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Joey Landrey

Teresa Mase

"Peter Max shouldn't be in a conservatorship period. He has a loving, caring family that will take care of him. The conservatorship needs to end NOW! #FreePeterMax I pray."

Michelle Keith

"Basic human rights and concern for a citizen of the United States."

Meli Pennington

"Love to Peter Max and his family."

Dana Houser


Sarah Spencer

Tomas Urriola

"Peter Max has enriched my life with his work. Let his family care for him."

Elizabeth Kitzerow

"This is not the way Peter Max and his family should be treated. This is cruel treatment for a beloved father, friend, and national treasure to be treated."

Tamara Cox

"I am an admirer of Peter Max & his work. These type of guardianships are appalling."

John Cooney


Steve Ambarian


Tricia Montgomery

CEO, Animal Advocate

William Vose

"Peter Max is a living treasure, and an adopted American. Give him and his family their due!"

Shane Kulman


Parise Jude

"No one should be held like a slave this is criminal #FREEPETERMAXNOW"

Matthew Ueng

"This is a Human Right violation."

Tabitha Rudd

"To have the court review this situation, allow medical evaluation."

Tina Barry

"Free Peter!"

Kristy Eisele

"Because this is extremely wrong. This is abuse. This is corruption. Who do you think you are you do this to another person?"

Irene DeRonda Cathcart

"Investigate the probate court system. #FreePeterMax."

Greg Pali

Sarah Haywood

"No one should endure this."

Alice Sundy

"Free Peter Max! Allow him to be with his loved ones."

Elyse Lundquist

"One of my favorite artists."

Debbie Sayers


Tom Moffat


David Zaro

"I was made aware of this situation by Rosie Vela. I have followed and been enriched by both of their careers since the 1970s. I am horrified by this situation."

Margaret Wesley

"Concerned fan of Peter Max and the elderly. This should be investigated. Nobody should be controlled in this manner. There is something wrong."

Adryenna Dixon

Veronica Velasquez

"It's the right thing to do."

Tap Tapolow Sr.

"Friend and managed his art gallery in Miami. A very dignified loving man. Free him."

Felisa Womble

"End the conservatorship."

Allie Rodriguez-Goodman

"Peter’s wishes and directives should be respected and followed. This is unjust and cruel."

Tammy Spencer

"All human beings deserve to both live and die in dignity. My mother had dementia and died from complications at age 71. The four of us, her children, ensured that she received the best medical care and between the four of us, someone was always there, night and day, during her stay in an excellent memory care unit. I hope Mr. Max's children can regain their relationship with their father and make his last days on this Earth as beautiful as his works of art."

Larry Frank

Darla Hunt

Kristina Landy

"Life long fan of Peter Max. I had the opportunity to meet this man 15 years ago when his show came to Buffalo. I had the opportunity to talk to this creative beautiful soul and I couldn’t not do something to help. Free him and let him be with his family."

Melika Smith

"It is the right thing."

Blayr Universe

Meghan Sherman

Rachel Hirsch

"This is abusive and cruel."

Rachel Foland

Deborah Palmarini

Mother, Musician, Artist

Kat McHale

"No one should have to go through this."

Robbie Davies

Morgan Ables

"Life is a precious thing. For someone to rob you of the love, light, and joy of said life, can you truly call such a state 'living?' Let this poor man *live*, not just survive."

Janisha Anderson

"Cruel inhumane treatment of human being, let him go with his family."

Jane Fishman

Shilpa Pierpont-Hale

"The dignity of humanity."

Krystalina Ortiz

Inform Diagnostics Client Relationship Manager
"I have seen this happen to a personal friend in the twilight of their life. And I have also been victimized in family court by predatory lawyers, investigators and corrupt judges making money off of mothers trying to protect their children."

Isa Lorenz

"I have met Peter several times and been to his studio several times. He is a very nice human, besides being wildly gifted!"

Sharon Gallagher

Self-Employed Business Owner, Artist, Musician

Cathy Bansbach

Scientist, Fan

Julie Hasson

Meg Tanner

"My brother is in a similar situation. Please act quickly. We must protect our most vulnerable and precious fellow mankind."

Lauri Harvey

"Despicable to hold any individual hostage from their family and friends."

April Smith

"Conservatorships are a disgraceful attempt at owning another human being; often used with the excuse of 'care' when the real incentive is to incapacitate someone and steal their money. This man's case, along with many others throughout the nation, has clear signs of misappropriation of monetary funds- i.e. financial abuse. Please stop encouraging financial abuse of the elderly by sitting by and doing nothing."

LJ Bryan

Linda Boyer

"I worked as an RN in long term care for 26 years and what is being done to Peter Max (forced isolation, misappropriation of fund, possible chemical restraint) would result in fines and possible criminal charges if he was living in a facility. Why is it okay in a guardianship situation?"

