Pamela Coleman

That this could happen in the modern world is appalling. Peter Max is an icon and those leaching off of his work are the most evil of evils.

Hotsy Malone

Stop this inhuman treatment of this beloved icon NOW.

Thomas Lord

To free Peter Max from unscrupulous attorneys.

Aurora Bosma

My mother worked for him and knows him well.

Loretta Di Tocco

I believe that no stranger should control another's life and family should be appointed first with supervision of the court but not control of the court.

David Blair


Meghan OConnor

If we can free Britney Spears, we can free Peter Max!

Catherine Zachariah

As someone who has dealt with loss, the memories made before it are crucial for both the one who is lost, and the loved ones of that person. Grief is all of the unexpressed love showing itself after the passing of a loved one. What is happening to Peter Max, and others facing this conservatory abuse, is inhumane, and we cannot remain complicit to this hatred being spread.

Annie Sutton

I’m 75 years old and what Peter Max is living through is my idea of senior hell. If Mr. Max has dementia of some form, that is all the more reason for him to be surrounded by familiar people and objects. Willem de Kooning continued to paint brilliantly in spite of advanced Alzheimer’s. To deprive an artist of Mr. Max’s ability and vision of access to his studio and creative tools is cruel, to say the least. To deprive him of his family is monstrously inhumane. Free Peter Max!

Trisha Brantley

Vintage Clothier
"This man is a legend and deserves to be with his family and friends who know and love him best."

Shae Goodwin

This type of treatment is unconstitutional and inhumane.

Karen Roberts


Amy Sargent


Sheryl Martinelli

It’s only right to do so!

Kevin Hatt

This is a predatory practice, and unjust.

Dana Rainieri

Love Rosie Vela and hate to see her in pain over this.

Denise Koster

Inhumane treatment of Peter Max. His daughter, devoted friends, and family should make decisions for him.

Simone Colina

I am outraged by this revelation! Having been in a similar situation with my chosen partner, I endured witnessing this form of devastating loss of life & legacy. THIS IS WRONG.

Susan Turnbull

I am completely against this type of conservatership!!

Shirah Gantman


JD Barrale

To help end the abuse.

Lisa Cooper

As a daughter of a dementia patient I could not imagine my mother being treated and abused this way. Free Peter Max, let him live the rest if his years in dignity.

Jenny Mohawk

This is gross civil rights violation. This man was denied due process, the inherent rights of family, the right to enjoy the fruits of his labors...the list goes on and on. For far too many others as well. This kind of legalized theft, slavery/human trafficking, and other Constitutional civil rights violations has to end NOW.

Thomas McSwane

"Protesting this evil guardianship."

Federica De Carlo

Peter Max art is about expression of freedom and love. We need Peter Max to be free to live, to chose, to express.

LA Ligon

"I despise corruption' The man deserves to live in peace."

Pat Cleveland

Free Peter, treat him kindly, it is his human right to be free and loved!

Barbara Luciano

"Guardianship of this type must stop. The US government must intervene. Free Peter Max."

Tom Reed

Free access for Peter's family.

Mark Yount

Fan and Collector of Peter's

Ivonne Camacho

CEO/Creative Director AbsolutModerne
"I have experienced what can happen to the elderly. I was able to catch in time for saving my mother."

Michael McClendon

This is wrong and no one should be forced to be in isolation and have their life's earnings depleted by false representing.

Tamara Nelson

Supporter, Free Peter Max.

Ryon Jayne


Carole Cohen


Anna Shapiro

Libra Max is Peter' next-of-kin and should be in charge of his health, wellbeing and finances.

Michelle Gaar

I agree with the family.

Robbie White


Evonne Stevenson

Standing up for Peter's human rights and dignity.

Linda Benson


Patty Ferry

This guardianship is an abomination! If this can happen to Peter Max, it can happen to any one of us.

Michel Putten


Erin Styles

The treatment that Peter Max is having to endure is a disgusting violation of his human rights. Give the man his life back. Someone needs to make sure that the people responsible for his abuse are held to account.

Julie E Westphal


Ramona Bower

Home Health Aide
"Abuse of the elderly is severely underreported, even though they are particularly vulnerable. The public can't just keep pretending like it's not happening everywhere, all the time. This man actually has family and friends that wish to care for him, unlike a lot of others. Only a corrupt and greedy system would deny him that comfort in the final years of his life! These "guardians" seem like absolute predators and the lawyers and judges overseeing everything are even worse. I hope so badly this ends as quickly as possible. Everyone participating in this "guardianship" should be in prison!"

