for him. He wants his family to care for him. That’s all I need to know."

Erin Peck


April Rose Jenkins

"Peter Max is an inspiration for the masses he deserves to live with dignity."

Kristen Diel

Diane Gregorius


Elizabeth Monaco

"This is beyond terrible what has happened and is still happening! No one should live like this. Peter Max is my favorite artist."

Liebeskind Robin

"Family should come first."

Christine Potter

"This is unthinkable!"

Carolyn McGahey

Steven Richman

Daniela Fraga Alvarez

"End conservatorship abuse ! This abusers should be in jail !"

Joann Pichardo


Susan Bowler

Joe Streno

"As an artist Peter has been an inspiration & brought joy to millions through his art. It infuriates, bewilders, & saddens me that he is being imprisoned by a corrupt legal system that cares more about lining their own pockets rather than Peter's wellbeing."

Kathy Casacci

Love his work

Rizzi Tom


Patricia Lacy

"Ventura CA is a small county riddled with conservatorship abuse." (Judicial Crimes in Ventura County/SoCall)

Dana Reyes


Walter Mickle

"I'm a fan/collector of Peter Max who also cared for, with my family, my mother who suffered from Alzheimer's as well as dementia. I can't imagine someone having to suffer through that without family that they made clear they wanted to be there."

Sherri Novicki

"We collect his art and believe he should be with family."

Sofia Rove

This is inhumane!

Christy Mahon


Jeanette Hayes

"Free Peter Max!!!!!!"

Susan Ball

"No one should ever be held against their will in their own home with no means of communicating with their friends and loved ones. This is fundamentally wrong and should be stopped right now."

Clinton Dearborn


Laura Broadway

"More awareness needs to be brought to this subject! It’s so utterly wrong!"

Chris Emerson

"Support for one of the finest artists of our time, his family and loved ones."

Eric Zimmerman

Carla Chavira

"He’s my favorite artist."

Liz Lane

Eva lana Silver

"Deprivation under color of law via guardianship corruption is illegal."

Allen Sexton

"Standing up for Peter and his rights."

Patricia Bates


Lynne Lisa

"Return Peter Max's human rights."

Krystalina Ortiz

"Peter Max has been my favorite artist for many years!"

Robert Calvert


Barry Chappell

Owner, Art and Coin TV

Karen La Cava

Barbara Berger

Retired Designer

Eva Moll


Cheryl Wise

Paul Rogers


Bonnie Higley


Daniel Neafsey

"This man deserves to be with his family and it appears to me that the court has overstepped their boundaries. Let this man live his life."

Frances Maneely

"Inhumane treatment of the is great artist. family should be his guardians. what they are doing is just making his illness worse. How dare they do this!"

Mike Perea


Michael Stilwill

National Account Manager
"Peter Max deserves to be able to spend his final years in the company of his family."

Sally Knapp


Barbara Koller

"Peter should be in the care of his family, not a guardianship."

Dolores Brundage

"This artist should be with family that love and support him."

Sherri McEuen

Sculptor/Real Estate Broker/Art Collector

Melody Jeanes

Daniel Jensen

Vinnie Thein

Melinda Bolinger

"This is heartbreaking and should be stopped immediately."

Marna Erlich

"It should be the family’s decision."

Sara Hudson

"Peter Max is an idol of mine. I met him several years ago and cherish that memory. He deserves happiness and comfort during his last years with us."

Chris Nahas


Frances Hingston

"Demanding the release of Peter Max back to the care of his daughter Libra."

Hannah Letourneau

"What is being done to Peter is heartbreaking and enraging. It is clear and obvious abuse for the sake of money. Absolutely dispicable. I pray for the Max family and Peter's freedom."

Jessica Valdes

"To help preserve his human rights."

Deborah Blau

Aging Artist

Michael Perea


Tara Lucas

"Appalled at the atrocious treatment and blatant abuse of the court 's power. Free Mr. Max!!! He has suffered far too much at the hands of others evil abuse of corruption and power."

Pattie Mallard

"I love Peter's work. I named my cat after Mr. Max. He needs to be free of this predatory conservorship."

Patti Carpenter

International Development Specialist, Global Trend Ambassador

Laci Watson


David Allen


Rhonda Koolen


Alyssa Manzi


Lauren Harper

Research Specialist, Fan

Joyce Friedman

"There is absolutely no reason Peter Max should not see his daughter & his friends or have pets and live freely! Stop this now!"

Hursh Kathleen

Duane McCarty

"He should be able to choose his guardian, not be forced to accept an appointed one."

Karrie Swanson

"Peter deserves to live out his best end of life. He has done so much for the world."