Stephen Dimmick

"This abuse of power and greed must stop and care given over to his family."

Helen Nickerson

"Peter Max’s art awakened my knowledge of creative joy as a teenager."

Ann Henderson

Jaime Surenkamp


Sarah Watson

"Harmful Guardianship Free Peter Max."

Megan Cutt

"Everyone should be guaranteed the rights and freedoms afforded to them under the Constitution, regardless of age or disability. Let this man be with his family and friends. Let him use his phone whenever he wants. Let him choose his own lawyer."

Dani Rukin

"This is elder abuse. Horrific!"

Jason Murillo

"To end the conservatorship of Peter Max."

Sukoshi Rice

"This could happen to anyone."

Karen Robiscoe

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Diane DeMatteis


Dan Huizinga

Judy Troilo

"As a young art student, Peter Max was everything to me. He brought so much love and joy to the world through his incredible art. He made the world a better place. We must protect him."

John Matlock

Kristina Herder

"I believe in freedom."

Tami Carmer

"This is an atrocity!"

Kelly Wyant


Patrick Mooney


Emma Mazmanian

"It’s a Human Rights issue. Why wouldn’t anyone want to sign?"

Kasey Emmett

"This man should be free. The justice system had been flawed and needs to be corrected. Please start here."

Renee Rose

Emma W.

"#FreePeterMax from this horrible situation!"

Rebecca Johnstone


Aubrey Adams

"Peter deserves to be free."

Francine Perry

"A true fan of this wonderful person/artist."

Roni Von

"No one should be kept from their family and loved ones."

Jessica Thompson

Brian Cassidy

"The man should be with his family."

Angela Campbell

Elder Abuse Advocate
"Isolation is the most cruelest form of torture according to United Nation. Our elderly deserve the right of liberty. My mother went through this inhuman probate guardianship! Abolish for profit guardianship!"

Geraldine Anastasia

"Guardianships are abusive!!! He has a family to take care of him. People have rights!"

Jaison Thomas

Sophie Jones-Whittaker

"Violation of Peter’s Human Rights."

Angélica Cruz Soto

Alegria Bensimon

Lupita Carrasco


Jessica Martin

Teacher, Animal Welfare Director
"Greed must be stopped."

Aimee Douglass

"No one deserves to be kept a prisoner during the waning years of their life."

Erica Nielsen

Amanda Kelly

Susan LoPresti

Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner
"I believe no one should be subject to this when a family is able to be guardian."

Joni Stutman

Attorney, Art Collector
"I have met Peter Max personally, several times, and he deserves dignity and freedom to see his family and to live the way he wants."

Virginia MacGregor

"Peter is being used. Set him free."

Susanne May

"Peter deserves his freedom."

Andy Binau

Author, Student
"I fight against injustice and this conservatorship is unconstitutional."

Lymari Montijo

"It's a Human Rights violation."

Suzanne Wade

Art Dealer

Pat Gallant


Jude Parise


Amy McLeskey

"Love Peter."

Burt Dunn

Mother-in-Law Died in Exploitive Guardianship

Genevieve Hewitt

"Guardianships must be regulated immediately."

S. Engel

Tara Kirkland

"This is an abusive power over another depriving him of his personal happiness and family bond."

Mike Rouff


Kerry Sadler

"Peter Max should be with his family, not with people who are subjecting him to abuse and neglect. Free Peter Max, please!!"

Morgan Roberts

Michele Hong

"Peter Max , as well as ANY human being, should be able to lead his life fully and in FREEDOM."

Marie Lowe Wernicke

"Please free Peter Max."

Abigail Hillman


Jen Greenberg

Deanna Ferlanti

Wendy Bloom

My sister's rights were taken away from her and she is being controlled. I'm trying to free her!!!

Susan McGraw-Keber

"Every human being is entitled to be with their loving family members and friends in the twilight of their lives. Peter Max deserves to be with his children and those that love him. This is cruelty."

Brianna Givant

"Freedom and justice."

Hayward Lacey

Katherine Tabor

Deborah Silver

"My dad worked for him. He was very kind to my father. I met him in his NY office, he was a very nice man. He doesn't deserve this horrible treatment. He should be taken care of by his family, who love him."

Rachel Widman

Lynda Sinatra

Supporter, #FreedBritney

Kenneth Wang


Sara Lucas

"For Peter and his family."

Dominica Aizpurua

Art Director

Antoinette Kirton

"It’s a matter of principle. Degrading to a human life."

Nancy Hill

Speech Pathologist

Dyana Aives

"This is an abuse of power. There’s no reason to Peter Max needs to be isolated from his friends and family especially the end of his life. #FreePeterMax."