Alantha Newton

End conservatorship abuse!

Kathleen Caulson

No matter what age you are, you should always be allowed to see family & friends & continue to live your life with joy. This sounds do cruel to keep this man isolated from the people & things he loves.

Edith Hall


Teresa Stedman


Joan Kelly

Nurse Practitioner, Certified Dementa Practitioner
"The exploitation of those suffering with dementia needs to stop. I have had the opportunity to meet and spend time with Mr. Max on several occasions, and I am a proud collector of his masterpieces."

Joyce Nicotera

The elderly have rights. This seems an unconscionable abuse of state powers.

Gale Johnson

I've loved Peter's work since I was a child. He deserves dignity!

Amber Tipton

People should not be treated like this!

Gloria Daub

What happened to Howard Hughes, should not be happening to Peter Max.

Barry Selcovitz

I collect Peter Max art. I have read about his situation and find this guardianship to be egregious.

Anita Perla-Mcelroy

Very good friend of my grandparents Israel and Greta Perla and my father Peter Perla, they were friends in Germany.

Stacie Shaw

Peter should be free.

Dana Laventure

Peter Max deserves the end of this guardianship and to be returned to his freedom and the presence of his family. I found a Peter Max poster among my mother's belongings and I know how hurtful it is for an elderly family member to be separated from those few close family members they love. Please.

Shadoe Stevens

Concern and alarm.

Reney Slackman

Peter Max and the millions of other people trapped in abusive conservatorships and guardianships need to be allowed the agency and freedom that we all are given the right to have without facing abuse whatsoever.

Nancy Stone

Lovely, lovely man.

Robert Gilmore


AnneMarie OBrien

Free Peter Max.

Jeanette Shoemaker


Tricia Tenaglia

Art Gallery Owner, Fan

Carolyn Seabrook


Susan Vezina

Give him the right to have his family and friends surround him and love him.

Warrick Hirson

Abusive and predatory conservatorships must come to an end. Enough is enough.

Constance Craig

I have followed his work and have met him a few years ago and he is still able to produce and address the back of his works to his buyers. Since he has expressed his desires, he should be awarded such according to his original design of his estate plan. It is an obvious attempt to take advantage of his wealth.

Marina Goritskaia

This is nonsense and a shame for the American legal system.

Anna Osman

This should be illegal. No one should have their rights taken away from themselves and their families.

Christine Pawlak


Tessa Mahnken


Sophie Weber

Fan, Art Lover

Rachael Ritter

Life long artist myself who loves Peter Max’s art and has been inspired by him. I want him to be free from his conservatorship and spend what time he has left with those he loves.

Mark Steiner


Randall Brooks

Fashion Designer

Ivy Brom

No one should have their freedoms taken away without extremely due cause. His own living family are desperately trying to end this and have him back in his final years. As it stands this man, and beloved artist, will die like a caged animal. Please have mercy and justice in your hearts.

Alyssa Ford


Lindsey Schau

This is no way to treat a human being.


Love his art my whole life.

Tyler A Chase


Angela Skala

I am signing because this makes me very angry!! To treat a elderly person this way is abuse! He has a family and friends who love and support him. Corruption at its finest! Karma will surely get these predatory fools. In the meantime, FREE PETER MAX!!!💜🙏🏻

Yvette Slattery

Because this appalling abuse MUST STOP and never be allowed to be perpetrated ON ANYONE EVER.

Elena G

"Peter has given joy, hope and inspiration to so many people. Art is his gift to us all."


This is inhumane and illegal. End Peter Max conservatorship. Now.

Stephanie Disse Disse


Zoph Marano

Peter Max is a brilliant artist who heavily inspired my creativity and he deserves to be free!

Victor Stabin

Artist, Friend
"Deep amirations for an artist, who was one of a kind. I know Libra and Peter; their father daughter connection is real and as sincere as it gets. To hear that she has been marginalied is horrifying. Peter has lead an intrepid life and deserves the harth of his closet kin."

Phoebe Saacks


Biran Shani

I love Peter.

Mikaline VanKuren


Andrea Smith


Joseph M Solomon

President, CEO & Founder Vidal Sassoon Products
"I can't bear or hear that a talent like Peter Max is being horribly treated."

Deborah White


Claire Schrecengost

Peter deserves to live out the rest of his life surrounded by his friends and family. He deserves peace and joy and is instead being horrifically abused by the system. Give him his peace and give him his joy.