Lea Thomas-Farmer

Absolute violation of human rights.

Lois Kroll


Tina Walker


Cherie Kanz

"Peter Max needs his freedom."

Don Sun

"It seems not fair to hold such an old man."

Patricia Howard


Melody Lesser

William Campbell

Ray Lee McPherson

Jamie Goddard

"Admirer in support of Peter and his family."

Rebecca Rubinson

"He is being held against his and his family's wishes."

Tyler Hanzel

Art Dealer

Gina 9136

"He doesn't deserve what is happening to him!"

Cathy Kochanski

"Peter belongs with his daughter whom I've had the privilege to have met a few years ago at an art show where she accompanied her beloved father Peter. You could see the love and respect they had for one another."

Kathy Kurasch

Audrey Davis


Cathy Gaster

"This abuse of guardianship is heinous, evil and unjustifiable."

Stephanie Obando

"My father’s company was in the same building as Peter Max’ studio. He described him as a kind, caring person and he enjoyed chatting with him on the elevator or in the lobby. He doesn’t deserve this."

Mindi Patterson


Nathan Edwards


Diane Carson

Fan of the Artist

Andy Buske

Samuel Nudelman

"Family first, the man needs the dignity that only his closest family can give."

Sheri Thompson

"This is so wrong."

Beth Pecere


Lawrence Henshaw


Janet Fitzgerald


Carol Milburn

Reuben Neale

"Because Peter Max’s rights are being violated!"

Nichole Niccum


Russ Gardner

"Met Peter a few years ago and this breaks my heart to hear he is suffering so."

Jana Henly

Tyler A. Chase

Filmmaker and Human Rights Advocate

Jeanne McIlvain

"I love Peter Max and no one deserves this."

Paul Harden

"Peter's work has inspired and brought pleasure to us all."

Rena Padgett

Julie Lynch

Sarah Watson

"This is so wrong, let him live out his life with family."

Mark Duneclift


Anastasia Traina

Artist and Writer

Jeffrey Geist


Melody Bremme

Suzan Freytag

"I met him once at a gallery. A beautiful soul."

Lauren Melchionda

"This is guardianship abuse."

Kim Wynn


Tim McClintic


Donna Connelly

"He needs to live the balance of his life in peace."

Ellen Oxman

"My mother, Marjorie Fister, was forced into a guardianship in New York with some of the exact same lawyers that are holding Peter Max hostage."

Vikki Spencer

"Because no human should be oppressed in this way."

Regina Galluscio

"Nothing more important than treating our elders with respect."

Michelle Lamb

"Peter should be with his family."

Jessica Troup

"Peter max inspired me in my artwork years and years ago. I am completely opposed to predatory conservatorships and this needs to end. Please free Peter Max!"

Maire Brosnan Katavolos

"This is unjust."

Maria Carparelli

"One of my favorite artists..terrible that this has been allowed to happen."

Sylvia Syracuse


Larry Miller

Retired Civil Servant and Artist

Eddy Gugliotta

Michael Weed


Susan Guerra


Mary K. Wenta

"Have admired his work for over 40 years"

Richard Buerger


Paul Warwick

Charles Ice

"We have 6 Peter Max works and love them. When we were on the cruise ship we were introduced to his works and fell in love with them. We also got to hear a lot of his life story."

Deborah Kippley

"I met Peter at a National Art Education Association Conference. He is a national treasure. Please put him in the care of his family."

Jack Freedman

"Nobody should face this level of cruelty."

Yue Sai Kan

"For justice!"

Marjorie Stewart

"I spent an evening speaking with Peter Max in Pittsburgh during hurricane Ivan. I was always a fan, but he made me feel like a friend."

Michael Giles


Len Goldberg

To free iconic vegan artist Peter Max from incomprehensibly evil predators.

Gabrielle Chautin

"I'm a fan of Mr. Max and am very concerned for his welfare."

Marilyn Peak


Kendall DeWeese


Susan Ross, RN


Marissa Paolo

Artist and Writer
"No person should have to go through something like this. It’s inhumane. Free Peter Max!"

David Marsland

"Peter Max deserves freedom."

Renata Polli

Artist and Fan

C.C. Skusa


Sherri Howard

"Peter Max needs to be with his family, his art, his cats he is a human being and needs compassion."

Jake Griffin

"Nobody in the USA should be treated like Peter Max is being treated."

Jack Michaels

"Clearly government overreach."

Andrea Gottschalk

"Fan of this man’s wonderful work for years."

Michael Mack

Owner, Max Pawn Luxury
"Peter Max’s family should have control of they’re dads medical directive."