Julia Provey

"To stand up for justice."

Gretchen Gladkowski

"To end the cruel guardianship guardianship for Peter Max."

Acie Wolfson


Carolina Kausch


Susan Greene

"My parents had purchased 2 pieces of his work for my brother. Many years later, I took my mom to his show and he hugged her and signed her shirt. I framed it. No one should be kept away from loving family who want to care for them."

Susan Watts


Carla Haas


Ollie Armitage-Saunders


Laura Martin

Laura Martinez Thrash


Rachel Beirne

Sinne Andersen

Animal Hospital Manager, Daughter of Alzheimer's Sufferer, Friend

Jennie Stevens

"Please let Max free from this guardianship."

Roy Wielochowski

"This is a complete and utter disgrace to the American public and citizens. How DARE you do this to vulnerable people?!? I am truly sickened by what has been going on for decades behind closed doors, but thanks to the #FreeBritney movement you all have been exposed! #TimesUp!"

Whitney Mulqueen

Childhood Friend of Libra, Attended Grade School with Libra and Adam

Grace Kinney

Tim Fogarty

"Peter Max's creations have delighted me over the years. I wish him immediate freedom to be with his family, without interference from the current interlopers.This should never have been allowed to happen. Release this man to his family and fix the laws around guardianship."

Tess Palma-Martinez

"I know Peter. He is an amazing and accomplished man who deserves to be in the care of his family, or with self appointed care. He has worked and accomplished so much in his life - freedom is a human right."

Erin Muscat

"FREE PETER MAX, this is unjust."

Holly S.

Shannon Higgins

"Peter Max is a major influence to me and crucial to my development as an artist. His art has inspired generations."

Meagan Boyd

"He deserves respect and love."

Jill Trudeau

Project Manager, Engineer
"Free Mr. Max from the people taking advantage of him."

Kara Timmons

Joseph Coots

"This is an outrage!!!"

Jessica Fisher

"For Peter’s safety and well-being."

Rick Smith

"This is not what a true treasure of the world deserves in his senior years...FREE PETER."

Ana Sines

"These types of guardianships are corrupt and wrong! Millions of dollars have been stolen from Peter! Do not let them take more of what does not belong to them. These 'guardians' did not earn this amount of money."

Joy Gauthier


Paula Atkins

"Legislation needs to be created to protect anyone and everyone who is having their freedoms taken away."

Connor Cain


Mark Danielson

"Peter Max is not only an American Treasure but deserves to be treated with human dignity! Shame on them that would take advantage of those with which they are entrusted with care! Such injustice must stop immediately!"

Julie Bell

"Outrage at this heartless injustice."

Brenda Davies

Susan Johnson

"Peter Max deserves to be with people who love him."

Pamela Becker

"I've loved this mans work my whole life, it's devastating to find out that this genius is being abused and the courts are allowing it!"

Seven Blades

"He deserves to be with his family."

Nicole Powers

Andrea Garvick

Susannah Mills

"This is abhorrent abuse that must end now."

Chloe Holdridge


Susan Savala

"I do not believer that guardianship, should be taken over by lawyers, while there is family members to take care of their father. Why can he not see who he wishes, that is forced Isolation/"

Tim Huffman

"No one should be deprived of spending time with caring family and friends, especially at the end of life. Lawyers as a whole have to much power and many abuse that power mostly for financial gain."

Yasmeen Dandan

"Unlawful abuse, corruption, and government greed. This is horrific, disturbing, and traumatizing to even read. I could not imagine enduring such a lawless one-sided battle."

Charlotte Coch

Nikki Taylor


Katharine Schreiber

"Peter deserves to be in charge of his own earnings and to be able to make the decision about what he wants to do with the rest of his life."

Jessica Stewart


Sarah Yruegas

"As someone with a life altering illness at such a young age. I want to pressure the figures on top to change and promote proper care for those of us that can/will end up needing proper services to our health. To make sure our voices are heard and our life is held with as much meaning as any other."

Chelsea Grunseth

Jody Hedger

"This should not happen to anyone in a free society."

Melanie Mandarano

Benjamin Trachta

"We love Peter and his joyful art!"

Lauren Bechtel

"Peter Max deserves to have access to his art and family and cats."

Rhianna Banks

Multimedia Artist, Animal Advocate
"Connect this human being with his cats and his family. This is heartbreaking. People should not be separated from their pets."

Nicole Jacobus

"I am disgusted with what our courts are allowed to do. Abolish guardianships because they are unnecessary and exploitive."

James Russell

Jenean Fonseca

Artist & Teacher
"He needs to be with people that know him and care!"

Alicia Beth

"Free Peter Max- all eyes are on this now!"

Sean Page

"What is being done to him is wrong."

