Althea Estrellas

"He deserves freedom."

Paula Gould

This guardianship is not protecting Peter’s well being, rather giving him and end of life sentence of solitary confinement. Any court that would allow this injustice does not know the meaning of compassion.

Isabel Gibson

I hope with this signature that Mr. Max is able to live out the rest of his life surrounded by the people he loves.

Paul Escudero

All too often the legal community's meddling in lives and families under the pretense of helping is motivated by greed and power and victimizes causing grievous harm to the very persons they claim to be helping.

Brian Jones

Graphic Designer, Friend, and Collaborator since 2001

Jeffery Gauss

"Been a fan for years! His family should be able to spend time with him! Let him keep creating!!!"

Lucy Mackinnon

Dignity and freedom for a beloved artist.

Rick Wolfryd

Peter Max is a hero deserving of better treatment.

Steven Arrow

"Allow Peter to live in dignity in his remaining years."

Amanda Collins


Lindsey McGuire


Brittney Ellaway


Molly Morris


Donna Amarillo


Kimberly Cupito

I love Peter Max and can’t stand to see this happen to him.

Shiri Breslow


Jeffrey Riney

Peter Max deserves to be with his family and friends. The low lives who have treated him like an animal should be fined and thrown in jail!!!

Jessica Avila


Rae Coyote

Peter deserves his freedom.

Jeremy Bohrer

This is a tragedy and he should be free to live his life with those who love him.

Ann Berner

This is hideous, no one should be forced to live like this!

Benjamin Nielebock

To restore his human rights.

Jackie Fehilly

This is inhumane treatment. To take away his freedom & isolate him from family & friends is elder abuse. Shame on you all who are a part of this...shame on you all. FREE PETER MAX.

Steve Solomon

Artist and Lifelong Fan

Paul Monshine


Don Stewart


Michael Cobb


Maury Moore

Family Friend

Rolby Perez

This is cruel and insanely unjust. Something must be done.

Karen Coyne


Kimberly Evans-Robey

Human Right Supporter & Supporter of the Arts

Amke De Jong

Unacceptable violation of Human Rights.

Rachel Whitehurst


Victoria Mendez

#FREEPETERMAX, he is not alone.

Kevin St. Marie


Grace Kiehlmeier

All abusive and predatory conservatorships need to end. This man is being tortured in the name of profit.

Melissa Vela

Free Peter Max no one has any right to do this to him he deserves Freedom and Dignity and Love and his family and friends around him.

Dominique Vela

To help free Peter Max.

Melissa Flohr


Kim Bearup


Christopher Michael

It’s disgusting when money is the desire over the well-being of a human in distress. This must end!

Carin Bennett

This predatory manipulation for independent financial benefit outside of Mr. Max’s desires and needs is outrageous and morally corrupt.

Laurie Naughton

This could happen to anyone of us.

Ellen Foust


David Brubaker


Liz Holcomb

Speech Language Pathologist
"I love Peter’s art! It makes me happy and he deserves to spend the rest of his life in peace."

Eliza Niña Sayon

Writer, Law Student, Britney Fan
"It has been shown that conservatorship cases can be unethically and severely abused by the system and its players. Due to this, many innocent people are harmed instead of protected. We must support those within abusive conservatorships, whether they be famous people or not."

Thomas Colina

To save the Great Peter Max from abuse.

Amy Stillion

Isolating anyone from friends and family is criminal and immoral. Conservatorships are predatory and lawmakers and adjudicators should take action to resolve imprisonment of any innocent swiftly. It’s morally required.

Elecia Gonzales


Adrienne Semenza

No one should be treated this way.

Karen Santangelo

Appalled at the mistreatment of Peter Max

Karla Doolittle


Courtney Bennett

He deserves to be with his family and to have autonomy and dignity prior to the end of his life.

Andrea Lieberman

Animal Rights Supporter

Jackie Marie


Michael Watson


Marion E. O'Hearn

Justice and Freedom for Peter. End this cruelty now!

Lea Lea

"Every person deserves autonomy."

Colleen Lippincott


Alexandra Nechita


Linda Beezer

Human dignity.

Elias Schwartz

Attorney and Friend

Matilda Williams

This is torment for Peter Max.

Rachel Lewallen


Kate Flack

This is inhumane, cruel, and abusive.