Claire Deely


Erica Hagstrom

End abusive conservatorships.

Paris Weatherly

For Human Rights! And artist appreciation!! This is unacceptable.

Alexandra Tyler

End elder abuse and controlling conservatorships! Peter Max is a legendary artist and deserves to live out his final years in peace.

Julia Werner

Free Mr. Max to be with his family and loved ones.

Angela Cook

I have loved and followed Peter's career since the 70's. I recently stayed with my mother who fought Alzheimer's for 5 years. I can not imagine someone taking over her life at the time and not allowing me to be by her side. There just is not reason. Please think about time lost for this man, for his family. This is a horribly lonely disease. Why would you take everything this man loved from him? His cats were healing and his art studio and children could bring him back at moments. Just seems so cruel.

Denise Lamb

I inherited some of his paintings from my father. What a wonderful artistic man. Let him live out his life in peace with his family and friends surrounding him. It's his money! He can spend it how he wants without some strangers approval. It's truly frightening to see this happening, if it can happen to him it can happen to anyone. Free Peter!

Swami Dayananda

I believe Peter Max’s human rights are being violated.

Susan Knaggs


Daryn Dunnell

This is so wrong.

Lissi Cantu


Dennis Kanakis

Had a working business yet personal relationship for a short while. Peter is an amazing man and this terrible control needs to stop.

Steven Aitken

His art saved my life. I want to save his!

Marcie Hansen Manus

"Peter is a kind & gentle soul who I met while living in St John, USVI, where he supported animal rights."

Lundgren Carol

Free Peter from unbelievable elder abuse.

Julie Ross

Isolating anyone, but especially a senior who may be experiencing cognitive issues, is cruel and inhumane treatment, and unforgivable. He should be freed immediately and placed with family and friends to provide loving companionship for the rest of his life.

Diane Lewis

Art Collector

Ash Beck

I am a collector of Peter Max's work. I am truly appalled at the guardian abuse of Peter Max! Let him back in his studio and let his mind thrive while he able to still create.

Norman hollet Hollett


Alisha Sullivan

Too long now has money been placed before humanity.

Royce Lim


Etienne Crea

Peter Max deserves freedom.

Christian Islas

Theft and abuse of an amazing person. Legal slavery that needs to be abolished.

Gloria Torres Torres

He shouldn’t have to fight for his freedom twice. Let him be free with his family.

Daniel Cahill

Family is more important than money. Peter should have more access to family.

Matthew Oconnor

Peter Max is an American icon and hero and should be allowed to live the end of his life with dignity.

Macey Frederick

Longtime Fan of Peter

Kate Rogers

Funeral Director, Art Lover
"Withholding this defenseless man against his will is unjust. He has provided joy to the world for so long, why should he be deprived of joy himself?"

Charlene Kowalski

Fan of Peter Max works. As a past caregiver for someone with Alzheimers, I hate what this is doing to Mr. Max and his family.

Carol Montana

He should be with others who can watch what is being done.

Dot Gannon


Carrie Hicks

Family values.

Chris Nadler

Peter's family should be able to have full access to him, nobody's family should be bled dry by some unrelated blood is obvious what his wishes were....let his family decide for him.

Derek Vonberg

Free Peter Max, give him his rights back, keep the people out of his hard earned money and let him make his own decisions.

Brian Gettleman

Have known Peter for years and believe his family should be in control of his care in his current state.

Lyn Malofsky

Lifetime of love for Peter Max and his art.

Peter Hoge

Support of his genius and humanity.

Gloria Torres

I love Peter’s work. This man and artist deserves to be free with his loved ones. Our system is broken and corrupt.

Joseph Kramer


Gloria Torres


Lorenzo Flores


Susan Oneill

my mother had hold over for lease renewal houseing court after she got injury in apt they went after my brother get guardingship over him takeing all rights away to work medical vote and than removed all stuff for his brithday to make him homeless the guarding never help in any way what so ever

Kimberly Aragon

Peter has family and should be cared for by his family, not the state.

China Isler

Spiritual Care Provider
"Please stop this abuse of Peter Max and return him to the care of his family."

Jessica Boucher Beamish

Sr Manager On The Green Productions
"Peter Max was my entrance to art in 1968. His works of art are as dear to me as anything I hold dear. His genius, generosity and survival should be celebrated in his older age. I have seen first hand what people do when a person's memory begins to fade. I have watched lawyers, judges and accountants prey on those who once trusted them with their life's work. There is no shortage of greed and evil in this world. A free and creative spirit like Peter Max should have the love of friends, family and ANIMALS! Taking away this man's rescue cats is cruel and abusive and a sure fire way to shorten his life. Get the horrific guardians out of his life before he hasn't a dime. Outrageous."