Gloria Garcia

"It’s his hard earned money and life. He has made it clear on video his wishes for his life. He should be able to be surrounded by his friends and family. His conservator should be put in jail."

Louis Vomero


Eva Mancini


Joanne Brown

"Elder abuse is vile and must be stopped!!!"

Debbie Hayter

"It’s shameful and Peter should be free."

Sarah Frisch

Registered Nurse

Katherine Blood

"Support for Peter and his family."

Richard Frederick

"Fan of Peter’s work ever since we met years ago in Stone Harbor. Our family has first hand experience with Alzheimer's and dementia. Isolation is NOT the answer!"

Amy Baron

Jenis Frederick

"Met Peter in Stone Harbor. He was a very gentle and amazingly talented artist. 🙏"

Kalli Carr

Christina Jones

"End conservatorship abuse."

Samantha Cohen

Alyssa Gill


"It is what's right."

Erinn Morgan

Shira Peri

"Peter Max deserves to be with his family on his last chapter of life."

Solora Sloggett

Meghan Bosch

Jennifer Bro

"Peter should be free to choose his lawyer, his own help and all his money and estate should be returned to him immediately. This system is corrupt, we are all watching, these judges, courts and estate chasers must be held accountable!"

Monica Benitez

Mia Shapiro

"I want to stand up for Peter Max’ s freedom, he deserves it."

Doug Macut

"What is being allowed to happen to Mr. Max and over a million other conservatees is a crime against humanity . A crime being committed by people who have taken an oath to protect the law. The system is broken and people are being abused and dying under this broken system. Families fighting for the FREEDOM of their loved ones are suffering along with them. Mr. Peter Max has committed no crime and has an able, willing and LOVING daughter to care for him in the twilight of his life."

Michelle Myers

"To fight the injustice of this corrupt system."

Blair Giles

"To end guardianship."

Holle Holtzbauer

Virginia Andrews

"I am appalled at the treatment. This is unconscionable!!!"

Tina-Marie Crocker

"Inhumane treatment."

Andrew Turner

"At a time when mental illness awareness is becoming prominent. Institutions like this set the movement back."

Elizabeth Payne

William Aeron Lewis

"Free Mr. Max! Very disturbing to hear about this."

Jeanine Gearity

Freedom to love your family members is our constitutional right and the court should not make that decision for us. I went through this with my grandmother I was able to finally get her out of the conservatorship and she flourished! She lived five more years and went to heaven smiling when we got her out of the conservatorship."

Shirley Massenzo

Health Care Professional, Activist, Collector

Mariah Poitier

"We must end abuse!"

Barbara Langlois

Special Educator , Certificate in ABA

Victoria Gregus

"Appalled at the idea of a person being held against their wishes and against their family’s wishes."

Regina Landron

"Because these laws need to change."

Yvette Slattery

"To help STOP THE PREDATORY ABUSE of Peter Max and others!"

Casey Coben


Devorah Spadone

"His civil and familial liberties have been taken away by an exploitive system. Restore his dignity that he may be cared for by his family in honor and love."

Dineen Ford

"This is a matter of individual and family rights during medical and behavioral health care."

Kay Kramme

Amy Rocha

"This is an illegal guardianship. Peter should be granted the ability to be with his loved ones."

James Orr

"The man’s art helped define an era in American culture!"

Simon Saks

"Support a full review of these circumstances."

Edward Carroll

Christa Burton

"No matter what condition physically, he should be cared for by his family! How could it ever get to this point!? It’s unreal!! Let’s his friends and family ALL in!!"

Caroline Mitchum

"No one should be in an abuzive relationship of any kind."

Jeri Alexander

"Justice and advocacy for Peter Max. Predatory guardianships need to be investigated and legal and financial restitution need to incur."

Kimberly Trate

Alexandra Dobin

Dawni Cunnington


Elyse E.

Barry Siegel

"No human being deserves this!"

Kate DeArmas

Counselor, Artist, Advocate
"After meeting Peter 20+ years ago, I fell in love with art and hope. My family is all afflicted with this same horrible disease. No person should be tortured like this."

Alexandra Shaver

Art Teacher

Susan Murphy

"Let kindness prevail over greed and beaurocracy!"

Trevor Saxton

Gallery Owner, Artist

Andrea Rhodes Springer

Real Estate Broker
"This man should not be held against his will."

Aleene Carrino

"Against fraudulent guardianships, corruption, and racketeering."

Joshua Rosenfeld

"This situation is inhumane and outrageous and can’t be justified."

Rebecca Harber

"My husband was isolated and kept from any family for 7 months. He died never knowing why his wife abandoned him."

Linda M. Smith

"I am an artist, too, and I know what it’s like to be forcibly medicated. Please free Peter Max. He needs his family, friends, and pets."