Mark Murphy

Lifelong friend and supporter of Peter Max - He loved my dad, and I cant stand by watching as his kids cant see him! Free Peter Max!

Jamaal Lowe


Matilda Chapman

Guardianship abuse needs to STOP!

Brian Jerman

Owner, Dynamic Drone Solutions, LLC
"This is a complete over reach of power and inhumane."

Jordana Casciano

To put an end to the abusive guardianship of Peter Max.

Lesley Clark

Marketing Director

Cindi Milrad

No one should be treated this way !

James K Boyce

If there was ever a case that defined 'grossly unjust to the observer' or 'shocks the conscience,' this would be it. A concerned humanitarian for Mr. Max and family.

Tamara Marcus

Licensed Esthetician / Business Owner
"Peter Max should be restored to the care of those who love him."

Kate Ogden

Professor of Art History

Mick Slater

Personal liberty.

Tess Posso


Vince Tucker

Lifestyle Medicine Coach

Audrey Bernadette Kelly


Ron Canning

"To stop the theft of time spending end of life days with family. Peter and Libra have a Natural right to be together, especially now."

Jennifer Ruiz

Guardianship Abuse Advocate
"This is a form of elderly abuse. People especially in his age, should be in charge of family, not the state. Our system needs reform, conservatees are suffering too much under this poor management of laws."

Mervisa Muhovic

Everybody deserves to live how they want to

Concetta Stoto

"Peter Max's work has informed and inspired my own art. Having learned of this blatantly unjust and predatory conservatorship, I am disgusted and appalled that it has been allowed to happen."

Barbara Rowe

"This is inhuman and an awful thing to do to anyone. Ashamed of these people."

Nick Masiello

"Artists should be free."

Janelle Hubert

Peter Max represents love, freedom and color. He does not deserve dark isolation. This is contradictory to all his art has stood for.

Isaiah Spain


Karin Turney


Claudia Contreras

"For the Peters right to live his life in a way that makes him feel free."

Richard Craven

Freedom for my friend.

Stewart Leckie

Our family have followed Peter' Max's art for decades. The very thought of a man who, for his entire professional career celebrated life in art and expression, to now being managed in this way is reprehensible.

Jeremy Jewett

The man deserves his family.

Emy Velazquez


Maryon Bauer


Laurel Nevans

We need to stop exploiting all seniors with dementia, and so many end up being exploited. We need better answers than guardianships.

Donna Delmas

This is unbelievably heartless and cruel.

Drew Schultz

"Help patients achieve their best lives."

Julia Geisler

It is troubling to know this man is being denied the love, care and companionship of his family and friends.

Yolandi Haid

Free this man, we only live once. He deserves a better life and his family peace.

Fritzi Huber


Kimberly Bolton

This is truly unjust and he should be under the care of his family.

Lorrie Schilling


Cindy Simmons

This issue hits very close to home for me. My father suffered from dementia and I was blessed to have been able to care for him myself. Not everyone who suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s needs to be put into a guardianship! Isolation is the worst thing that can possibly be done to individuals suffering from these types of issues.

Victor Cortes

Every human deserves to live their live however they want to, be FREE.

Hannah Post


Rachel Ejsmont


Sharon Middendorf

Model, Musician, Entrepreneur, Fan

Sian Melton

Conservatorships do more harm than good and are only designed to prey on those who are vulnerable.

Laurie Oien


Nicholas Cunningham

Life is sacred and Peter Max has made a difference in so many. He should spend his days with family who have his best interests at heart.

Susan Estrella

Mr. Max must be freed and his 16 million dollars returned to him. There is no excuse for this criminal behavior! Jail the perpetrators!!!

Couri Hay


Stacy Stiuso

Fashion Stylist
"Return Peter to his family & friends!"

Michaela Burkert


Polly Anna Burnette


Kate Westhead

It’s a human rights movement!! Let him be free with his loved ones for the last part of his life!!

Hannah Guth


Ana Leah Paulin


Margaret Schultz

I'm outraged at home this poor man is being treated, its the opposite of humane.

Veronica Nichols


Gary Earl Ross

Prof. Emeritus, Novelist, Playwright
"Predatory guardianship must end."

Rose Esposito


Grace Garrido

To end abuse!