Kim Harvey

Inhumane treatment.

Korin Luikart

Having worked with Alzheimer’s patients I know for a fact that they need to be with their family they need to see their family daily no matter what their memory loss is and how deep it is or how far gone they are they still come to light when they see a family member something clicks and obviously Peter Max is cognitive that this is his daughter and the person who’s keeping him away from her is obviously financially abusing him and this needs to end. This is horrifying to me.

Cheryl Bohlin

"I’m outraged. His family should not be prohibited from caring for him."

Megan Purcell


Jacqueline SIlver

Daughter of an Abused Ward
"I can empathizie and sympathize with both Mr. Max and Libra as my mother is in a predatory and abusive guardainship by her own daughter.She is trapped, isolated from myself and her 97 year old sister with dementia. She is trapped being controlled by the administration because of the orders of her daughter/guardain. Free PETER MAX AND MY MOTHER DAISY SILVER FROM THESE CONTROLLING ABUSIVE GUARDIANS. God Bless them."

Dorris Beck


Ann York


Kerry Sadler

Peter Max must be freed from the confinement and abuse, and returned to the love and care of his family!

Sharon D’Lugoff


Milinda Fortune

Collector of Peter’s art. Met him several times and have been to his studio. Appalled at the inhumane way he’s being treated. He’s given so much beauty to the world.

Maria Rios

To end this unjust treatment of a fellow human being.

Rusty J Gilligan

As a fellow artist - I find this awful - he needs our help!

Hélène Gabriel

Love Peter Max.

Michael Gantman


Lisa Watkins


Theresa Hunter


JoAnn Kassoff

Love and respect for Peter Max.

Annette LeFever

Free Peter Max!

Leanne Whiter

It is a disgrace what these conservatorships are doing to people and their families. Forced isolation is a disgrace and stealing people's money is also a disgrace and jailbreak offence.

Colin Durham

Childhood friend of Libra, Supporter of Peter

Angie Gray

"I feel this is a terrible injustice."

Karen Folger

Elder abuse, #FreePeterMax.

Greg Hutto

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their creator, with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

David Libert

Musician, Author, Producer, Artist Manager
"Peter has been a friend for over 50 years. He deserved to be cared for by his family who loves him."

John L. Gard

Head of Prova Design
"As a dear friend, I support Peter's human rights and dignity!"

Christopher Elsasser


Isabel Sepulveda de Scanlon

Is upsetting to hear another case of an artist been abuse out of greed…..

John Fay

Friend of Libra. Experienced similar abuse of family member.

Anne Marie Principe

Peter Max generously allowed us to use his studio for charity and political events. He was a wonderful host sharing amazing stories of his life. Such a soul needs to be free.

Andrea Jaffee

Free Peter Max.

Mary Davis de Perez

My mother is becoming elderly and I want her to live life on her terms, doing what she wants and having as much freedom as she wishes. We all deserve that.

Rebecca Freire-Castleman

No one should be in a conservatorship, it’s wrong and he should be freed.

Daniel Duignan


Rodney Reupert

Collector and no one should be kept away from their family.

Suzy Guneyli


Rainbow Millman

He is a friend since 1974 I am very worried about him.

Joy Malave

Upon meeting this man, I realized how intelligent and special he was. He will forever be one of my most cherished memories.

Sharon Smithline

It is a disgrace that something like this can happen.

Laura Brown

Amanda Churchill

For freedom.

Stoyan Nikolov


Judy Milton Milton

I've been a fan of Peter Max since the early 1970's. I've seen these exploitive guardianships destroy the elderly.

Sebastiaan van Gisbergen

"Liberty and justice for all."

Lesa Butler

No human being should be held against their will and taken advantage of physically, emotionally and financially by strangers. Peter Max needs to be taken care of by his family and trusted friends who have his best interest in mind as to all decisions made regarding his welfare.

Rob Huntington

Longtime Fan

Mary Bernazzani

I care about what is happening to Peter Max.

Laraine Cross

Vision Therapist
"Peter Max deserves the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow he created for us all."

Amanda Faith


Leanne Jaconelli

This is a disgrace

Tracy Nicol

Peter Max deserves freedom from these horrible leaches and to be with his family. This treatment of him is completely inhumane!!