Kelly Weathers

"Against conservatorship abuse."

Luis Nazario

"That's not justice."

Haley Anderson

Bill DuBose

"Ending the corrupt malfeasance being perpetrated, to restore quality of life in his twilight years."

R. H. Bowman

"I am a fan and owner of his art."

Paul Leach

Helen Hadley

"To support Peter and stop the inhumane abuse."

Dawn B.

Dorothy O’Brien


Tara Childs

"This is an abuse of power. If anyone should be in charge of making decisions for Peter it should be his daughter."

Les Gurren

"We’re the last surviving members of our family, revived when my grandfather and Peter’s uncle came to the US in1938."

Paula A Brinson

Aimee Hill


Craig Johnstone

"#BritneyIsFree #FreePeterMax."

Lucy Auty

"I believe everyone has the right to be free, it has been proven that we can do it with the power of our voices #FreeBritney. Stay strong Peter, we will get you out of this! :)"

Geralyn Lambou

"My father 92 with dementia is isolated."

Leslie Wilson

"Love for this man, who has given me joy all of MY life."

Nirupa Singh

SSA Rep, Family Member is Under Guardianship

Karyn Jones

"Peter's basic human rights have been taken away from him."

Yahalom Erech


Cody Boyd

Paul Barginear

"I have known Peter and thought something was going on."

Anne B Bueno

Human Rights Advocate

Stuart Taylor

Robert Price

"Free Peter Max. Return him to his family's care."

Anne Bohannon

Speech-Language Pathologist
"As the granddaughter of an individual that passed of Alzheimers and as a speech-language pathologist that has worked with individuals with memory loss. People need their families and loved ones."

Drew Schultz

Jillian Sorensen

"This is a violation of Human Rights."

Dori Lewandowski

Alina Strauss

Jessica Carter

Cris G.

Lia Albo Lia

Animal Rights Activist and Humanitarian

Vicki Bizzell

"Read the story & want to help free Peter!!"

Lisa Knight

"To save a man's life."

Kay Taylor

Bruce Edwin

"This evil tyranny needs to be stopped and it needs to be stopped NOW. Free Peter Max."

Jamie Turner

"No human should ever be held prisoner in their own life, especially by a corrupt system that is suppose to be protecting & assisting them."

Leandro Carvalho

"Peter deserves be free."

Kathleen Murphy

Friend, Attorney

Jonathan Brantley

"Peter Max deserves autonomy and freedom."

Mckenzie Dudgeon

Free Britney Advocate for Ending Conservatorship Abuse
"This conservatorship has exploited Peter and is stripping him of his rights and what he has worked for his whole life. Free Peter Max now!"

Scott Woodward

"Love his art. He needs to be with family."

Aiden Patterson

"I’m abused, too. No way out."

Andrea Ratner

"Someone needs to speak up for him."

Felicia Copeland

"I want his family to be able to see him whenever they want, freely. I want him to be able to go to his art studio and create more art if he so wishes. I want him to be able to have fun and laugh with his friends and family without cameras and spies and others controlling his life."

Chris Nicolao

"Free this man now! This is ridiculous."

Amanda Wells

"Conservator abuse needs to end. Peter deserves his life back."

Elena Legakis

"What is happening to Peter Max (& all victims of conservatorship abuse) is way beyond unethical. It is criminal & should be handled as such immediately. #FreePeterMax."

David Bennett

"Predatory guardianships must go. The whole law seems crazy..."

Keren Hitchcock

"Respect for human life."

Giselle Hernandez

"I've loved his art since I was a child."

Jamie Eason

"Appalled after learning that this is happening to one of my favorite artists."

Angelkate Rose

"Peter Max deserves to be safe, free of abuse, and looked after by those who truly have his best interests at heart and who will treat him with love and respect. He deserves for his legal human rights to be honored and adhered to. This is urgent and he must be freed from this exploitative and abusive conservatorship."

Némo Arviset

Katie Gill

"Because he deserves to be free!"

Wendy VanPelt


Nate Callens

"Because I care about other humans!"

Kimberly Thompson

Prefontaine Prefontaine

Shannon Guilbeau

"He needs to be with his family. I've been a fan for years, to read that he is deprived of his studio,pets and family is heartbreaking."

Diane Nigam

"Met him twice and he is a kind, sweet soul."

Sonja Gerdes

"Let this poor man see his family again, and the attorneys that he trusted."

Carlin Sewell

Creative Director
"This feels absolutely appalling that people outside of his own family are making these decisions and running the show. This is insane."

Roy Bares

Artist and Teacher
"This is an injustice for a great artist, and his family."

