Gloria Torres

Jessica Boucher Beamish

Sr Manager On The Green Productions
"Peter Max was my entrance to art in 1968. His works of art are as dear to me as anything I hold dear. His genius, generosity and survival should be celebrated in his older age. I have seen first hand what people do when a person's memory begins to fade. I have watched lawyers, judges and accountants prey on those who once trusted them with their life's work. There is no shortage of greed and evil in this world. A free and creative spirit like Peter Max should have the love of friends, family and ANIMALS! Taking away this man's rescue cats is cruel and abusive and a sure fire way to shorten his life. Get the horrific guardians out of his life before he hasn't a dime. Outrageous."

Courtney J

This man deserves to be with whomever he pleases! Let him spend what time he has left here with his family!

Joseph Kramer

Kae Hancock

Lifelong fan of this amazing artist. He deserves the utmost respect, reverence and human dignity.

Virginia Lindsay

"I am a glass artist who has been inspired by Peter's work my while life. I was born in 1966, so his images were some of the first things I recognized as art. As an aging human, the very fact of his condition of life is concerning. People should be with their loved ones in their last days."

James Levine

Renee Lamp

Michelle Dickason

Laurie Gabriel

This talented human being should not be taken away from his loved ones! How has this happened? Please intervene on behalf of Peter Max! He deserves to be free. Take away this guardian ship. It’s absolutely horrible.

Teri van der Mast

A lifelong fan of Peter Max who believes he should be free and happy with his family and friends. FREE PETER MAX!!!

Dot Gannon

Patti Morrison

Jewelry Designer & Artist
"This beautiful human deserves to create and have quality of life."

Peter Hoge

Support of his genius and humanity.

Carol Montana

He should be with others who can watch what is being done.

Tyler Jones

I believe his human rights are being violated.

Matthew Oconnor

Peter Max is an American icon and hero and should be allowed to live the end of his life with dignity.

Derek Vonberg

Free Peter Max, give him his rights back, keep the people out of his hard earned money and let him make his own decisions.

Charlene Kowalski

Fan of Peter Max works. As a past caregiver for someone with Alzheimers, I hate what this is doing to Mr. Max and his family.

Gloria Daub

Both my blind brother and Howard Hughes were abused this way and kept from their families and friends.

Brian Gettleman

Have known Peter for years and believe his family should be in control of his care in his current state.

LuAnn Martin

It is a crime that ANYONE'S end-of-life wishes be so contradicted and ignored. This must stop.

Naytia Byrd

Executive Assistant to Peter Max for 10 years
"Peter is such a kind soul. He doesn’t deserve to be treated in this manner. It’s heartbreaking to learn of his conditions. Wishing him the best."

June Secrist

This is wrong.

Louis Levin

He needs to be with his Family. Free Peter.

Kimberley Arnold

My mother and I went through this in her final 2 years of life.

Lundgren Carol

Free Peter from unbelievable elder abuse.

Stephen Jones

I have long loved Max’s work, and to read such a blatant case of elder abuse breaks my heart.

Dana Reynolds

Longtime fan. He deserves so much better than this in his golden years.

Theresa Amundsen LMT Amundsen

Peter Max lover since the 60s 🙏💔 Looooove him and he should not be treated in this manner!

China Isler

Spiritual Care Provider
"Please stop this abuse of Peter Max and return him to the care of his family."

Allyson Turner

Project Manager & Art Lover

Susan Oneill

my mother had hold over for lease renewal houseing court after she got injury in apt they went after my brother get guardingship over him takeing all rights away to work medical vote and than removed all stuff for his brithday to make him homeless the guarding never help in any way what so ever

Claudia Garcia

Unfair treatment to him.

Lisa Bussiere

Is this how people should be treated when they are old?!!! No!!!

Charlie Bernard-Unkovich

Peter deserves justice and his freedom.

David Rubert

Care for Peter Max.

Karla Ogle

Allow those who know him best and love him the most take over his care. Let his twilight years be as warm & vibrant as his art.

Susan Beer

Lifelong Fan

Carmen Velčić

Every living being has the right of dignity and freedom.

Elizabeth DeMaar

Family First over court appointed people.

Sasha Palmer

This is a sick practice and needs to be stopped right now!

Eric Barnes

What they are doing to him is wrong & needs to stop.

Daniel Cahill

Family is more important than money. Peter should have more access to family.

Stacey Gregg

I was concerned and had suspicion of controlling behavior and mental decline of Peter Max when I met him at the Short Hills Gallery in New Jersey. He was unaware of current events and whom the president was.

Roseann DiGiovanni

I come from a very large close knit family & losing my Dad a year ago I cannot imagine not be able to see my Dad. My sisters & I all married took turns sleeping at my Parent's house to help my Mom care for our Dad. We allowed everyone to see our Father anytime they wish & to deny someone access to their loved one is a total disgrace!!! Wtf are lawyers even involved with this family matter to begin with!!!! And, to deny family matter the right to spend time with their family member is criminal & these attorneys should be “locked Up” for imprisonment of a human being!!! This case should be plastered all over the News & this man needs to be released to his family immediately w/o being monitored by “Lawyer's maybe we should do this to the lawyers family & see how they like it!!!

Teresa Holliday

Kate Rogers

Funeral Director, Art Lover
"Withholding this defenseless man against his will is unjust. He has provided joy to the world for so long, why should he be deprived of joy himself?"

Harley Kalen

Dawn Putnam

I consider myself to be a friend of Max's. He's a very sweet and loving man. He loves seeing his fans. Isolation is pandemonium to torture. Please help him to live out the rest of life with dignity.

Tucker McDonough

Joshua Bunney

Lee Pacific

Francisco Briseno

Sad to see his rights taken away.

Kimberly Aragon

Peter has family and should be cared for by his family, not the state.

Edward Minton

From personal experience that has been confirmed by our primary doctor, I know that an elderly parent with dementia can receive better care from a family member, or at least with the family member overseeing the care, than the parent will receive otherwise.

Lorenzo Flores

Gerardo Mastrolia

Jenifer Beach

Dan Efrem

Zarko Stambolic

Designer & Friend

Kellen Britt

Etienne Crea

Peter Max deserves freedom.

Lyn Malofsky

Lifetime of love for Peter Max and his art.

Kevin Sultanik

Peter should have contact with his daughter who's proven to only have his best interest at heart.

Gloria Torres Torres

He shouldn’t have to fight for his freedom twice. Let him be free with his family.

Jaxine Marshall

Lisa Bendzak

This grave injustice needs to end.

Christian Islas

Theft and abuse of an amazing person. Legal slavery that needs to be abolished.

Lucy Herczeg

Fan & Admirer

stephen scigliano

No one should be treated in this manner.

Macey Frederick

Longtime Fan of Peter

Sheila Canamar

The elderly deserve to choose for themselves!!!!

Carrie Hicks

Family values.

Kimberly Kueter

Former local public official & 20+ yrs health care provider
"Peter Max is due respect and kindness. Honor his final wishes. Set him free."

Diane McGraw

Through is beautiful art he helped me to raise money for charitable organizations.

Chris Nadler

Peter's family should be able to have full access to him, nobody's family should be bled dry by some unrelated blood is obvious what his wishes were....let his family decide for him.

Julia Werner

Free Mr. Max to be with his family and loved ones.

Joannie Eggert

No human being should be kept from the companionship of family and friends, and no artist should be forcibly kept away from their studio, their art, the essence of their humanity.

Susan Knaggs