Michael Selcovitz


Fern Telio

He deserves to be with his family and friends.

Catherine Koons


Marjorie Miller


Trisha Ford

I've been a fan of Peter Max's work for decades. I took care of my mom before she passed. No one should be denied the dignity and comfort of their own home, their beloved pets, or their Loved Ones in the later years of their lives. Please Intervene and Remove these court appointed Strangers from their cruel treatment of this gentle man. He deserves to live his life in Peace and Happiness, being cared for by the people who Love him.

Deborah Chertow

Because I care & It’s so cruel & Breaks my heart!!!

Alice Raven


Irene Wong


Alison Hickey

Peter Max deserves better.

Brian Markovitz

"This is atrocity, let this man and his family be together. Let him and his family decide his future."

Debra Wahlers


Frances Butler


Pat Thompson

It is a pity that this is being done to him. He has the right to choose how it goes. I am a big fan of his. I have taken a few friends & relatives thru the end. They were able to choose.

Meg Gibson

Love and appreciate his work.

Amber Eagle

Have experience with this sort of thing and am a fan of his.

Mark D Spiegler

Artist and Admirer
"Concerned about Peters well being!!!"

L Ann Stowell

As someone who is elderly, I would totally resent being held drugged up and captive this way despite having Alzheimer’s. There are other routes that can be taken for this brilliant man. Free Peter Max to his family now!!!

Helena Bigelow

Peter Max, just like Britney Spears (and many others), deserve dignity and rights. I work in hospice care and geriatric care and can attest to the importance of having community and connection during that time in life. It is essential that Peter is able to be connected with loved ones, something that this guardianship is prohibiting. His life matters and to whoever is reading this, please take a pause before you cast this aside. Peter Max deserves to have his wishes for his family to be his health care proxies respected. He deserves and needs the end to this guardianship.

Grace Costello


Taylor Little

My Dad owned a clothing store that sold Wranglers. He got a bunch of swag to promote Peter's collaboration with Wrangler in the 70s. I fell in love with his art and it breaks my heart to see what has happened to him.

Tara Green

This is wrong!

Savannah Brannon


Sam Cervantes

A stranger should not be in charge of someone else's life without consent by either themselves or their kin.

Darine Khoury Hanna


Joe Bishop


Finn Carroll

This cruel, unjustifiable behavior cannot be tolerated.

Lauren Bryant


Yulia Mikhailova


Aubree Silver

Let Peter Go!!

Giannie Couji


Robin Jeep


Amy Gordon


Valerie Angeli

Signing in support of Peter and all who care about him. He has done outstanding things for animal welfare and those who care about animals. He has lived his life as an icon of compassion and that compassion should be show to him now more than ever!

Clara Whittaker

Fine Artist

Bianca Taylor

Peter Max deserves to be with his loved ones. He deserves the right to have his American dream before he transitions. Release him to his daughter, Libra.

Jillian Evans

No I’m deserves to be held in isolation like this. Especially when it is harming their health.

Nancy Burke

Free Peter Max! This is not a guardianship - this is a torturous prison camp. Atrocious that nothing is being done to remove Mr. Max from his abusers and return him to the care of his beloved daughter.

Katie Burgess


Gabriella Tanner

Inspired by his work for years. No human who has worked their entire life creating a name for themselves should have it taken away just to turn a profit.

Danielle Gaunt


Kyle Greenwood


Ashley Dreyfus


Mara Werring

This breaks my heart, people deserve dignity, respect and kindness throughout their lives.

Kathryn Micolucci


Kerstin Tietz


Megan Iyall


Minerva Caballero-McCarthy

Peter Max should be living the last years of his life with his family and not under the control strangers!

Jessica Brodersen


Sophie Killam

Human life is human life. No one deserves to be in a cage. Especially someone as vulnerable as a dementia patient. My heart is sore from reading this story and I cannot imagine the pain and suffering this is having on both Peter and his lovely family. Do the right thing. Let Peter come home.

Juan-Manuel Alonso

"Peter needs to be with those who loves him and care for him."

Lee Pacific


Judy Schulze


Karin Wickham

I have known Peter for 30 years (Hanson gallery days on Rodeo).

Jeffery Gauss

"I met Peter several times over the years. What does the State know about love of family?! Free Peter so he can continue to create beauty!"

Dahlia Eletreby


Arielle Colon

Reform these laws, no one should be able to take advantage of an unwell man. Give him his rights back!

Paula Bennett

No human should be treated like this.

