Allan Jacubowicz - Affidavit

"No one has seen him.  Ms. Lissner has kept Peter in virtually complete isolation.  He is in jail rather than his home.  What is happening here is criminal."

Edward Tricomi - Affidavit

"Peter has been one of my best friends for more than 40 years...Until last year, Peter and I saw each other several times a week for decades.  We were constantly in touch."

"On every call we have had with Peter, he begs to see us, and he begs us to call him over and over.  Please come, please visit me, please come see me, please call me, every day.  It breaks my heart."

Mimi Gelb, LMFT - Affidavit

"As an intimate friend of Peter and the Max family for decades, I am outraged that the court-appointed guardian charged with looking out for Peter's interests has for the past year done just the opposite."

Rosie Vela - Affidavit

"Even in the middle of the day, [Peter] appears to be sedated...His eyes rolled back in his head, and he slumped over.  At that point the aide took the phone and hung up on me."


Court Documents