Jenny O'Connell

"Hearing about Peter Max's treatment is heart breaking. He deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and actual care. The care being provided to him is abuse, the greed and appalling behavior of his conservatorship overseers needs to be held accountable. Regardless of class and status, Peter is a person; he deserves to live his life on his terms and not isolated from his loving family."

Astrid Harris


Scott Drumstrong

I will do anything within my power to help him through this. Peter took our young son’s health to heart when he was dealing with the repercussions of chemo and surgeries. He counseled and shared valuable resources.

Laura O’Malley

Peter deserves to be around his loved ones. He deserves dignity. Please end this abusive conservatorship.

Jack Lloyd

Because human rights are vital. I am shocked, sickened and saddened to read what is happening to Peter. I demand that there is an investigation.

Kerry Sadler

Free Peter Max from abusive conservatorship!

Dayle Denney


Townshend Charlotte


Cassidy Drewry

Peter has a right to his own life and finances. No decent human should be left vulnerable at the hands of people who do not have their best interest. Allow Peter to speak for himself and obtain his own attorney so he can finish his time here on earth how he wishes.

Diamond Lopez


Nicole Squadrilla

I want Peter Max to be free of this conservatorship. It is abusive and demoralizing. This man deserves to be in control of his life, he has done so much over his span and this is not how it should end. FREE PETER MAX NOVEMBER 30th.

Eric Greene

I interviewed Peter several years back. He was an incredibly nice man. No one should have to go through this.

Liz Tardo


Jenna Lareau


Audrey Penn


Fallon Duffy

Peter Max should not be in an abusive conservatorship, he should be free now!

Maryann Steinert-Foley

Peter Max has inherent, inalienable rights to be valued and respected for one's own sake, and to be treated ethically. His forced court-appointed guardianship as it exists today is a violation of these inherent, inalienable rights.

Claudette Gomez Brisson


Meghan Smith


Sarah Mess

Poet, Artist, Medical Freedom and Disabled Veterans Rights Advocate

Grestel Weary

What would you want for someone you love?

Jennifer Baker

Because I love him.

Pat Weich


Yvonne Yip


Mandy Guagenti


Grestel Weary

What would you do if it was your Father or Mother, Son or Daughter, Husband, Wife or Friend?

Anita Pisani

"Peter Max deserves love and respect without suffering with ridiculous laws keeping him away from his loved ones."

John Passmore


Clarissa Gonzalez

His accomplishments, triumphs and artistry he’s given in the world, he still has to fight at this point in life when he wants to be free.

Ariel Werner

Peter Max Art Collector

Rebecca Vazquez

This is complete overreach and violation of Peter's constitutional rights as an American.

June Krell-Salgado

Cultural Affairs
"Peter Max was an inspiration for me when I was in art school in the 70s. He beautifully captured the times and cultural during that time period. He brought so many people such joy through his life through his art. He deserves to be happy, secure amongst others that love him."

Maryann Barber

Please give Peter back his autonomy and allow his family and friends care for him as he has requested.

Christine Bates


Jurixia Cisneros

Courts should not allow millions to be drained from a unwilling victim only to cover the expenses deemed by lawyers and other court appointed personnel.

Aynsley McCain


Alma Perry


Donna Rosenberg

Admirer of Peter Max’s art as a teenager and sympathetic toward Peter’s present unjust captivity.

Glenn Sirlin

Help bring attention to this injustice.

John Passmore

I think it is a travesty.

Jillian Pearce

Free Peter!

Mike Villopoto

Abuse of his money.

Virginia Cole

Peter needs care from his daughter and friends stop him from being exploited by the current so called guardian and those that are stealing his fortune. Libra loves him and needs to be able to see him anytime.

Roxanne E Bridges

It is an outrage. It’s wrong.

Laurie Naughton

Elder abuse is torture.

Carroll Brody

Stop the forced solitary confinement of Peter Max.

Inna Shveibish


C Galper

Peter Max, as all patients with Alzheimers, should have loved relatives and children close by. Mus"ic and art often reach through Alzheimers to make the person feel more themselves and happier. Who is going to invest themselves in helping him enjoy his final years? Not the the legal guardians who won’t let him see his family or talk to them at will."

Cheryl Bohlin

"Shocked and horrified, he has family who want to care for him. This is a grotesque arrangement."