Georgina Babcock

"Free Peter Max and give his dignity and his rights!"

Karen Weiss

"I adore his artwork and he’s a great inspiration."

Irene Maningas


David Deckard

"Don't believe this type of control should be allowed."

Sharon Zimmerman

"All people should be freed from oppression and uncaring care givers."

Alanna Bernstein

"Free Peter Max! <3"

Rene Gordon


Christa Ackerman

"Peter Max should be with his family and rescue cats. This is horribly cruel."

Eileen Devline-Ward

"Peter is an amazing person and artist. Peter Max deserves to have free will."

Karli Zakula

Brenda Finneran

"Free this man! He should not be a prisoner! Liberty!"

Leirin Dalangin

"Let Peter be free. His art is so influential and joyful. This is sick."

Julio Lopez

Sasha Charnin Morrison

"Free Peter Max, give him his freedom!"

Aurora Aquino


Katherine Piacentino

"Corruption is evil. Drain the swamp in our courts!!!!!!!"

Vince Varia

Thalia Bradley


Emma Weisman

"Common decency requires that a person be allowed to pass in dignity with their family, and care of our elders means transparency, empathy and kindness at all levels."

Sharon Patterson

Peter Max Collector

Nathalie Cavezzali


Michelle Garamella


Yvonne Zarnitz

"This man is being taken advantage of!!! Greedy government should not be allowed to have any say in this matter!!!"

Mary Elizabeth Kearney

Friend of Rosie Vela; Admirer of Peter's art

Michaela Lantz

"This is wrong and inhumane! It needs to stop now!!!"

Michael Parise


Cate Griffith

Nurse, Specializing in Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care
"All humans deserve dignified care of their choosing. ✌🏼♥️"

Carlo Alberto Paterlini

Musician, Rosie Vela's friend

Martin Jirkal

"The system is broken and these leeches need to be cut out. Free Perer Max!!!"

Sean Hartman


Johanna Leighty

Patsy Bayne


Debra Fulkerson

Fan of Peter Max and Daughter of Dementia Sufferer

Roger Troup

"Freedom and dignity to Max."

Victoria Crosby

"I met Peter Max at Nassau County Museum of Art years ago. It isn't right to treat anyone like this and keep him from his family and friends."

Clyde Phillips


Rachel Ejsmont

"Forcing Peter Max to suffer isolated from his loved ones and his animal companions and financial exploitation is an injustice on his human rights."

Daniel Fontes

"Unfair exploitation sucks!!"

Michele Barnes

"Should NOT be a 3rd party in charge!"

Joanna Van


Laurie Wispinski

"Heart breaking despicable treatment."

JJ Torr

"Peter Max is an inspiration."

Jessica O’Sullivan

Marti Smith

Sandra VanSuch

"This is abuse and the system is failing so many when they should be properly cared for."

Karley Cornejo

"This is unacceptable & beyond cruel. Please look into this matter and do the right thing!"

Dawna Oak

Costume Designer, Art Lover, Elder Care Advocate

K. Laser

"End all predatory conservatorships - for Peter, for Britney, for all. Let the man live his remaining years with dignity."

Steve Morton

Sales Director

Tanya Kiyak-Boughton

"Save Peter Max."

Catherine Lapointe


Harry Mielke

"His art gives off such love and joy, and it's not right he is in the middle of all this darkness."

Michael Mariano

Actor, fan of Peter Max
"I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Maxon numerous occasions at the Wentworth Gallery in Boca Raton Florida over the years. He was such a kind person always taking time to come out of the gallery and speaking with his fans just like an average guy."

Jill Moloney

"One of my favorite artists and he should be free"

Patricia Saab

Advocate for Elder Rights, Peter Max Fan and Art Collector

MaryAnne McAdams

Stella Godwin

"If an artist wants to express him or herself, he or she should be able to do that without constraint, physical or chemical; without surveillance and with the freedom by which to cognize on the colorful emotions of life, and of dying, as well as to put those colors into a format by which to communicate the journey, fearlessly and with the support of whomever he or she wishes to be around."

Katherine Lee


Blythe Brooks

"If you let this go and this man passes in his guardians care, than you have totally failed him, and we are failing as a country. Make things right. Max needs his family, he needs his autonomy, and he needs those filthy guardians hands off of his estate. Make it right."

Ginger Hernandez

"My grandfather was able to live his last days with people who loved him and I would hate for anyone to lose that."

Billy Birke Birke


Hilje van Beijnum


Tasia Denapolis

Art Collector

Cindy Andrews

"I've loved Peter's art since I was a teenager and his work was an inspiration to my own pursuit of art. I hate hearing that he's being being mistreated. Please help this great man and his loved ones."

