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Karen Hochman


Bex Brian

Writer, Friend of Libra

B. Foster

Admirer and concerned citizen

Nancy Magarill

Family Friend

Rick Shutter

Drummer, Gold\Platinum Grammy Recipient

Melissa Schwartz

Friend of family

David Rutan

Friend of Libra Max

Alliyah Fletcher

"Free Peter Max."

Michelle Vale


Dorothy Geller

Supporter, Childhood friend of Libra

Jimie Gibbon

Caring lifelong fan

Stefan Pommepuy

Friend of the Family

Ron Canning

Friend, Captain DolphinWatch

Chloe Davis


Guilherme Marques

"Righteousness and Compassion"

Amy Revolt


Marina Villarreal

Concern citizen

Mary Martin

Writer, Activist, Friend of the Family

Doug Halsey

Friend & Activist

Liz Leenen

Concerned fellow human

Stephen Turkfeld

"I have become aware of how abusive these guardianships become."

Shirley Perl

"No one should be held or imprisoned in guardianship!"

Michael Pole

Longtime friend

Kenneth Gillespie

Supporter, Old Associate Through Yoga

Sheri Clemente

Human Rights Advocate

Holly Hooper

Attended The Calhoun School with Peter's children

Ruth Levy


Nik Tyler

Family Friend

Anne Hager

Family Friend

Leigh Chapman

Former Design Employee at Max Studios

Larry Sanderson

Supporter and Max Collector

Jennifer Bocian

Family Friend

Barbara Stagno

Animal and Human Rights Activist

Nadia Antrobus

Supporter went to school with Libra and Adam Max

Jackie Poles Ran

Family Friend

Ericai Ivy Clemons

Human and Animal Rights Activist

Jeffrey Sherman

Very Old Friend of Peter and Libra

Isabella Grande


Francene Shed

"Abuse in any form is always criminal and cannot be sanctioned!"

Janice Bailey

"Love his work, esp. on NCL ships. Let's help this artist!"

Pamela Chattergoon

"This is how older people are taken advantage of."

Lynne Allen

"This is legalized kidnapping. There needs to be a severe consequence to those who capitalize on the misery of their clients."

Iryna Kosel

"Peter Max is being horribly treated by his guardians. He should be being looked after by his friends."

Cynthia Langford

"Peter Max's art is the banner of my own youthful generation like nothing mere words can approach. So, come on all you hippie brethren out there (you know who you are). Now is your chance to repay this soulful contributer to our lives, and all it takes is your signature, for oh so very much he added to our lives."

Adrianne Micco

"How can something like this be forced on a person & his family? Hoping it will be investigated."

BJ Blair

"Peter is an icon and deserves his human rights as well as to have at least a fraction of the happiness he has brought to millions of others."

Risa Schiff

"Elder abuse, pure and simple. How dare they!!!"

Joseph Sloss

"How could anyone do this to an elderly person?"

Lisa Wilson

"I am speechless! This is so disturbing and MUST BE STOPPED NOW! He must be with his family."

Kim Mejia

"This is despicable!!!!!"


"This is reprehensible and should be illegal, from the details described. Please release Peter to his family immediately!!"

Charles Alexander

"This is outrageous and cruel! End the abuse now!"

Kimberly Coleman

"Please God release him from evil. And put him with his loving family"

Janet Swihart


Nancy Klinker

"Prosecute the lawyer guardian of Peter Max. And accomplices. Restore Peter's rights. Restore his finances. Honor his legal documents."

Ellen Redish

"Peter is a wonderful artist and we should do all we can to protect him. I don't trust guardianships since I have seen them try to steal people's money and estates here in California."

Ann Freed

"Peter apparently cannot decide for his own life? He is not happy? Therefore he wants to revise his decisions. Allow him to do that, the freedom to chose, let him chose."

Donna Leavitt

"Guardianships do not see a man, they see a dollar sign! A greedy dollar sign, not a human life!"

Malcolm Knightley

"As one who appreciates his work I am appalled to learn this."

Lynne Boehm

"Another Britney...why is this even allowed???"

Flowers Fields

Volunteered with Peter for
"He's my art idol."

Shannon Moncrief

Old Friend of Family

Marie Lowe Wernicke

"I believe in guardianship reform."

Johanna Guerrero

"This is wrong and needs to end."

Daniela IslaMar


Ruth Clark

"End conservatorship abuse! Free Peter!"

Tiffany Ornelas

"I will do whatever I can to help give a voice to those who can't speak up for themselves."

Sam Cervantes

Supporter of Peter Max and living with dignity

Martin Richie

"Known since the 90s, after he saved “Cincinnati freedom” a cow on the loose."