Geneviève Hewitt

Abusive guardianships must end.

John Houseman


Linda Kerridge

This is a gross abuse of human rights.

Angela McNally

"Peter deserves to spend his last days/weeks/months with his loving DAUGHTER."

Carl Incerto


Liz Gewirtz

Just cause someone's old doesn't mean you get to lock them up and take their resources.

Rochelle Acosta

Seeking Liberty & Justice For All.


What a nightmare. Peter Max belongs with his loved ones. This is not what guardianship was designed for. End Guardianship abuse!

Marie Greco

Sad to see loving family and friends kept from a loved one.

Deborah Nessenzia


Tejal Shah

COO, 555 Comic Co

Melissa Ellish


Tony Pettinato

Photographer, Artist, Lifelong Fan

Cheryl Desmond

Lifelong Fan

Greg Biggs


Mark Aldrich

Writer, Human Rights Journalist, Performer
"Against elder abuse and out-of-control conservatorships."

Cheryl Boysen

Lifelong Fan

Mark Aldrich

Writer, Performer, Human Rights Journalist

Kathleen Termecz


Jeffrey Gritz

Friend and fan - my parents were major art collectors. I have a portrait of my Mum that Peter did of her as a gift for one of the dinners we had for him or had him join us for. No one should have Court Appointed Guardianship, without specific request by them or their family, advocating on the person's behalf. FREE PETER MAX!

David Pandeli

I met Peter 35 years ago at a gallery that was being readied for a show that night in San Diego CA. He was very gracious and even though he was busy with an preparations and a tv interview, he made the time to talk to me for a while. Ever since that first meeting, everytime he saw me he always remembered my name and always came over to talk to me. A few years later he enquired as to why I was in a wheelchair so I explained that I was born with spina bifida and what had gone on through the years. One day I got a call from Peter asking if I could get my medical records from the time I was born so he could show them to some doctors he knew. I never ever forgot that offer to help me from this special human being.

Brook Albrigo

Concern for Peter Max’s well being and constitutional rights.

Robin Williams

Family Friend

Renato Bodeman

This abusive conservatorship needs to be terminated and Peter and his family should be allowed to make their own choices.

Dave Burr


Constance Snow

Always a fan of Peter Max’s art work. I remember him fondly when he was a regular customer at Sarabeth’s Kitchen on the upper west side of Manhattan, where I worked as a bakery assistant. He was gentle and generous and full of light.

Goddard Bart

I'm appalled!!! Free him!!

Gabriel Kikas


Lizzy Brock

Laws need to be changed when a father cannot see his own daughter for no real reason.

Hillary Murphy

Human rights violations need to be stopped.

Dhani Toney

Love for Peter Max.

Drew Gold

Artist and Publisher
"One of my childhood heroes, and he brought so much brightness, color, and love into the world. This icon deserves peace, not captivity."

Laura Brett


Lisa Beaumont

Animal Advocate

Adrienne Jourgensen


Kelly Ogden

This treatment of Peter Max is beyond abusive. It's criminal. He should be able to be taken care of by his daughter Libra Max.

Bridget Christian


Edward Mayer


James Williams

Big admirer of Peter Max, since the 60s, & of Rosie Vela. This terrible abuse must end.

Pamela Goodrich-Yohe


Kim Fudge

Peter Max is being held against his will and needs to be with his family and friends. This is barbaric and cruel.

Carmelo Grau Puig

Peter Max needs to be free and doesn’t deserve to be treated badly!!!

Dominique Williams

I am appalled at the treatment of this famous pop-artist at the end of his life.

Nina Hollingswoth Bisgaard

Natural Therapeutics Specialist

Michelle Smith


Darrell Logsdon


Mary Brain

I can imagine nothing worse than being restricted from my family friends and children at any point in my life bc it is always fleeting but more and more so as time goes on. I pray no one ever tries to prevent me from being with my family and loved ones for their own financial benefit.

Stephen Waldmann

#Free Peter Max and allow his family to care for him. Make the massive amounts of cash stolen from him be returned to him.

Katherine Botzet

This is abusive and cruel to treat a human being like this. Free Peter Max who has a loving family that is scared and heart broken.

Dalton Fernandez

"Concerned for the well-being of a great artist and inspiration."

