Cynthia Allan

A long time fan of his art, something like this should never happen.

Michael Chira

Peter is a loving family member of mine!

Sue Vogt

This sort of enforced isolation is cruel and unnecessary. Please free Peter Max.

Melanie Villarreal

Analyst in the Music Business, Longtime Fan of Peter Max
"I am shocked to hear about the treatment of Peter Max by the state. He has influenced so many people through his artwork, myself included. He deserves the fundamental right of freedom!"

Robert G Koch


Molly Tiedeken


Laura Renton

"Met Peter Max some years ago. He is a sweet man and I’m a huge admirer of his works. No one should be treated like this."

Haylee Linde

Elder abuse is a crime! Let this beautiful man be with his family and friends.

Toni Laurich

This is a disgusting abuse of power and an inhumane way to treat another human being.

Brian Miller


Pat Sclafani

Peter Max deserves to be able to spend his final years any way he chooses. Loved ones deserve to be together in their final chapter.This is an just an abuse of power. FREE PETER MAX!

Laura Tombs

Caregiver and Peter Max Collector

Amanda Balz


Patricia Granatelli

Knew Peter many years ago when my husband worked for Peter.

Miranda Fisher


Miranda Clegg-Moore

No one should be going through this!

Yvonne Salerno

People should be able to choose family that wants to care for them over strangers and Isolation.

Ronna Hammers

Peter Max is being held prisoner, yet committed no crimes!!! FREE PETER MAX!!!

Laura Kazokas

He is an American icon and to be treated like this is disgraceful!

Susan Plefka

Advocate for Seniors

Louis Bova

To allow Peter to be around family when he needs them most.

Walter Muller

Let Peter enjoy the last years of his life...on his terms!

Philip Skolnick

To join the call for an end to the abuse of Peter Max

Shannon Feller


Galadriel Olson


Jeremy Sanders

Peter's art is an inspiration to me. Especially the Angel series that, to me, represents the spirit of lost loved ones (my son Lucas).

Julie Farris Scott

Nature/Wildlife Photographer & Peter Max Fan

Claire Rincon

Art Collector and Ally Against Exploitative Guardianships

Keith Asszony

Give this creative soul his family

Kathy Hunt

No one should have to endure this.

Hana Estrach

I am appalled to hear that Peter’s life is being controlled by non-family members. This needs to be changed.

Mari-Celeste Sowers

"His immediate family should be in charge."

Carole Muncy

How can this theft and imprisonment be legal? No one deserves this. What is the matter with this country?

Bernie Draxler Laurich

Fan and Artist
"Peter should be with his family. He has given the world so much. Please give him some dignity and compassion."

Ramona Pietrobono

I love Peter Max. I own his beautiful artwork.

Loretta Dye

He was a big inspiration to me and my older sisters during the 70s he deserves his family to be taking care of him.

Christi Savi


Shelby Lynn Pflugh

Give Peter Max his freedom back.

C Moses


Cheryl Schrager

Love and concern for Peter Max and his family.

Linda Norman


Stephanie Pellegrino

I am a lover of this man's work for years. He deserves better.

Dolores Dunne

Lifelong lover of Peter's work. Sad to see him taken advantage of and treated so poorly in late years

Issa Mendez


Colleen Smith

This is wrong!

Mark A. Zucker

Have loved Peter Max’s work since the ‘60’s! Have met him on a few occasions when attending showings of his work, have made some purchases! Of what is being done to Peter besides so sad is just so criminal.

Jeff Sochko

Free Peter Max, this national treasure should be with his family and friends.

Heather Cope

Peter Max is an inspiration and deserves freedom.

Croteau Sarah


Aaron Buono

Support those effected by Alzheimer’s.

Christine Jasper


Jennifer Raines

Art Gallery Owner
"Peter Max’s art has been influential in my life and business. He deserves peace and dignity at the end of his life."

Courtney Calhan

Senior Lifestyle Specialist

Panozzo Kathi

The family should be in charge.

Brittany O’Brien


Susan Feit

I met Peter following 9/11 and have an original work of his (Flag w/Heart). I am saddened by what this kind man is going through.

Simmons Michele

Love the beauty, patriotism and creativity of Peter's artwork.

Thea Miller


Jim Bullotta

Peter deserves his freedom!

Tassi Schroll

Appalled by the system #freepetermax.