Stephen Turner

"Holding Peter when he had family that wants to take care of him isn't right. Let him live the rest of his life with his loved ones."

Jesse Pierce

"No one should live this way nor should they ever experience something so traumatic. Let him be with his family."

Rebecca Fatzinger

"He deserves better."

Marion Arndts

Peter Max Collector

Jan Hall

Eleanor Borge

Allison Aiello

Family Friend

Phyllis Cohen

"Love his paintings and cannot see him suffering and not allowing his family to see him!"

Helen Bird

"As a fellow artist and human, my heart goes out to someone who is isolated from their family and their loved ones."

Cary Polkovitz


Fernanda Lemos

Anne Dean

"This kind of predatory guardianship must end!"

Lisa Cohen

"Peter Max and his daughter Libra Max have been my friends for 40 years. It is horrible to know that Peter is in such poor health and being kept from his children who love him. Please help!"

Marie Brady

"His civil rights are being violated."

Jerry Gomez

"Abuse of the System"

Kyle Hamilton

Founder, Kyle Hamilton Fine Art
"It makes me very sad to think he is spending his last days imprisoned after bringing so much joy to people through his work."

Kate Belferman

Zoe Kirchhoff

"Free Peter Max from unjust guardianship and isolation."

Laurie Twist

"Appreciate his artwork."

DeeElle Dorethy


Charles Halpin

"An American Icon whose needs our help!!"

Lindsay Albertin

Former Park West Associate

Audrey De Leon

Consultant/Financial Elder Abuse Advocate

Tara Lucas

"Because this is unjust! Mr. Max is being abused and robbed by an evil lawyer and B.S. conservativeship. Criminal!"

Angie Fitzpatrick

"No one should be treated like this!"

Stephen Carver

Owner of a Peter Max piece

Brooke Patrick

"Longtime admirer of Peter Max and his art. People with dementia need contact with their loved ones, and deserve to be treated with dignity."

Warren Miller

Gilana Cohn

"He should be able to see his family, and let them decide on the best care for him, not a profiting lawyer who is abusing him and draining his estate. This is criminal."

Jessica Glennon

"This should not be happening. Free this man to his family"

Karen La Cava

"Stop his imprisonment."

Jules Taylor

"This happens far too often - taking advantage of the vulnerable to make money off them. FREE PETER MAX love from a Peter Max fan for 40 years."

Carol Boldish

"Please #FreePeterMax."

Michael Flynn

"This man must be saved immediately and those who have held him captive must go to jail!!!!!!"

Gabriela Borotescu

Art Dealer & Collector
"Peter has brought joy to many people’s lives with his colors a work. He should be able to have a blissful life after doing so much good to the world."

Terry Ann Crane


Jennifer Pennington


Jo Korngute

David Guerin

"This is theft by the state and must be stopped."

Mona Ezra

"This man deserves to be with the people who love him."

Jude Parise


Tiffney Brewer

"Capitalizing on the wealth and misfortune of the elderly is wrong."

Sydney Fuller

Eileen Devaney

"Stop elder abuse."

Anna Gallo

"I strongly oppose the unjust retention of a brilliant artist like Peter Max."

Tarcia Edmunds-Jehu


Kimberly Gould


John Breakfield


Gail Joss

"Shocking abuse of human rights."

Yvette Cole

"This man has brought joy to millions of people through his art. He deserves to enjoy the fruits of his labour as he wishes, with family/friends."

Leslie Du Fresne

"Please right this wrong before it's too late."

Paula Flanzraich

Marijayne Kruus

Mitchell Meisner


Allison Anton

"I love his art. I believe he should be with his family."

Peter Nielebock

"Been a fan of Peter since 1967, unbelievable price to pay for bringing joy into our lives."

Borden Coulter


Laura Hutchinson


Joseph Halpin

Chef and Peter Max Collector

Kelly Knowles

Court appointed guardianship is a nightmare scenario for families, and a cash cow for aggressive opportunists who care only for money. These people are devoid of humanity. The laws that allow this to happen need to be changed."

Alice Brown

"I love Peter Max's art, and it upsets to hear about his unfair treatment."

Tammy Dini

"Give Peter back to his family."

Sal Sidner

"I have witnessed this same scenario play out with a well known Miami artist and his predatory lawyer. Please intervene in this matter and end the predatory guardianship."

Karen Wooten

"Peter Max is my favorite artist and deserves the best care possible."

Jessica Spencer

Megan Cannon


Alicia Moore


Marcy Bustraan

"Please free Peter from this forced guardianship."