Francine Tobin

My father ran a restaurant in which he met Peter. My father always spoke of Peter's kind heart, his wit and humor and brilliance and generosity. I have 2 posters which one of them given to us as a wedding give addressed to myself and my husband all signed by Peter. Not fair that such a kind loving person should be treated this way.

Rafael Peña

"I saw Peter Max personally and I did feel for him and for what he is going through. That’s because I experienced his condition with my mother in-law."

Chandra Lampreich

End the abuse!

Sean Platter

Mr. Max has been an inspiration since I was a kid. And no one should be under the abuse he's been getting.

Stephanie Heredia

This is absolutely disgusting.

Lili E


Kirstt Burns

Conservatorships are abusive.

Amanda S. Sollenne

Justice and family reunification for Peter Max. What kind of cruel human beings can do this to a man and his family. Shame on all people involved with this abusive miscarriage of justice.

Maria Cristina Repossi


Dani Barker

This should not be legal.

Michelle Turner

Concern over this man’s civil rights being violated.

Amy Wesselman


Michael Dockendorf

"Because I resent/hate abuse of any kind and Peter is a beautiful artist and human being and it’s almost impossible to believe these people are getting away with this!!!? It’s a crime and the people responsible should be prosecuted!!"

Onielo Deluzio

Peter is one of my greatest infuences as an artist. It’s because of him why I strive to be a better artist. He deserves to live his life peacefully and without this terrible control.

Cynthia Quinn

Horrific treatment.

Peachy Deegan

Publisher, Friend

Eugenia Solana

Human Rights Advocate
"I am beyond disgusted at how corrupt the system has become. Enabling the abuse of our most vulnerable citizens for a profit, it's sickening. Justice needs to be served, give this man his last years back NOW."

Valerie Fontana

Peter's friend for 39 years, most of my life. I've run into Peter several times on the street, it takes him a few minutes to realize who I am, then he points and waves at me to come over, when I do, it's like his memory rushes in and he remembers many things. He is scared, confused, and needs help. To remove his beloved cats that brought him comfort is cruel. Peter will be freed, just like Britney Spears. End this unconstitutional guardianship now. Peter is a national treasure, who has supported many causes, and this is how we repay him?! This must end.

Holly Hilton

I just did an art project and Peter Max played a major role. This ICON deserves all of the respect afforded to him. I love old people and know how loneliness causes deterioration. This is incredibly disgusting to hear."

Tatiana Cafaro

No One Deserves This.

Sherry Moses

Elder Advocate
"Family was destroyed by a fraudulent guardianship."

Amy England


Debbie Kuster


Dimitra Alexopoulou


Gene Silverberg

"Free Peter. His is an exceptional soul."

Dana Humphrey


Cynthia Galustian

I have been an admiree of Mr. Max since childhood, nearly 50 years! How anyone can treat another human being in this manner is puzzling and distressing. Please free him and all others suffering in similar ways.

Missy Fortunato

A big fan of the artist. Stop elder abuse.

Katherine Piacentino

Activist Against Court Appointed Guardians

Maria Tegzes

In support of Peter Max and his family.

Ingrid Hudson

Cruel treatment of an Alzheimer’s patient.

Kathy Sarli

I've admired his paintings for year's. FREE PETER MAX.

Justin Shames

Peter Max's art is a treasure and he should not be treated so that his ending days are in essential captivity.

Michael Gelb

This guardianship should be illegal. No one should have to live under these conditions. Free Peter!

K Gorman

No person should be subjected to isolation and cruelty! If his caretakers really cared, they wouldn’t have spent all his money, kept his family away and drugged him. Stop this madness and free Peter!!!!

Peter Tyler

Because this isn’t right.

Jack Skerry

Nobody deserves this kind of treatment.

Aimee White


Sara Sacramento


Kevin Bartlett

This abomination must stop !!!!

Nichole Ricotta


Kipp Elbaum


Brunn Daly

Conservatorship abuse is not lawful!

Maria Russo


Thomas See


Marlina Halper

Free Peter Max!! This is a nightmare and needs to stop!

Caitlin Ryan

I believe its disgusting to keep a person in their own persona prison so that you can benefit from their financial gains.

Julie Steen

This guardianship is cruel, exploitive and unnecessary.