Brian Schambach


Angela Ficorelli

Peter should be free!

Jaime Cantu


Valerie Coffey

No one should be kept from loved ones while this insidious disease ravages what they have left of themselves. Get Peter back to the people who truly care and should have this precious time with him.

Ann Sandman

Have always loved his art. I own a piece. He is a beautiful creative soul. This is heartbreaking. 💔

Keyla Palmer

Peter Max should have access to his family, friends and companion animals. There needs to be an agreement to help Alzheimer’s patients that don’t involve a total conservatorship.

Laurie Ragle

Peter and his work are gifts to us all. He deserves respect and humane treatment.

Francisco Briseno

Sad to see his rights taken away.

Melissa Triggiano


Lisa Harper

He's the best!! Why can't the President get involved. Peter Max does not deserve this when his family is here or him He is an Icon. Please someone of power get him out NOW!.

Karla Ogle

Allow those who know him best and love him the most take over his care. Let his twilight years be as warm & vibrant as his art.

Gloria Daub

Both my blind brother and Howard Hughes were abused this way and kept from their families and friends.

Elizabeth DeMaar

Family First over court appointed people.

Lisa Bussiere

Is this how people should be treated when they are old?!!! No!!!

Teresa Holliday


Teri van der Mast

A lifelong fan of Peter Max who believes he should be free and happy with his family and friends. FREE PETER MAX!!!

Kellen Britt


Diane McGraw

Through is beautiful art he helped me to raise money for charitable organizations.

Harley Kalen


June Secrist

This is wrong.

Michelle Dickason


Jaxine Marshall


Kevin Sultanik

Peter should have contact with his daughter who's proven to only have his best interest at heart.

Eric Barnes

What they are doing to him is wrong & needs to stop.

Sheila Canamar

The elderly deserve to choose for themselves!!!!

Charlie Bernard-Unkovich

Peter deserves justice and his freedom.

Tucker McDonough


Allyson Turner

Project Manager & Art Lover

Edward Minton

From personal experience that has been confirmed by our primary doctor, I know that an elderly parent with dementia can receive better care from a family member, or at least with the family member overseeing the care, than the parent will receive otherwise.

Kae Hancock

Lifelong fan of this amazing artist. He deserves the utmost respect, reverence and human dignity.

Gerardo Mastrolia


Dan Efrem


Theresa Amundsen LMT Amundsen

Peter Max lover since the 60s 🙏💔 Looooove him and he should not be treated in this manner!

Jenifer Beach

Doug Domonkos


Ellen Katz

To free Peter Max!

Sandy Linter


Emily Matchett McPhillips

Peacemaker, love all, serve all.

Sandra Meyer


William Reese

Social Justice!

Jamie Trie


Nikolas Soren Goodich

"To support an artist's rights to control their own career."

Richard Barrer

"Peter needs final dignity."

Jill Guido


Denise Nelson

Peter Max deserves to spend the rest of his life surrounded by his loved ones. I am signing this on behalf of his freedom, which he should be granted!

David Campbell

No human should have to gone through this especially with a loving family that wants and is capable to provide adequate care. And shouldn't be barred and robbed of spending time with their loved one.

Patricia Tatom

Set him free.

E. G.


Elena Reyes

Friend of a friend

Ken Bastard

Peter Max has been an influence on my own art since I was a child.

Kathleen Gomula

It’s unfair human punishment.

Richard Zimmerman


Sandra Lynam


Melissa Roldan

Because Peter Max deserves to be free and be able to spend the time as he wishes and decide when and if he wants to create anything.

Liliana Trigg

Peter Max has inspired millions with his artwork, including me. Nobody should be in his position. Please help him.

Gabryel Gaulden

Free Peter Max.

Paul Van Ravenstein

Friend of Peter, inhumanely treating him is a crime.

Diane Franklin

"We need public officials to take a stand on the side of humanity. Will you be that person?"

Jacqui Getz

A fan of Peter's work for years. I sign because I believe Peter deserves better than this. There is nothing okay about this conservatorship.

Ronnie Carol

Entrepreneur for Humanity

Liza Schiltz

Peter Max needs to be with his family in this stage of his life and this guardianship should be investigated immediately!!

Monty Harp

I’m heading the call that the beautiful and talented and very caring Rosie Vela has issued for help for her friend. No one should be tested this was!

Barbara Rew

I love Peter Max's work.

Jan Simon

Friend for 30 years
"There is no reason on this earth for Peter not to be living the free life, with his family."