Lauren Elizabeth

"End conservatorship abuse, everyone deserves freedom!"

Abrera Leona

"The fear that Peter is losing his will to live that harbors his family is very telling about the state of his guardianship."

Aileen Burke

"His work has impacted my life."

Mark Henderson

"I have read about the plight of this man and have studied such abuses in history during my degree . This needs to be looked into at the least, by the government."

Armaiti May

"Peter deserves to be free!"

Kathryn O'Connor

"This is so terribly tragic and very wrong!"

Yvonne Price

"Restore his dignity. Don’t deny him and his family any longer. I love his work. My daughter grew to love him."

Linda Schoonover

"This is against everything we stand for-seems like a vendetta and for profit scheme against Peter and his family. Let him return to those he loves and who love him. They have suffered enough!"

Linda Pearson

Related to someone who was over-medicated and isolated

Kyle Thyberg

"Peter Max is a living legend."

Maya Gold

"Freedom is essential."

Terri DuPont

Julie Anne Rhodes
"Freedom for his dignity in his final years with love and proper care."

Lori Mundy

Concerned Citizen
"No one should be isolated from loving friends and family."

Victoria Moran

Friend of Peter's for years, "Eager to help any way I can."

Erin Crippen

Artist, Humanitarian

Rey Ortega

Close friend of Peter's daughter

Suzanne Taylor


Jude Parise

"He's a brilliant artist and this should not be happening."

Kirstin Shea

"It's incredulous to keep Peter from his family."

Mary Kelly

Friend Concern over this totally unreasonable situation!

Raquel Teitler

Lifelong Friend of Daughter

Erlene Kolnes

Friend of 10 years

Richard Horwege

Longtime fan and concerned citizen

Louis Levin


David Corn

Friend and Peter Max Collector

Frances Hingston

Personal friend of Libra who is devastated not being able to be with her father

Francesca Macaluso

Family friend

Christian Majewski

Friend of Libra

Jonathan Pastor

Fellow Supporter of Dolphin Project

Doug Abel

Longtime Family Friend

Barbara Arnold

Concerned Ctizen/RN

Edita Birnkrant

Family Friend, Activist
"Free Peter!"

Malachiyah Adams

"I am highly against abuse of all forms."

Sandy Spiwak-Wallin

Extended Family Member

Adrienne Borgersen

Family Friend and Fan, Compassionate Person Wanting To Help

Tanya Petrovna

Family Friend/Fellow Animal Advocate

Lisa Agabian

Communications Professional and Animal Protection Advocate

Michael Strawbridge

Family Friend

Robert Branch

Supporter, Student of Swami Satchidananda

Linda Campanella

Arts Advocate

Mark Burke

Caregiver to an Elderly Parent

Carole Davis

Friend, Activist
"There is too much danger of exploitation in legal guardianships."

Molly Lang

Lifelong Family Friend

Olex Beck

Friend of Libra

Deanna Bratter

Long time fan of Peter, advocate for Human Rights

Colin Easom

Concerned Citizen

Pam Casselman

Support & Family Friend

Maureen Schiener

Fan of Peter Max; Advocate for Animals & Social Justice

Elizabeth Forel

Family Friend, New York Animal Advocate

Marisa Wolfson


Meredyth Rawlins

Close friend of Peter's daughter

Laura Gill

Concerned Citizen

Dorothy Frankel

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Events

Susan Jakubowicz

Peter's friend for decades

Francesco Mirabito

"Justice and Love."

Lyris Mansoor

Longtime Family Friend

Michelle Kelly

Friend of family

Christina Burton

Supporter of his brilliant work

Erica Dunn

Friend of Family, Equity Advocate

Frank Lemm

"Who's better suited to care for you in your golden years than your own family? The state has gone too far!"

Lyle Courtsal

"That guardian and the lawyers should be investigated and prosecuted for reckless endangerment. The damn lawyers are murdering him with slow death tactics."

Annick Richardson

"Shocking and sad. Let Peter Max be free at once!"

Ely Russ Erickson

"Because family is love & it sounds like the guarduans are moral corrupt evidenced by the draining of his fortune."


"Sounds more like the CCP of China! This should NEVER HAPPEN here. FREE Him to his FAMILY!"

Roxanne Lorentzen

"This is a horrific injustice being done to a wonderful man and his family!"

Shara Nielsen

"Heartbreaking and infuriating all at the same time! The name of the guardian should be made public and their bank/financial records made public as well so the family see what is really going on."