Rowland Hanson

Co-Founder / Exec Chairman ProVEDA, Longtime Friend, Business Associate

Isaac Shweky

"This is unfair and unconstitutional."

Felice Coots

Matt O'Connell


Larry Bosley

"Admirer of Peter's art for years."

Harry Barefoot III


Laurie Brom

"Because we need to reform the guardianship process. Because Peter is a beloved artists who need access to his studio, friends, family and pets. Because greed is the clear motive here."

Paula Atkins

"Who is watching the watchers? Bring this group of people to accountability and make them repay what they stole. Release Peter to his family!"

Coral Rodriguez

Founder, Editor-in-Chief
"It is time the guardianship system is investigated and reformed."

Debbie Burr

Animal Rights Activist, Art Lover
"Peter Max is an icon and a beautiful, creative soul. He should be around people and with his animals that bring him happiness and support. This is abuse."

Lois Mintzer


Sharon Picassk


Laura Locmele

Sandy Leeder

Former Employee and Friend

Mary Miller

"Human Rights!!!"

Donna Dowling

"He needs to be in legal and physical custody of his family, he is probably being drugged with antipsychotic drugs like Haldol or Seroquel by his care takers whether he is agitated or not just to make it easier for them. This is about making his life the best quality possible not his nurses. I have seen this too many times it is cruel and abusive."

Crystal Hoskins

"He should be surrounded by love ones in his most fragile time of need. I've personally seen this type of oppression and the victim and families l suffer. 1 hour visitations with so little time left to live isn't morally right."

Gabrielle Scala

"Peter Max is one of my favorite artists - but aside from that he is a person, and he certainly deserves his basic human rights like freedom, dignity, control of his personal affairs, and the ability to be with his family!"

Valerie Mejia


Kelsey Rand

"No one should have to live like this. Investigate this case NOW! Peter needs to be with his daughter and family, not kept from them in forced isolation. This is awful and unjust. #FreePeterMax."

Sarah Monk

"Predatory lawyers are showing a lack of care and concern."

Laura Hines

"This is awful for anyone in their last days of life to deal with."

Eric Likhtiger

Cynthia Cooney


Katharine Schreiber

"I met Peter at The Gateway School when he came to speak about his artwork, animal advocacy and more. I was only 10 but I had the pleasure of speaking to him for a few moments and I’ll never forget how warm, intelligent, passionate, and above all- how kind he was. Peter is an icon, not only for his artwork but for his work as a human being. He is deteriorating alone. This is beyond cruel. He has been swept under the rug and forgotten. Please help while he still has years left."

Scott Maiwald


Guillermo Perea

"Freedom for ALL!"

Martin Lindenfeld

"Only family and friends should be the ones to take care of him."

Ashley Nelson

Nicholas Dellorto

"I stand against injustice."

Edna Canny

Nicholas Buonasorte

"Cruel treatment of a legendary activist, artist, and father. It’s a violation of human rights."

Francene Kilichowski

Nancy Wolf

"Human decency."

Diana Barry

"No one should be a prisoner in their own home, such an injustice!"

James Fox

"Financial Predation against the infirm, by court-assigned caregivers, is illegal under constitutional law."

Jessica Alexander

"Because Peter Max deserves a life, and have his request for his own family to care for him."

Yvette Slattery

"Because what is happening to Peter Max is UNACCEPTABLE."

Linda Monte

"Admirer, fan, owner of his artwork, & most importantly all that I read about his 'imprisonment' is outright wrong on all levels. This is America - the Land of the Free. What the heck is going on? Why are Peters rights being ignored?"

Katherine Lackyard

"Peter's loved ones need to see him and he needs to see them."

Mollie Hopson

"No one should be kept from their children"

Zeff Worley

"A great artist should never be stripped of his freedom!"

Deb O'Nair

Artist, Musician
"THIS PREDATORY Guardianship is a CRIME. Laws must change. ENFORCEMENT of new legislation is even more important. Peter Max's human rights are being violated! He is a National Treasure!"

Anita Ruderman

"Everyone is entitled to live their life how they see fit, with no one controlling them. Especially is there is concerned family."

Sheila Smith

Mandi Nielsen

Shelbie M.

"Absolutely appalled with their treatment of this amazing artist!"

William Sherman

"It is disgusting that the courts allow this man to be held in captivity by a stranger who is isolating him from his loved ones & his life. This is psychopathic, by very definition. You need to release him from the control of your dirty court systems, or at least release him into the care of his loving daughter, Libra. We have a growing movement of people who will stop at nothing until judges across this country STOP participating in inhumane guardianships, and right now? #FreePeterMax is at the top of our To-Do list. FREE HIM NOW!!!!"

Stefany Suarez

"Isn't America the land of the free?"

Melissa Longbrake

"This is wrong."