Lauren Jesus


Kornelia Breitkreuz

Let this man be with his family.

Patricia Lee

A fan of the artist who wants to end this kind of abuse.

Laurie Davis


Jennifer Putnam


Cherie Kanz


Samantha Daniele

The guardianship system needs total reform. If a person under it can vocalize their desire for changes, they clearly have the capacity to understand the terms of the arrangement and either contest it or consent to it. When there isn’t consent, it’s a complete violation of basic human rights.

Kimberlee Dalton


Ninon Aprea


Kerry Sadler


Courtney Farmer

To save Peter Max from this conversatorship!

Hawa Fadiga


Helena Valencia

I do not support forced guardianship.

Cathy Thompson

No one should be stripped their dignity in this way.

Guadalupe Fernandez


Bethany Bromund

This man deserves dignity. This isolation is disgusting. This cannot go on.

Paul Cavaco

I cannot believe this is possible but it is and feel I must add my name to those who are fighting this injustice.

Laura Nalle

Our lives are all we have.

William Foley


Paula Dory


Meg Tanner


Susan Estrella

My heart goes out to Peter Max and his family. These 'authorities' are committing crimes against Mr. Max and should be fired and stand charges. Mr. Max should be with his family and live as he so chooses!!!

Johanna Lerfel

Executive Director, Cousin

Robert G Koch


Margaret Badali

Peter Max does not deserve this treatment.

Abby Stern

"Everyone deserves to maintain their human rights regardless of Alzheimer’s."

Heather Albert

He deserves to be with his family who love him.

Alyssa Lair

Abuse will not be tolerated.

Meghan Hays


Rita Harris

Out of respect for his art work and a belief that the system gone wrong.

Cyndi Karas

He's a legend and brilliant artist.

Mary Kelly

Friend of Peter's and this is totally unfair and wrong!!!

Martine Lerfel


Erin Randall

This guardianship is clearly not for the good of Peter. These people put in charge of the end of his life are abusing this man in the worst way possible by keeping him.

David Sobel

Photographer and Activist

Lisa Pilcher


Michael McSorley

Admirer of Mr. Max. He should get his cats back immediately!

Cathy Packler

To show my support for a man that provided the workflow with iconic art while supporting the compassionate vegan path and who deserves peace, sanctuary and freedom in his latter years.

Janet Borden

"Person who cares and feels that each person should have the dignity of choice and love of family nearby."

Chris Child

Art Collector and Appreciator

Cyrus Schiller


Wendon Swift

This must be stopped. Peter must be freed immediately!!!

Heidi Sax


Penny Rexrode

Caretaker for the Elderly
"My mother is a survivor of elderly abuse."

Cathy Nolan


Joan Finkelstein

Peter Max deserves to live his last days in freedom, something he fought very hard for.

Xue Xian Zeng

Peter's Friend and Employee of 21 years

Laura Keating


Kathleen Terry


Rachel Rondon

Free Peter Max!!

Phyllis J. Wolkoff

President, Hamptons Villas International Inc., Niece of Peter's late friend, Maximilian F. Wolkoff

David Freudenrich

Friend of Rosie Vela, Lover of Art

Naomi Reyes


Mercy Mungwadzi


Katz Manny

Friends of 65 years

Sheridan Lowrey


Perri Carol Fitterman

"Admirer of his work and person who believes in justice."

Laura Broadway

This situation is unjust and inhuman.

Caitlin Paylor


Chellie Grossman

Certified Life and Wellness Coach
"Peter has been a longtime friend of mine. I am sad and angry knowing he has been legally kidnapped. Peter deserves to be surrounded with loving memories most especially now. #FreePeterMax NOW. This is an absolute travesty."

Elsa Cameron

Art Curator of Peter’s summer of love exhibitions
"Great admirer of Peter’s art energy and his contribution to the world."

Susan Daigle

Free Peter Max.

Nancy Dean

Personal rights!!

Kenneth Gillespie

I knew Peter when I lived in NYC and ran a health food store. He was kind and caring and loved his family. He never would choose the way he is being controlled by strangers. Please free him from this legal bondage.

Kristen Grandinetti


Lynda Sutton-Smith


Sandra Ashcraft

Human dignity. Body autonomy.