Keith Hawkey


Stedman Kelly


Margaret Majorack

I have admired the art and spirit of Peter Max for over 50 years.

Holly Harris

"This must be stopped now."

Arianna Santamaria

This is not what he wanted!

Francesca Carroccio

No one deserve this treatment! Its so horrible and cruel.

Denise Keating

Private Duty Caregiver

Jayne Thorne

No one should have to go through this.

Joanna Cicero

Longtime Fan

Shari B Ellis


Sarah Lennox


Julia Robertson Robertson

I support freedom and for individuals to make their own medical choices. Especially regarding managing their own private finances.

Melea Poffenberger

Let Peter’s care be managed by loving family, not his current predatory conservator.

Paula Simon

Lover of life with dignity, Peters art, and vision of a beautiful world.

Jessica Golden

Horrified to learn this is happening and that Peter’s family and friends can’t be with him.

Olga Joachim


Marilyn Nicol

Fan of Peter Max and his art.

Patricia Prochnicki

Lifelong Fan

Pinky LaRue Sokol

"To see Peter released from this cruel court bond,and returned to his loving family for his quality of life."

Peter Migliozzi

I remember fondly a Peter Max painting from my childhood that always impressed me with warmth and tenderness that I have found to also have been the loving atmosphere throughout his entire life's work.

Laura Burgess

Basic Human rights : let family take care of family and end the greed.

William Gauld

Life is short, let him live with people who love and care for him.

Mindi Verzillo


Judy Kirk

Peter deserves the freedom to spend his golden years with those he loves.

Raymond Reines

Free Peter Max...he deserves to be with loving family, not strangers.

Nancy Highlands


Gloria Seery

Paraeducator, Artist
"Peter Max is one of my favorite artists and he deserves dignity and respect."

Debra Sprague

This abusive guardianship is an outrage and Peter, like others in this position, deserves his freedom to be with his family and friends!

Gina Garrett

He deserves the best.

Matt Southers


Angela Leone

Peter is my favorite artist. This sickens me as this should not happen to such a great man. Please serve justice to him and restore his dignity. He does not deserve this.

Carolyn Miller

This is wrong on so many levels.

Ginger Ginger


Amanda Turlington

Peter Max is literally my favorite artist, and I wouldn't wish that kind of treatment on my worst enemy. Peter Max deserves much better for all of his accomplishments and endeavors in life. Not to mention all of the charities that Peter Max had given to in his life to better the people not only through profits but in the art world as well.

Nan Webb

I would hope an impartial judge could fully explore these concerns.

Carol Grimley

Stop elder abuse.

Amber Knapp


Megan Moon


Shari Finch

I’m an artist, love his work, and want to see these parasites go down!

Alexandria Bishop


Hope Williams-Cioffi


David Kaufmann


Sandra Baksys

My father was isolated from me the last seven years of his life by someone who took him to her home after misappropriating his power of attorney. Ownership of domicile and power of attorney are also powerful tools of elder isolation.

Courtney Westerkamp

An artist inspired by Peter Max, I believe he deserves to be with his family and loved ones, no one deserves a conservatorship especially if they have family to love and care for them.

Tracy Reiner

Actor, Producer
"Peter is a close friend of my family and he doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. Stop this abuse NOW."

Shawn Brown

Love for Peter and his work, and distain for the lack of Justice provided to him.

Brian Hurley

I love Peter’s artwork, and I am appalled at how he is being treated.

Alex Day

This icon deserves to live out his days without constriction!

Kitty Stillufsen


Chappell Fennell

He deserves freedom.

Bruce Handler

As a young graphic designer, I was inspired by Peter max to pursue my art career since 1974.

Walt Kolenda

No one should be kept away from their family and friends by force.

Martha I Guzmán

Every human should be free.

Sarah Vaughan

Art Director

Silvio Bertarelli


Kari Koty

Peter Max deserves freedom.

Alexandra Dodge

Peter Max should be able to live out his days with his family and people who care for him. It’s heartbreaking.

Erin Callanan


Kaylie Hidalgo


Christine Enedy

I had the privilege to take a van load of my students to meet Peter Max at his studio in 2001, from Girard College where I teach. He was very gracious, taking his time to talk with my high school students, showing them where he creates his work, and he even took the time to explain to my students proper care of paint brushes and so forth. Not many people would do that. Max is a treasure. We should all be grateful that he is still alive, and he should be able to live out the rest of his days surrounded by those who he loves, doing what he wants to do!