Christine Murphy

"This degrading way to share your last days on Earth also happened to man I know. It was sickening to view a strong stubborn man have to go through his last days being controlled against his wishes in a life of misery against family wishes."

Melinda Lewis

"I live in fear of being forced into a guardianship in old age. So many are exploitative and simply used for someone to live off the assets of another's life work."

Sheila Miller

"This is awful! Please help Peter Max. Return him to his family."

Nonya Cox

"I love his art work. Please get better soon."

Paul Zinser

"So very sorry for the family, and of course, Peter! Best to your efforts."

Denise Doggett

"No one should be held hostage at any time."

Dawn Smith

"How can this be allowed? His human rights have been taken? This is in the US!! How can this happen to someone - in the USA?"

Allen Crowder


Linda Guthrie

"This is hideous! The lawyer who appointed this is clearly a criminal who should be removed from the bench. I am sickened that this could happen to Peter Max or anyone else. No one deserves this -- a horrible miscarriage of justice."

Mark Setterberg

"It's the right thing to do."

Shirley Lechowicz


Len Messina

"This should be on world media but especially in the U.S.! "

Jacqueline Critser

"This kind of guardianship by strangers needs some real examination, especially when there is a failure to thrive. An immediate, independent investigation needs to be done."

Joan Schecher

"Shocking that this even exists and especially in the US. We have really went backwards instead of forward. To much power to the wrong people."

Xavier Appleberry

"The actions of these so called guardians are despicable. Free Peter."

Kristin Edstrom

Private Equity Professional
"Peter Max and his life and estate to be run by family."

Jesus Reina Bautista


Miriam Hodges

Just a really big Peter Max fan and want to help

Antoinette Pearlman

"Please this man deserves better than this..."

Lisa Prentiss

"No one should live in isolation, aging and disease is not a crime."

Nathalia Foster

"It is his right to be with his beloved ones."

Marilyn Mayers

"Holding Peter captive is cruel and wrong. #FreePaterMax"

Inna Shveibish

"Free him"

Jean Goldberg

"Outrage at the inhumane treatment of this talented and revered artist"

Madison Glotzbach

"For basic human rights!"

Dorca Dorca

"The legal system should not be manipulated to rob someone of their human rights."

Erica Tulk

"I believe in the least restrictive life possible"

Laurel Monument

"Because I care about people losing our human right to freedom."

Christina Bitton

"In solidarity for Peter and his family against evil."

Andy Thunders Miller

DJ, Animal and Human Rights Activist
"This is wrong."

Doria Wosk


Donald Wleklinski

"Needs looking into."

Gregg Miler

My mother died of Alzheimer's

Elizabeth Shoebridge

"This is simply unacceptable. They made a movie about this shite on prime called I care a lot. daylight robbery."

Rita Maria


Ana Mansuy

"Humanitarian behavior before monetary greed."

William Sager

Supporter, Fan
"no one should have to go through that"

Terry Pease

"This is a travesty."

Alison Woods

Concerned that Peter's Human Rights aren't being respected

Ann Korijn

"I was charmed by him the couple times that I have met him."

Courtney Holtzclaw

"In solidarity."

Donna Resnick

"Cruel and inhuman treatment for the almighty dollar must end NOW!"

Alice Lancaster

"I’m into freedom."

Bella Om

"May Divine grace bless Peter."

Kolja Ringsted

Friend of the Family

Julie Blesener

Longtime admirer of his work and ethics

Christina Lublin

Concerned friend of the family

Annapoorni Jane Wechsler

Peter's Longtime Friend and fellow devotee of Swami Satchidananda

Gwen Mathers

Fellow cat lover and artist

Vanessa Chandler

"No child should be kept from seeing their parent."

Joyce Tomlinson

Daughter of Alzheimer's patient

David Meyer

Old Family Friend

Susan Ledner

Animal and Human Rights Activist

Abigail Purcell

Supporter, My father is the same age and has dementia

Joe Duquette

Supporter, Satchidananda Ashram Integral Yoga Therapist

Christyne Sutton


Alan Bozof

Treasurer, National Meningitis Association

Katharine Butler


Joan Horton

"My brother Joey worked for and loved Peter."

Galen Hazelhofer

"I am an advocate for anyone unjustly oppressed!"

Michael Pitkow

Peter's friend and travel companion of 45 years

Lydia Stern

Lifelong Family Friend

Jeanne Marie

Friend of Peter and Libra, Collector

Tanya Hotton

Longtime Family Friend

Janice Brunson

Integral Yoga Teacher, Supporter

Marc Birnbach

Support, Founder of Cannabees

Eric Sneddon

Friend with Peter's daughter

Eleanor Gilmartin

Concerned citizen

Brittany Sieglaff

"Free Peter!"