Amy McLeskey


Cynthia Karas


Kenneth Chin


Francesca Sweat


Diane Cushman

End conservative abuse. Peter belongs with his loving family.

Josephine Halby

No person should be basically in-prisoned. Yes Mr. Max may need caring but this is the extreme and his family should have a say in his care.

Leslie Wilson

Unaccepable! I am a life-long lover of his art.

Cherie Stabile


Dawn Maniglia


Mary Hughes


Alex Abbott

"My father suffered from dementia and died alone of COVID-19. We included Peter Max artwork in my fathers memorial. Hearing that this is happening to this man is heartbreaking. No person should be treated like that. My heart is with his children. This type of grief is life changing."

Shelley Flanagan

We need to speak for those who cannot!

JoAnn D’Alisera

Professor, Anthropology

Derek Livingston

Peter was my drive to get through high school and pursue art in college.

Eliane Bernard


Shelbi Feldman

Peter Max should be with his family, this is absolutely awful how he’s being treated.

Derek Freire


Kevin Dougal

Dignity and Rights for Peter Max’ and his Family.

Jacob Berry

Peter should be under the care of people that want what's best for him.

Carrie Hill


Diane Paull

Attorney who has seen similar circumstances and lover of Peter Max art.

Rachel Hudacko

Longtime Fan and Collector

Mike Casacci

Anything to help this old friend!!

Laura Moore

Because no one deserves to be locked away from the world. Look at another high profile case of a guardian abusing his powers!

James Wordell

This man loves this country has been a national treasure we need to stand for him now.

Rigney Maureen

Some of my family experienced the same thing. Very sad.

Kate Muir


Jennifer Baker

Because he is my favorite artist and should be respected.

Shelley Hsu


Penny Rexrode

I went through the same thing with my mother and I love his work.

Michele Miller


Fiona O'Brien


Maria Rosen


Becky Spenner

To express my love of his art and my gratitude for the joy he has brought into the our world.

Adrien Stucki

Peter Max's art lover concerned by unfair system.

Jillian Gilmartin

Peter used to come into a restaurant I worked at in NYC. He is a kind and generous man.

Mandy Baum


Hubert Griffin, III


Tabitha Armstrong


Kelli Monreal

Judicial system has failed to protect Peter Max.

Michael Shockley


Poul Nielsen


Williams Kay

This has to be against the law, this is a crime.

Kylie Xerri

Everyone needs their families.

Francine Billotti


Suzanne Kayian

I believe Peter Max’s liberties are being impinged upon.

Mary A Hardy


Lauren Hamilton

Please cease and desist this predatory guardianship. Allow the family to care for Peter Max! His current situation and treatment is appalling and inhumane! I am devastated.

Greg Towne

This is insanity. Free Peter.

Bob Evick

Concert Producer and Friend
"He has the right to be with his family and friends."

Ariel Gimble


Catherine Taniguchi

Compassion for an inspirational genius.

Carrie Nault

An admirer/owner of Peter’s work. Free Peter now so that his life can be lived the manner in which he deserves; with dignity, loved and free.

Sara Hakan

Friend & Former Art Dealer
"Peter is an amazing human filled with love and imagination who deserves to happily live free in the world he created. Allowing this to continue is just pure evil. Free Peter now!!!

Sunniva Munkelien

Justice and dignity for the wonderful artist Peter Max.

Cathryn Mullins

Deep concern about the circumstances described for a vulnerable man.

John Matlock


Chris Gambla


Maria Boutell


Jeanine Magsitza Jeanine

Fan for over 50 years, Admirer, Cancer Survivor
"Peters work always brings me joy. I'm honored to have met him and honored to own a piece of his art. No one should have their dignity taken from them. Ever."

Ann Fusco


Eric Baumgardner

Unfair treatment! Admirer of and inspired by Peter Max.

Micah Modugno

This shouldn’t happen to anyone!

Laura Kennedy


Claudia Jacobs

Forever fan. This is heartbreaking! Please #freepetermax.

Theodore Jones

For the love of the artist and his art.

Beth Fye Beth

Concerned citizen who met Peter Max in March 2018. I have 2 paintings.

Lori Warwick

This treatment is inhumane and must not be tolerated. A full investigation and prosecution into the guardian must be launched.

Lori B. Janicke

Love him, want him happy and taken care of.

William Picha

It’s completely unconscionable that a grown man who is ailing and who had a health care proxy be deprived in his final years the comfort and companionship of his children and pets.