Linda Peterson


Steve Purnell

Freedom for Peter Max.

Doris A Stinson

This guardianship is detrimental to Peter Max, let his daughter see him.

Lisa Weinthal


Jack Michaels


Akasha Novotny


Angela Moscrop

Peter should be with his loved ones, especially at the end of his life. This conservatorship is stealing precious moments from his family and friends and causing unnecessary trauma and damage to all.

Kevin St.Marie

A Violation of Human Rights and Evident Abuse.

Larissa Keller


Sara Burns

"Please let this man have peace and allow his loved one to be with him."

Diane DeMatteis

"No one should loose their freedom due to any kind of illness."

Diego Rodriguez

As a fan of Britney Spears and being part of the movement that got out her out of her conservatorship, I couldn't help be moved by Peter Max's daughter speaking about at the rally for what they did to her father. It has opened my eyes to a subject and injustice that I was not aware of and I hope with Britney freed people like Peter and Micelle plus other Americans in abusive guardianships can seem their freedom.

Amber Rainey


Carol Barnes


Debra Segal


Amanda Groziak

Make conservatorships illegal!

Melinda Myers

I love his work and a person should have ALL access to his work and finances.

Marissa Finazzo

Conservatorships and guardianships need to end. This is abuse.

Hope Anne Nathan


Crystal Lewis

He deserves to be freed from this abusive c-ship. Just helped Britney Spears get out of hers by supporting her via social media apps and helping spread awareness. I wish this man good luck and his loved ones.

T Williams


Penny Shaffer


Kami Hawkins

Let Peter be with his family and friends.

Autumn Webb

This guardianship is an abuse of power and should not be allowed to continue.

Brandy Angel


Lisa Taylor

Peter worked for my father at JP Stevens making PM sheets and I knew him as a friend of Rosie Vella when I modelled in NYC.

Jude Parise


Christine Freeman

Give the care of Peter to his loving daughter, Libra. This is despicable!

Julia Navarro

A beautiful soul with unmeasurable talent deserves so much more.

Kim Charlton

VC of Empowers Africa
"Friend from the 80's, animal activist, receiver of autographed art from Peter. I don't understand how or why this situation is happening."

Rob Spence


Emilia Simeone

Such a big inspiration to me. He deserves so much better! Free Peter Max!

Chandra Weintz


Wetona LaRue

Surgical Technologist
"Totally unbelievable. Where is the care and compassion? Peter Max should have that right."

Cherish Brady


Kate Martin

Concerned for Peter’s wellbeing.

Carole Baptiste

No one should be held against their will if they want to go to their studio...let him.

Laura Milliron

Conservatorships are not a business model. Preventing the elderly and the ill from contact with family and friends is a dispicable practice.

Pamela Graham

This is one of the most inhumane and cruelest thing ever to do to a person. People no matter how sick they are deserve rights to see their family and the family have every right to be with their loved ones and have insight on what is going on financially and inside the home. I'm disgusted and so upset and angry could go on.

Juan Pisonero

Family and friends should be with him.

Jennifer Autenrieth


Shanna Samul

Conservatorships accelerate abuse!

Theron Ash


Dalia Hettfield


Aimee Hill


Timothy Aymar

I'm an artist who has great respect for Peter Max. But even if he wasn't a brilliant artist, he deserves far better than isolation (and being robbed of his dignity) at the hands of unfeeling shysters. He and his family deserve better. If he didn't have so much wealth and fame, the people in power over him would have discarded him. Shameful.

Neena Beber

I grew up loving the work of Peter Max and am disgusted by this abuse.

Christina Arnold

Peter deserves his freedom and dignity back.

Mary Joye

"Because he is purported to not be free. And I care."

Marthe S.B

This is inhumane, and isn’t the guardianship ment to protect him, not destroy him. Corrupt system and its all about the money, so disgusting.

Zarqa Ali

Peter Max needs to be freed immediately. Guardianship abuse must come to an end.

Xanthe Chrisaidos

Artist and Friend

Amanda Regh


Denise George

There needs to be oversight when someone loses their capacity to live independently. The interests of our most vulnerable must be protected. Add to this basic human rights that this American treasure is quite possibly being leeched of, his creative light dimmed by over-medicating and accelerating his decline is deplorable.