Patricia Goldstick

Family Friend

Lynne Joachim

Psychotherapist, Fine Artist

Ellen Steininger


Kevin Connelly

"This is just wrong. Peter deserves better."

Sandra Jane Sanderson

Supporter and Max Collector

Elizabeth Harding Weinstein

Mother Trafficked into Conservatorship by Abusive Husband

Jody Oestreicher

"Free Peter Max!"

Victoria Adams

Admirer of Peter’s work and philosophy

Debbi Minkoff Miller

Family Friend/Fellow Animal Advocate

Laurie Gentry

Family Friend and Human/patient rights advocate

Amy Eller

Family friend, Admirer

Kelley Wolfe


Zizi Zarkadas

Close Friend of Libra Max

Beverly Best

"Free him to live the life he is intended to live!!!!"

Darby Stone

"Save innocent family man and artist Peter Max and get him home right now!!!!! How in the hell has this been permitted to happen to him?"

Patricia Voss

"Peter should be with his family members who love him. The abuse he's suffering is shameful."

Stefanie Colbert-Bruner

"Squandering this mans hard earned estate is outrageous and his children must be permitted to become his caretakers. They are NOT unfit. This is an abuse of a good man and his human rights and dignity."

Suzanne Senn Burke

"People’s Rights must be protected."

Henry Pade

"I took care of my mom through the last 7 years of her life suffering Alzheimer’s. Courts interfering with the life of wealthy loved ones through court action is tantamount to corruption."

Lonnee Star


Joanna Friedman

"This abuse of power should be exposed and immediately rectified. What’s happened here is unbelievable and shameful. Please contact journalists at the NYT. Someone should be reporting this story."

Rich Camp

"Senior citizens should be given every chance at happiness in their waning life."

Sharon Stokes

"Overcome evil with good."

Karen Magers

"Give Peter Max the dignity he so well deserves!"

Roanna Bacchus

"This is a sad situation."

Joy Ruth

"Free Peter Max to be cared for by his family immediately."

Steve Hirshey

"Nothing about this is right!!!"

Kashif Creary

"They should investigate the circumstances. I cared fit people in isolation, it is awful."

Carol Kenyon

"I care that he gets help."

Susan Greenspan

"Peter Max is a wonderful artist! He needs to live in his own way-with family & friends! Stop controlling his life. It’s not legal!"

J.A. Creem

"I am signing because there must be a better way to take care of this national treasure."

Rob Rowe

"He deserves better. He is a wonderful person. I have met him personally."

Susan Schmuckal

"This makes me SO furious."

Sue Gould


Leathur Rokk

"I have loved his art since my childhood!"

Karyn Jones

"Peter deserves better than this."

Richie Martin


Stephen Wozniak

Friend of Family and Daughter

Sina Kämmer

Just a woman from Germany who wants to support a loving father

M. Farrell

"Peter should be allowed to be cared for by his family."

Adriana Angon

"End conservatorship abuse."

Matthew Schwartz

Concerned friend
"This is an Injustice"

Mickey Kramer

"Justice for Peter"

Cynthia Jacob

"Mr. Max should be cared for with dignity and people who have his best interest in mind."

Katherine Graham

"This is cruel and Inhumane and the court should NOT have this kind of power to use for evil."

Brittany Randall

Concerned Citizen, Mother, Optician
"Abolish conservatorships"

Maria Ray

"Peter Max deserves to be with his loved ones!"

Ashley Waelti

"Compassion for this poor artist! <3"

Petra Krajasich

"I want to support Peters family to be able to see him."

Kim E.

"Free this innocent man!"

Gwendolyn Colleton

Rose Daversa

Supporter, Animal Advocate
"Against Isolation & Guardianships!"

Sophia Vamvakas

Friend/Animal Rights Activist

Arthur Lunch


Sally Boyden

Friend of Peter's since the 1980's
"To help xx."

Daniela Morera

"In the 70s I went to New York and I discovered his work that was bringing so much joy."

Susan Wagner

"No one should be treated like this."

Debbie Blaylock

"Let his daughter and family in. Let them love on him and be there for his remaining time here on earth Please. Some Empathy is needed."

Karen Asp

"Support his freedom."

Sara Mccarthy

"This is very wrong on every level."

Valerie Kelly

Friend of Family
"His family can love and protect him."

Veda Stram

In support of everyone's Constitutional and Human Rights

Isabella Emond

Someone Who Cares
"I am compelled to help."

Wenndy Mackenzie

Longtime Friend of Libra Max

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