Ren Oliver

Everyone deserves freedom and Proper care. Disgusting to here people whose focus should be care and providing a comfortable life for Peter has resulted in financial and bodily abuse!! The court needs to stop this abuse immediately.

Randi Nash


Latasha Bose


Chad Courson

Love Peter.

Margaret Lee

Animal Rights Activist; Piper for Animals
"Absolutely heartbreaking! #FreePeterMax before he loses all chance to be with all he loves."

Prof. Len Messina

Its WRONG to treat Peter this way. Its killing him instead of helping. Such a gifted and nice man. People like him are rare...

John LaFemina

The assault on our elders must stop TODAY!

Lisa Estrano


Mary Kay Speaks


Amy L Charles

Peter deserves respect, care, and the surrounding love of those who know him.

Vargas Candy


Adriana Garces- Diaz

Visual Artist
"I support the family and close friends of Peter Max in demanding his immediate release from guardianship. The treatment he has received over this extended period appears to be cruel, unjust and certainly, inhumane."

Kathleen Warrell

No one deserves to be treated this way. It's cruel, inhumane, and a severe violation of Constitutional and human rights.

Timothy Potts


William Battan

He needs people fighting for him like he has fought and given much of his time and money to protect his beliefs.

Tina & Tom Hamilton


Anne Wuhrer


Christine Murphy

Everyone NEEDS their Family & Friends in their life in some capacity...even in supervised visitations. This is USA where everyone has a right to be free & live how they want. Let the man see his Family & Friends & allow them to participate in his health & wellbeing NOW.

Maria Fernanda Nieto Serrano


Sue Inglet


Carrie Kilgore

Having Met Mr. Max multiple times and being an avid collector of his work, as well as someone who works in the court system, the system is failing Peter and his family and friends.

Vickie Bray

Restore Peter's dignity and return him to his family; he is an icon.

Jessica Lee Hoffman

Artist, Musician, Video/Audio Editor & Producer
"To the public officials who will be reading this petition; please don't allow this injustice to continue."

Vershon Rhem


Dylon Coyne


Jason Perera


Sally Buras


Jane Trotman


Laura Springstead

Registered Nurse and Bereavement Advocate

Kristin Legato

Love his art.

Ron Fleming

Peter Max Fan and Collector

Ann Deaver

He should be with his family!!!!

Jacqueline Piccini


Kay Cione


Linda Griffith

"Violation of fundamental patients' rights in the provision of healthcare."

Judy Bigham

Stop this exploitation.

Siri Werner

Would you want your loved one treated this way?

Barbara Mantiera


Cody Boyd

This isn't fair to anyone.

Kenichi Masuo

I love his work and have several paintings. I hope from Japan that he will be released and regain his happy life and we will see his new work again.

Ian Barrie

Super Fan

Dawn Falcone


Andrew Pietrobono


Brad Schaade

Fan and Collector

Sara Brunk


Ryan Backman

Custody should belong to the family and all rights of any work should belong to the family, not to some random strangers trying to make millions off a world renowned artist, who also might be paying someone off to this going.

Nowaf Alsaidy

To support the best intentions for this poor man.

Matthew Rubinoff


Tina Hunt


Delia Collins

If there are children or other living relatives who express the desire to care for their family, why are they being forbidden a part in his care despite his own wishes? He is not a destitute man with no one to look after his physical needs. What he is now is a man with no one looking after his emotional needs and neglecting his own wishes.

Gail Nevitt

This is a disgrace and an outrage! Someone please help this man and his family!

Ryan Sims

Clear mistreatment and manipulation of the estate of Peter Max.

Dawn Coyne

Peter Max deserves to have his wishes followed and to have his loved ones around him at all times.

Cesar Sandoval

Friend and mentor to me and my love for his craft.

Marina Adams

Loyal Supporter

Laura Kazokas


Mayghen Howell


Shannan Norris

Art Teacher and Fan

Carol Terracciano

This makes my heart hurt.

Cindy Sellati Nimmer

Peter Max needs to be released into the care of his loved ones who will fight for his rights and allow him to live out the rest of his life in peace.

Jen Mazer

Friend of 20 years

Constance Haywood


Ariel Pietrobono


Susie Cheung


Kirsten Paul-Arvanaghi

Former Executive Assistant to Adam Max and assisted Peter Max for 2 years. Sending many prayers.

Sanders Sheryl


Kimberly Brown

Lover of his work.