Lacey Fisher-Hurd

"Liberty and justice for all."

Savannah Elenbaas

"Everyone should have ownership of their own life and what they want to do."

Mike Murphy

Bree Hyes


Senika Johnson

"Nobody deserves to be controlled."

Haley Griggs

Jackie Silver

"Feel bad for Peter Max and Libra Max, can sympathize with Libra as my mother Daisy Silver is also in an abusive guardianship."

Christine Shen

Carolyn Klucha

Producer, Twin Palms Entertainment

Leslie Doyle

Deidre Mimbs

"Because I believe he deserves to be free and conservatorship abuse needs to end."

Cassie Sipe

"His family should be the only people with any legal authority regarding his life and health. It is absolutely ridiculous and disgusting for a stranger to be given any authority in this matter! The general rule is 'next of kin,' which Peter Max CLEARLY still has."

Elaine Sloan

"Decency and Liberty."

Michael Piso

Justin McLean

Alan Wulff

"Mr. Max deserves his dignity and basic human rights to be honored and restored. His family has a right to care for and be with Peter. Release Peter Max to his daughter Libra and allow him to live out his beautiful life in the love of family."

Kayla Rivera

"I believe what is going on is wrong."

Jacquelyn Stanhope

Gina Lee Saulle

"Show some respect, Peter is an icon....Stop this cruel treatment please - Artists need to be free."

Sravya Singampalli


Kerry Sadler

Artist and Friend of Rosie Vela
"Please free Peter Max from the abuse and suffering, and return him to his family!"

Cathy Engen

"We all bear responsibility to care for each other, and speak up when there is harm being done to a vulnerable individual. This is blatantly wrong, and needs to be reviewed and changed, so this beloved and gifted artist is returned to his family and friends and lovingly looked after by those who want to contribute to his last days, not gorge themselves on the profits of his lifetime body of work."

Laura Vazquez

Rebecca Melendez


Wendy Beck


Todd Sherlock


Kristen Lavallee

"Support for Peter Max #EndConservatorshipAbuse"

Linda Faulkner

"Sympathy for Peter and empathy for his loved ones."

Nicole Zafiropoulos

"No one should ever live in confinement and isolation."

Jessie LaFalce

Jewell McGann


Nhi Le

Patrick O’Boyle


Charlotte Galper

"Freedom is an inalienable right."

Alana Smith

"I care about my fellow humans."

Eric Greenberg

"Nobody should profit from another person's pain. Peter should have unrestricted contact with family and friends. Restitution of funds squandered by the court appointee should be immediately returned, and his family should be place as executers of his care and finances."

Lori Marrone


Rich Fitzgerald

"Peter should be in the care of his family and these people doing this to him should be sued."

Stef H.

Kalika Stern

Alexandra Bruzzese

"Appalled and infuriated that Peter Max and countless others like him are trapped in an inhuman and abusive system."

Stefan Pommepuy

"The obvious right thing to do."

Cathy Klockner

"As a daughter of a parent with dementia I understand how important it is to be surrounded by family. The person with dementia needs to have the things they loved surrounded and available to them. Animals give great comfort to those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Art, music can help calm them. Their families deserve to be able to interact and share memories with their loved one. It is wrong to treat anyone the way Peter Max Is being treated currently."

Jeanette O'Keefe

"Love his work."

Tim McClintic

"Fighting the injustice."

Eric Serchuk

Jay Blakesberg


Daphne Tierney

"Because people should be free."

Jane Spaulding

"We are supposed to live in a country that believes in tjustice and liberty yet you deprive a man of his family, force him to spend his days in total isolation and are doing this against the will of his family and against his wishes. How is this in any way justified? It can't. There is no justification for this. Free him from this prison and let him live his last days with his family. End the torture you are putting him through."

Reena Sharma

"Everyone has right to live their life with dignity, to be pulled apart from your family and friends so predators can use a corrupt legal system to strip you of your assets, mental health, time with family and friends is abhorrent to me."

Denise McDermott

Greg Potemkin

Former Friend & Tenant Farmer, Peter Max Farm, Woodstock, NY

Theresa Francisco

Dhayana Soto


Louise Luna

"Fighting to free a wonderful spirit from the greed of family and executors. Let Peter just be in peace, free to be!"

Gregor Gable

"Because it's the right thing to do."

Adnan Duane Razack

"Met him once..admired him forever."

Amie Hamlin

"Peter was a long-time supporter of the organization I work for."

Eve Lynch

"Justice for a fellow human."

Lisa Edelson

EFT Practitioner

Sarah Oxman

"This is abuse! Free Peter Max!"

Diana Maloney

"To stop abhorrent treatment of those under abusive conservatorships. Namely, Peter Max who’s life’s savings continue to stolen under the guise of his conservatorship."