Emily Van Vlack

Social Work Student

Charmaine Powell


Dwight Colvin

Artistic inspiration provided by Peter Max for the past six decades.

Robert Staten Island

I am an avid supporter of Mr. Max’s art legacy.

Rikki Berkowitz-Katz

Peter Max is a good man who doesn’t deserve this! He needs to be with family & loving friends

Nicola Corl

Peter Max has given us so much and deserves to live out his last years with peace, love and dignity.

Ana Siruni


Gina Cotton


Miranda Jane


James Messina

Nexstar Media Manager, Friend of Rosie Vela, Fan

Teri Dinga

I have loved Peter Max designs from when I was a young girl. Formerly a resident of NY, I was able to see his originals in Manhattan which was such a thrill. I lost my father to dementia & can not imagine being prohibited from seeing him every day! My heart goes out to his Daughter. Prayers this will be resolved soon so he may be reunited with his loved ones!

Kimberly Bastin

I am appalled by the inhumane treatment of Peter Max and his family. His human and civil rights are being violated.

Erica Reiss


Ellen Macioce

It is inhumane!

Juliet Schmidt

"This is a gross injustice. Libra is the most devoted daughter and should be involved in his care."

Kathleen McGhan

He deserves better.

Julia Mackey


Kathy Kefalas

This is a violation of human rights. These are our friends, our family members. It could happen to anyone unless we stand up and speak out. Change is necessary. Taking advantage of people should be prohibited.

Tess van Barneveld


Laurie Marsden

LCSW, Activist
"Corrupt systems need to change."

Ashley Caulkett


Marie Suchan

Peter Max deserves to live out his days as a free, happy, successful, autonomized human.

Donna Lazarescu


Charline Charbonnier

He deserves to be with his family and friends, this corrupt system is disgusting!!!

Michelle Santos


Lauren Kushnick

Predatory guardianships that are causing emotional, medical and financial harm and facilitating abuse must end.

Yvette Eady


Amanda Duerk

This is horribly wrong, what’s happening to Peter Max. He was always a favorite artist of mine, and I had no idea until now that this was happening to him.

Dale Skidgel


Nicole Bromley Pearse


Becky Ellis

Every person with a heart would want to see other good people thriving and living free with their human rights intact.

Anna Vaccari


Mary Arnold


Karen Peterson


Jacob Fernandez


Sasha Charnin

This is appalling. And I have read about this too many times. Libra needs to be able to care for her father and these rules make zero sense.

Barbie Fauria

Nobody should have to live like that…and also l loved his art as a child.

Jessica Stakenburg


Whitney D


Fiona Duncan

To end conservatorship abuse and reunite Peter with his family.

Simone Katz

This is beyond wrong. No one should be kept from their family and pets. I truly hope the release of Britney Spears will serve as a watershed moment to release all abused conservatorship victims.

Amanda Almgren


Stacey-Lee Rosocki

Max, has a loving supportive family who are more than capable of looking after his needs, they absolutely adore him & want him out of that CORRUPT conservativeship!

Tristen Beckett

This is appalling.

Meryl Miller

I care for my mother with Alzheimer’s.

Alison Garey

Free Peter Max from conservatorship. This is abuse and cruel. He deserves to be free with his loved ones, friends, cats, and make his own decisions. This breaks my heart.

Patricia Weich

Because this is a human catastrophe.

Daniele Williams


Renee Weitzner

What's being done to Peter Max is unjust.

Meg Tanner

My brother is enduring the same nightmare.

Scott Selina

Peter deserves to live his final years doing what he loves and visited by loved ones. Surrounded by human companionship and love.

Stephany Cates

This man should be with his daughter and loved ones.

Bella Aoki


Kent Alexander


Kate Quick


Meredith Brandt

This conservatorship is cruel and abusive. Our elders should be treated with respect and care and loved ones should have access to give love and spend time together.

Jessica DeRemer


Nevaeh Thomas


Katie Rodgers


Kate Sosna


David Savage

The 'guardianship' of Peter Max is especially cruel and unjust, to Peter, to his family, to his friends, and to all who have appreciated his creations over the years.

Daniel Cossu


Sheila Richardson

Peter Max is being held prisoner for someone's unbridled greed. This is wrong.

Judi Lewis

This is a travesty and cannot be allowed to continue!