Aaron Buono


Katie Clements

Lifelong Fan

Jacob Boland


Paul Brosnan

No one should be controlled..

Susan E. Buhler


Sharon McDevitt

Lifelong Fan

Robin Morris


Michael Hering

Friend and Business Associate since 1975, CEO

Cathy Johnson

Owner of Peter Max Art

Melissa Berry


Barbara Newberry


Suzanne Deutsch


Matt Rosenfeld


Mary McCarthy

Former Gallery Director

Theresa D. Berger


Idalia Rivera

Love his artwork, and owner of many of them

Mary Oudeman

I met him at Laguna Beach about 15 years ago at one of his shows. He actually did a sketch of me on the back of painting I purchased. I love this man, I love his work work He’s one of the reasons I’m an exhibiting artist today.



Gene Seidman

I acknowledge Peter Max as a remarkable and loving artist and demand that he is freed from this illegal guardianship!

Nadia Makhoukhy


Donna Palmisano


Mo Brockman


Carol Sullivan

Allow Peter Max to be with his family and friends.

Melissa Jordan

How cruel is it that someone who our so much love, and color, and light into this world be forced to drift away in darkness and despair?

Randi Grossman Petersen

This is shameful! To those in this how you would like your mother and father treated?

Ruth Devitt

We should all be allowed to live freely and peacefully.

Mindy Mindy


Carole Eckard

I have always loved his work. He is a prisoner and should be free to be with his family in his last days. Please free this man and give him back his dignity and his life. This is wrong on so many levels. Make it stop.

John Gioldasis


Pat Brady

He should be with his family.

Jill Jacobs

Executive Director, ECNV & Artist

Lisa Palombo

Fine Artist
"Peter deserves better!"

Kevin Pohl

This should never be allowed to happen to anyone ever.

Dennis Maas


Sondra Miller

After bringing so much joy and love to the world around him, Peter deserves to live out his life in peace, surrounded by the love of his family and friends. It is past time to change the horrific law that has kept our elderly and vulnerable isolated and abused.

John Curran


Bonnie Decelle

It his is elder abuse restore his rights to Peter max and his family.

Erin McGonigal


Lynn Hock

No one should be treated like this.

Kevin Lyons

Peter is being wrongly treated !!!!

Marks Brian

Lover, owner and apreciator of his work and life story.

Cricket Larson

The system is corrupt. Give the man to his family, the folks who actually care. Anyone involved in making this happen should be locked up.

Lizzie Lino

I am an RN working with veterans with dementia and keeping people from their family is against everything we know to be right. This hurts my heart.

Kimberly Bracco

Peter was a free man with a soul who sang freedom. Please don’t cut him off from all that he stood for.

Querida Owens

Free Peter Max to enjoy his life as he chooses with whom he chooses. Allow the man his dignity, his family and friends, his art and his comfort. Deny no one any rights you would claim for yourself.

Rosanne Heddy

Have followed his story for decades and saddened when I started hearing how he was being treated.

Nicholas Bradney


Sheryl Thompson

Art Collector

Nebo Moore

He needs his family.

Dorienne Rogers

This is inhuman!!!!

John Speer

Peter Max Collector

Susan Kunkemoeller

Business Owner and Peter Max Collector

Sarah R. Regan

Artist, Fan

Jo Jackson

Free Peter Max from forced isolation and guardianship.

Donna Robertson

He should be free not imprisoned. He should be able to spend his last moments of life with those he loves.

Brianna Levinson

Art Teacher

Gary Boggess

Life should be lived freely.

Jody Macdonald

Met him 3x, signed a napkin for my Birthday. ♡

Linda Hunt Penix

Retired Paralegal
"Advocate for justice and personal freedom

Erin Reinhardt

This is a horrific use of power. Set Peter free to live out his days with his loved ones, not controlled by a money hungry monster.

Hannah Turner


Annie Orear

This is cruel treatment that no one deserves.

Susan Main


Maya Mitter

I have loved Peter Max ever since I saw a feature of his work in Life Magazine September 1969. It had so much joy and colour yet commemorating social history. It changed my life and inspired my own artistic endeavours. In a magazine article of my work the next year, the headline read that I wanted to be Peter Max. I am horrified and appalled that this beautiful soul has been so cruelly imprisoned and abused by his keeper. Free Peter Max to spend the rest of his days with his family.

Denise Araiza

What is being done is criminal. Return Peter to the care of his children.