Mary Kelly

"It's wrong free him!"

Heather Simpson

Marcus Feder

"No one should be kept from loved ones in this manner."

Tom Baker


Arlene Zuckerman

"Peter Max should be with his family, friends & companion pets."

Michele Barnes


Maximilian Rodio

"No human being who has done no wrongdoing deserves to be treated under such harsh conditions."

Tammera Malicki-Wong

"This PREDATORY action by the court is unfathomable and shameful!!"

Sheila Richardson

"Peter Max is being held prisoner for someone's unbridled greed. This is wrong."

Jeffery Gauss

"I am inspired by Peter. He’s very much like me and I know he wants his entire family by his side!"

John Solak

"What is happening to our country? Release Peter at once."

David King

"No one should be held in custody like this."

Steven Cohen

Chief Creative Officer
"I care about Peter. Peter has always been very nice to me. No one should be treated this way. He must be back in his environment conducive to creative expression."

Joseph Solomon

"Wrongs should be investigated and righted."

Gabrielle Sokolow

Miyun Park

Longtime Friend of Peter & Libra

Stephen L. Sokolow

Executive Director
"This a monumental injustice. I have Peter's art work and I have met him personally at the New York City Studio."

Karina De La Garza

Marsha Perloff

"Peter Max's art has been an enormous positive influence in my life. My mother, who loved and collected Peter's art, was afflicted with Alzheimer's disease."

Kym Stover

"Guardianship needs to GO!!"

Julia Wheeler

"Free Peter Max. 💞"

Rachel Reiss

"I’m outraged."

Eric Schneider

Schoolmate of Libra Max

Eva Marcial

MacKenzie Shanahan

"This is unjust."

Elizabeth Perone

Donald Lewis

"Peter does not deserve such terrible treatment by a court appointed guardian. He led an exemplary life and deserves better in his later years."

Michelle Brantley

"No one should have their voice silenced. Peter deserves his freedom."

Brett Walt


Andrea Lewandowski


Anna Repath


Jeffrey Riney


Olex Beck

Private Duty CNA Specializing in SCI
"Peter Max has loving family; he has advocates who are seeking his wellness. End this current abusive guardianship. Peter Max deserves his family, their love and a life of compassion."

Sue Clarke

"Free Peter, allow his family to care for him."

Anna Repath

"Guardianship abuse needs to stop and the constitution needs to be upheld."

Sam Heesacker

"It is appalling that guardianships like this are permitted in a country where freedom is a core value."

Theresa Davey

"This guardianship is unkind. Peter deserves to be surrounded, by his family."

Michael Gill

Free Britney Advocate

Danielle Cobb

"Help for harmful guardianships."

Jack Deutsch


Joann Amitrano

"No elder should be held back from family and friends, their souce of love and happiness. Stricter laws need to be enacted, please free Mr. Max."

Esteban Bernal

Yonati Goren


Shannon Boylan

"It is not the right thing to do for this man's passion and contribution to society be wasted."

Margaret Beirne

"He is a victim of inhuman treatment."

Mia Drazaic


Galit Kadashev

"Stop corruption and exploitation."

Iris Heimiller

"No predatory guardianship should ever be tolerated. To see such an inspirational, extraordinary person being put in such a situation is heartbreaking and must be addressed."

Melana Georgiadou

Eric Anderson

Property Manager, Actor, Dog Walker

Claire Holloway


Cathie Rockwood

"To right a wrong."

Tia Novak

Ronald Samson


Joe Gamache


Ellana Taylor

"I was fortunate to have been able to spend my father's final days with him. I sign this because it's the right thing to do. No one should have to go through this."

Karen Clay

"Peter is a kind and caring man that signed a hand drawn piece and GAVE to my son. He will always have a special place in my heart."

Jason Stack

Edward Carroll

"Not right."

Susan Obercian

"This is an outrage and all Americans should be embarrassed by this. The guardianship system needs to be revamped."

Kevin Callahan

Head of Proposals - Varsity Tutors, Fan, and Friend

Danielle Reicherter

"Peter Max is not only a legendary icon, but a human who deserves his rights restored!"

Michael McNally

Friend of 24 years

Alexandra Capecci

"Every person has the right to have a safe and loving end of life surrounded by family and friends. Peter’s family loves him dearly and this entire situation is unconstitutional and should be illegal for multiple reasons. Please allow Peter his freedom and resources to be able to do what he loves in peace surrounded by those closest to him."

Lori Zaspel


Tara Giancaspro

"A man too colorful to be caged - please set him free."

Megan Wickham

"This a terrible abuse of a vulnerable adult in the last years of his life. If he were not wealthy, this would probably never happen. Please help this man be with his family and friends."