Crystal Weaver

Peter Max has brought joy to so many through his art over the years and does not deserve this treatment. Please let him live out his remaining years peacefully with his family.

Savannah Vieira

No one should be treated like this. Free Peter Max.

Isabella Wildt


James Fox

"Love and justice, and love FOR justice."

Mark Duneclift Duneclift


Arianna Lamont

Peter’s rights to a happy life and his own earnings must be restored. Free Peter Max.

Judith Simons-Gerstley

Devastated this is still going on, please release a Peter to his loving family.

Abby Bonti

Free Peter Max! We need to end this.

Tricia Duarte


Kerly Santiago


Alyssa Keezer

I love Peter's art and don’t want him to die this way.

Lara Zanzucchi

My heart breaks.

Yami Rincon


Louis Levin

He needs to be with his Family. Free Peter.

Amanda Grainger

For freedom.

Lynne Kelly

I want Peter’s dignity restored, he deserves to be surrounded by family and friends who love him.

Joshua Bunney


Cynthia Nitzsche

To not only remove a person’s dignity, but to also position them to be repeatedly victimized, is some of the cruelest behavior of man against man. Restore his rights and dignity immediately.

Karen Weinstein Simon

Former employee of Peter. Wishing him peace and love.

Kathleen Stewart


Joannie Eggert

No human being should be kept from the companionship of family and friends, and no artist should be forcibly kept away from their studio, their art, the essence of their humanity.

Laura Carson


Jeinmy Cantu


Hildy Kamin


Kathy Munden


Kimberley Arnold

My mother and I went through this in her final 2 years of life.

Renee Lamp


Kimberly Kueter

Former local public official & 20+ yrs health care provider
"Peter Max is due respect and kindness. Honor his final wishes. Set him free."

Tyler Jones

I believe his human rights are being violated.

Naytia Byrd

Executive Assistant to Peter Max for 10 years
"Peter is such a kind soul. He doesn’t deserve to be treated in this manner. It’s heartbreaking to learn of his conditions. Wishing him the best."

Laurie Gabriel

This talented human being should not be taken away from his loved ones! How has this happened? Please intervene on behalf of Peter Max! He deserves to be free. Take away this guardian ship. It’s absolutely horrible.

Lisa Bendzak

This grave injustice needs to end.

Susan Beer

Lifelong Fan

Stacey Gregg

I was concerned and had suspicion of controlling behavior and mental decline of Peter Max when I met him at the Short Hills Gallery in New Jersey. He was unaware of current events and whom the president was.

Carmen Velčić

Every living being has the right of dignity and freedom.

Lucy Herczeg

Fan & Admirer

David Rubert

Care for Peter Max.

Roseann DiGiovanni

I come from a very large close knit family & losing my Dad a year ago I cannot imagine not be able to see my Dad. My sisters & I all married took turns sleeping at my Parent's house to help my Mom care for our Dad. We allowed everyone to see our Father anytime they wish & to deny someone access to their loved one is a total disgrace!!! Wtf are lawyers even involved with this family matter to begin with!!!! And, to deny family matter the right to spend time with their family member is criminal & these attorneys should be “locked Up” for imprisonment of a human being!!! This case should be plastered all over the News & this man needs to be released to his family immediately w/o being monitored by “Lawyer's maybe we should do this to the lawyers family & see how they like it!!!

Patti Morrison

Jewelry Designer & Artist
"This beautiful human deserves to create and have quality of life."

LuAnn Martin

It is a crime that ANYONE'S end-of-life wishes be so contradicted and ignored. This must stop.

Sasha Palmer

This is a sick practice and needs to be stopped right now!

stephen scigliano

No one should be treated in this manner.

Dawn Putnam

I consider myself to be a friend of Max's. He's a very sweet and loving man. He loves seeing his fans. Isolation is pandemonium to torture. Please help him to live out the rest of life with dignity.

Dana Reynolds

Longtime fan. He deserves so much better than this in his golden years.

Claudia Garcia

Unfair treatment to him.

Zarko Stambolic

Designer & Friend

Stephen Jones

I have long loved Max’s work, and to read such a blatant case of elder abuse breaks my heart.

Courtney J

This man deserves to be with whomever he pleases! Let him spend what time he has left here with his family!

Virginia Lindsay

"I am a glass artist who has been inspired by Peter's work my while life. I was born in 1966, so his images were some of the first things I recognized as art. As an aging human, the very fact of his condition of life is concerning. People should be with their loved ones in their last days."

James Levine