Colleen Gallagher-Hill

Grew up with Peter Max in my home, love the artwork.

N J Sands

"No person should be denied their family and friends. This should be investigated and the welfare of Mr. Max should be a first priority."

Jon LaValle Jackson

Peter Max Collector via Wentworth Gallery, Bethesda Maryland

Ann Suleiman


Carl Page


Stephen Esposito

I love Peter Max and this is not how he should be treated.

Bridgett Bridgett

Atrocious neglect of Peter Max is inhumane and cruel. Free this man's body and mind. It is unhealthy to be in isolation. Be kind to him.

Kira Graeff

Free Peter Max!!

Sahara Calderhead

To end this family’s nightmare.

Rick Hartley

Lifelong Fan

Joanne Tibaldi

No one should be held against their will and under these circumstances. Especially an amazing artist/human like him.

Rachael Picone

No one should have to be forcefully kept away from their family and their wishes ignored.

Richard Camos

Please help this man!!! This is a crime.

Edward Elliott

Peter Max was more than just an inspiration but a friend.

Alison Hoyer


Wendy Williams

This man needs his life preserved by family & or caretaker. This is despicable.

Trece Fogliasso

Let Peter be loved and cared for as he and peacefully loved.

Cindy Coats

No one influenced me more in my career than Peter Max. I owe him so much. The world owes him so much.

Tomi Tierney

This situation is wrong and must be remedied.

Dustin Ramirez


Michaela Grob

In support of Peter Max’s family

Pam Jette


Andrea Newman


Erin Garcia Garcia

To put it simply - what’s happening is wrong. It’s inhumane. No one should be treated this way. He deserves better.

Diana Kolaski


Laura White

It inhumane.

Maryann McGovern


Marc Quintero

The kind words he said to me and my wife and our new born at a dinner in 2015 at Ritz Carlton Boston.

Jo-An McLean Turner

Free Peter Max, everyone should be allowed to spend their last days with family by their side.

Allan Medin


Candy Vargas

Terrible situation.

Laura White

MA, ❤️

Ellen Gross

No human being deserves this level of ill-treatment its immoral and wrong. He deserves the best care from his loved ones and family not from the state.

Debbie Lannen


Nancy Muller

Love Peter’s spirit and his work.

Melin MerryAnne


Jeff Sell

I met him and he should be allowed to see his family

L Nichols

It is an atrocious denial of Peter Max' liberty, and right to be treated with love and care. The group responsible is only interested in filling their pockets; a similar situation to that of Stan Lee, the brilliant writer/producer. Mr. Max should be released from the deplorable conditions he in which he is living.

Mark Saab


Ted Ciuzio

Give Peter his life back!

Patty Elkus

Let his family and friends care for him.

Paige Racicot


Jamie Diez

No one should live this way.

James Kanter

We must stop the abuse of the elderly and the infirm!

Dawn Silver

Supporting his brilliant career and rights to family love!

Charlene Kowalski


Siera Arzenati


Janet Jones

Care should be provided by those that love and can support. Not by those full of greed who take away human rights.

Christina Heavenridge

Just plain wrong.

Peter Marin


Josiah Babcock

I believe Peter should be free from his captors and with his family.

Patrick Lears

Everyone has the right to remain free.

Anita Williams Weinberg

Nobody should be held hostage, in isolation from their trusted friends and family. #freepetermax

Mary Kay Ochoa

Peter needs to be freed to the arms of his loved ones, period! It is shocking that this can be allowed in our country. Release Peter and prosecute his current guardian to the full extent of the law.

Eryn Brunk-Anthony

He needs ro be in the care of his family.

Julie Henze

Reunite Peter with his loved ones.

Roane Tucker

To help Peter live a better life in his final days.

Jonathan Cohen


Brad Schaade

Peter Max Fan and Collector

Shannon Streeter

As a lifelong admirer of Peter Max, it is my hope that he will be freed and allowed to spend his remaining time surrounded by peace and love, which he was always and advocate for.

Paula Gertz

Needs his family, not strangers stealing his money!!!!

Holley H

Chris Melton

Bring awareness to this system abuse. There’s no reason someone should be restrained on being themselves. This is an attack on human rights.

Nina Reber


Cassidy Stearns

Freedom for Peter Max.

Matthew Carr


Angela White

Art Lover & Peter Max Fan

Seth Stephens

Peter Max is a national treasure this is an outrage ! Free Peter Max !