Michele Capriotti

"Begging for his advocation!"

Julie St-Laurent


Arlene Zuckerman

"Free Peter Max."

Karen Voiles-leaders

"He used to come in town a few times a year, people and art are his passion."

Amy Long


Sue Mcgahey

"Restore his dignity."

Christine Butler

"He brought me joy, and color and hope...."

Melany Russell

"I’m a big fan of his work and am outraged he is being treated so poorly. He deserves to be with family."

Kelley Robinette

"My admiration for Mr. Max's works goes back to my childhood. I currently collect them and I am sickened, angered, and saddened. Set him free!"

Terri Blicharz

"Because Peter Max is being abused and isolated from friends and loved ones. I hate to see people get abused by vultures in this manner. His daughter says he's being abused and I believe her."

Christine Freeman

"Peter Max is an icon in the 20th century world of art! How can he be mistreated? Free him to his rightful family."

Susan Tang


Margaret Henschel


Marc Livingston

"Fan of Peter and pissed off that they are doing this to him. He needs to be with his family."

Rachel de Faut

"A desire for peace and justice for Mr. Max"

Kimberly Gardner

"Had the honor of meeting Peter are few years ago, he was amazing. No one deserves to be treated this way. He deserves to be with his family and where he wants to be."

Allison Aiello

Friend of the Family

Amedeo Carannante

"Peter’s final wishes are being ignored and his most fundamental Constitutional and Human Rights violated."

Makenzie Aitchison


Diana Goldman

"I want an end this cruelty."

Sarah Fausett

Lydia Slatton

Dolores Sehorn

"How could this happen seems so wrong!"

Kelly Rhodes

"Peter Max is my favorite living artist. His art work makes me smile. He and his family deserve to smile and be with one another. The people who are abusing him should be prosecuted."

Tara Woerner

Miriam Rosario

"Supporter of freedom."

Victoria Blackwood


Nancy Berkheiser

George Mojica

Art Director

Dina Peller

"No one should be held captive, and not allowing his family to be his guardian is insane."

Bethany Imondi

Daisy Jopling

"Peter Max should be surrounded by love and everything which will lift his spirits - this is every human being's right! I am praying that his guardianship will end soon."

Gary Thompson

"No one deserves that treatment."

Samara Gall

"Peter Max has been the high point of my life. My mother collected his paintings and has met him on numerous occasions."

Amanda Welcome

"I love Peter and want him to be in good hands."

Amanda Guagenti

"Free Peter Max!!!!!"

Margaret MacDonald

Stephanie Brown

Natalie Fox


Dianne Jacob

"Undo this guardianship and let Peter be around his family and friends."

Kittie Heinz

"This is so wrong! Nobody should be treated this way! Let Peter be with his Family."

Anne Elizabeth Lapointe

"This is unacceptable treatment for a man who contributed so much to the art world and society."

Timothy Davis

Friend of Peter Max

Kristen Lindholm

"This is unconstitutional, this man has a right to to decide how he spends his money and to live a happy life with his family."

Myrna Sadowsky


Nan Babb

Carrie Downs

"My grandma had dementia and I’d hate to think of her going through this. I also am a fan of Peter’s pro-American work."

Nancy Hill

Speech Pathologist

Rose M

Dana Rubin

Marcus Feder

"No one should be abused when they have Alzheimer's or dementia."

Louise Jorgensen

Animal Rights Activist
"This is legal crime. Give the guardianship back to family who love him and give Peter Max back his dignity."

Melissa Moss

"Love his work, personally experience with cognitive elderly issues and want to help."

Paula Basile

"Peter Max is a National and World treasure. His guardianship should be controlled by his loved ones. Free Peter Max."

Fawn R.

Singer-songwriter, Recording Artist and Producer
"A heartbreaking injustice."

Claudia Stern


Holly Preble

"Restrictive guardianships that isolate are morally wrong."

Judi Cline

"I’m tired of the way seniors are treated."

Kumpin Aldona

"Guardianship is modern slavery in USA. My mother died under temporary guardianship having 5 living children."

Zacki Murphy


Mershawn Foley

"Because this amazing human deserves to be treated as such."

Dorothy Peterson

Jacqueline Silver

"I am sympathetic towards Libras because my mother Daisy Silver has been a ward of my sibling who has been my mothers guardian for eleven years too long . She has taken advantage of our mothers disability and has not acted in her best interest. FREE DAISY SILVER AND PETER MAX FROM THEIR ABUSIVE GUARDIANS."

Martha Bombel


Robin Artinger

"This is inhumane."

Susan Goldfarb


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