Nasya Al-Saidy


Bethann Carbone

Human Rights Advocate
"From the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (excerpts): “Article 3: Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. Article 5: No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Article 6: Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law. Article 12: No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.” Freedom, dignity, security and the the pursuit of happiness and joy is a fundamental human right. Together we can expose the injustice and wrongdoing in guardianships, develop the reform, and protect the vulnerable and their families from exploitation."

Gail Jewell

"Family should be the ones to care for him."

Greg Jones


Jennifer Frederick

Same reason as #FreeBritney, let these people live their lives.

Emily Chait


Kathy Vosper

I know how little it takes to have a court of law to take control of a person’s life and am horrified to hear of this man’s situation. Whoever set up a guardianship with such stipulations, clearly was not out for HIS best interests.

Rachael Morford

Taking away his freedom and right to be with his family at such a difficult time. Nobody should have to face this alone. New York State has taken freedom and dignity from so many under the guise of 'protecting' the people.

Lillian Beedie

We enjoy the beautiful artwork painted by Peter which have purchased over the years. It a disgrace that a lovely man like Peter finds himself in the terrible situation.

Susan Levinson

Lifelong Fan

Janine Lis

Free Peter Max. I went to a Peter Max art shows years ago in Baltimore.

Violet Benny

This is elder abuse!!! It must be stopped! I care a lot!

Crystal Martin


Susanne May

I want to stop this injustice! Give him back his rights!

Serge Lerfel


Adam McClanahan

Peter is a super kind man who is being kept from the one thing that means the most to him. People that he loves, and people who love him.

Camille Skowronek

How can the judge let this continue? He needs all those that love him the most right now. Prayers for you Peter.

Dallas Taylor


MacRae Janice

This is an injustice and so very wrong and cruel.

Shannon Hempstead


Annie Smith

Please right this wrong!

Jean Sargis

This is cruel and inhumane treatment. He should have the freedom to be cared by loved ones. This is horrifying abuse.

Terri Stearn

Art Appraiser

Caryn Schwartz

Deep admiration for him and the right to a free life.

Ryan Nelson


Jeremy Fish


Ann Hollingsworth

This situation is appalling. Mr Max deserves to have his family around him, caring for his needs !

Nadine Berkowitz


Julie LePoer


RebeccaResheske Resheske

Peter Max is amazing let him live life on his own terms.

Lorie Ederr

This is imprisonment!

Carolyn Gougis Maglio


Toni Smith

As a Peter Max fan and the daughter of a late Alzheimer’s patient, I believe we must all be Peters voice in this matter.

Maria Leber

Long time supporter. Please restore dignity & rights to Peter and his family, respect his wishes.

Isabelle Y

Support for the Max family.

Holly Trager


Sherri Howard

Always loved Peter Max talent artwork wanted to meet him several times.

Grayling Roberson

"So that Peter Max can live his life the way he chooses to without being regulated by strangers."

Sara Morgan

Free Peter Max!

Bernice Gordon


Mark Savi


Kevin Fogelson

I met Peter Max and he was the nicest person. He signed some posters for my Graphic Arts class to my students. He deserves to be treated fairly and live out his days in good standing since he has brought so much joy in his art and loving personality.

Barbara Mantiera

Greed is killing this amazing artist.

Ellen Voell

As we’ve learned from the Britney Spears case, guardianships are inhumane and not in the best interest of the person. Peter needs to be with his family to let them decide upon the health care that he receives. Not in some strangers hands or the hands of the court.

Robert Parkins

I met Peter Max when I was a teenager the mid 1980’s.

Carole Eckard


Abbie Galie

"This is inhumane and cruel. He’s a gem to humanity and should be treated as such."

Tom Conway

This is an atrocity & needs to be remedied YESTERDAY !

Sarah Beauchesne

Peter Max does not deserve this! He's a lovely man who's been through enough.

Jakub Wieckowski


Thomas Baker

It’s not right at all what they are doing to him and have done. Those who have put him in this situation should be put in jail!

Peter McGoey

Fan and Collector of Peter Max ❤️

Alan Turner

Lifelong Fan

Mike James

Telecommunications Engineer, Lifelong Fan, and Collector of Peter Max Artwork

Jennifer Wingate


Bill Rayburn

Peter Max should be as free as his art is beautiful.

Tom Curley

Gallery Director, Author, and Yoga Friend of 20+ years
"Peter Max is an American Icon. That such an international symbol and diplomatic representative should be subjected to such unregulated abuse is detestable."

Mary Anne Kieliszewski

Chief Financial Officer
"This sounds just like that Netflix show; I Care A Lot . This is just terrible."

Sarah L

Geriatric Pharmacist

Karen Golembe


Stephen Wilson


Tim Beeching

I want to support the freedom of a man that put so much expression and happiness into his artwork. He should not have his own happiness stripped away in his golden years.

Stacy C

Graphic Artist

Eward Schippers

I own several of his art works and love the good Peter Max has done in this world.

Erik Wittig

I am an advocate for senior and veteran rights. I have been a long time collector of Peter Max’ Artwork. And lastly, I’m a Christian who believes in fair and humane treatment.

Roberta Hernandez

My husband Louis Hernandez was an employee and friend of Peter we cared a lot for him and have signed painting etc . Please don’t do this to Peter he needs his child.

Candace Pitts

Peter deserves to be free.

Lisa Stevens

Lover of his art, appalled at his treatment.

Jackie Kelley

Let the man be with his family!

Rebecca Weaver

Art Educator

Timothy Plouffe


Michele Caporaso

Unjust treatment of a person.

Valerie Angeli

Animal Welfare Professional/Spokesperson

Jennifer Pasquinelli

Former Employee of Peter Max

Alisson Ross

Peter Max's work has been highly influential to me and many around the world. He needs the support now more than ever.

Amy Brown


Gene Malowany

WTF? How can this even exist in our country?

Andrea Joy

His artwork has brought so much joy to my life, but no one should suffer such ills at the hands of the unscrupulous.

Terry Barker

I've admired Peter and his work since the 60s. He is an inspiration. His treatment described above is shameful.

Peter Clemens

He deserves better. A wonderful artist and a very kind man.

Sonya Wilson


Nicholas Acciardo


Charles Gressett


Thao Harrington

Please let him be with his family and friends. End this unjust conservatorship.

Tammera Malicki-Wong

I sign, as an artist, in solidarity with the rights and freedoms that should be accorded to ALL human beings. The greed and gravitas of this situation is incomprehensible!"

Suzanne Cherry

"One should not be involuntarily cut off from loved ones."

Joshua Casano

One of my idols growing up as a artists no one should ever have too have there freedom taken from them let him be free.

Christos Arabatzis

Love Peter Max's work and to deprive a person from their loved ones is an evil thing to do.

Scott Woodward

"I have met Peter many years ago. He is an amazing artist and a sweet gentle man."

Damon Goldstein

Because the government was founded on these words: Of the People, By the People, and For the People. I am an artist as well and I am signing in solidarity. Free Peter Max!

Chris Gambla

America’s 'painter laureate' deserves his freedom and dignity!!! Free Peter Max!!!

Shirley Freeman


Sonia Todd

Love Peter Max

Daniele Shaffer

Free Peter! Let his family take over for his remaining earth years. He needs his family to be at peace.

Debi Harvey

Peter was the first artist I admired since the 70’s.

Andy Adkins


Kimberly Sivils

Admirer of Peter Max & his art. He deserves to be surrounded by love and comfort.

Victoria Jones

Justice for Peter he deserves better!

Karen Solorzano

Met him once at a show in the Westchester Mall. He was sweet and humble. He even signed a NYPD PBA card for me.

Amanda Hall


Matthew Marone

Peter Max and his family deserve to live their life freely and enjoy their final years together.

Pia Salk

"Unconscionable abuse on all fronts."

Jaynee Peel


Ellen Carnahan

If this letter speaks the truth, signing is the only right thing to do.

Lena Evans

Philanthropist, CEO, Friend, and Collector

DeFrancisci Joseph

This needs to be carefully evaluated and Peter’s wishes respected.

Sandi Koppler


Steven Weintraub

Peter deserves freedom.

Beau Torres


CarolAnne Kemmer-Mastropoalo

Fan since the 1970s. No one deserves this treatment!

Kimberly Steinmetz

I have loved Peter’s work all my life. He and truly anyone in this position deserves better.

Vivien Moses


Greg Moore


Rachel Ejsmont


Barbara Slitkin


John Mirrione

I was Peter and his son Max's karate teacher in 1997. We were so close that Peter created a Universal Harmony Day Poster for my Universal Day event I produced. This event was to raise awareness against child abuse. I will stand for Peter as he did then with the power of his artwork.