Maria Faraldo

Concerned citizen

Karen Shapiro

Arlene Zuckerman

Peter Max should be with his daughter & companion animals & treated fairly.

Erika Marie Hellmann

This is appalling!! This is abuse!!

Penelope Windsor

Elder abuse needs to end. Give Peter his life back! End the abusive and corrupt conservatorship.

Zerah Cruz

Guardianship is against human rights and should be removed from the United States. We cannot call ourselves a free country while this exists.

Rosemary Greibesland

Family should stay together.

Kristin Pearl

He deserves to be with his family.

Tim Moore

Peter's Neighbor, Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Humanist

Norma Vogel

Nina Iventosch


Deb R.


Mary Oconnor

Hope people who really care about him can step in to care for him.

Jamie Davison

IT Administrator

Kimberly Pagan

We need to speak up for those who can't.

Jen Nadeau

GOD isn't sleeping!

John Lefebvre

Diane Horstmyer

Sheryl Lebauer

Dementia Advocate, Civil Rights Advocate

Betty Debra Rose

I am a fellow being who believes that the treatment of Peter Max is a travesty.

Robin D’Amato

No one should be held against their will.

Rick Solomon

Pam Kagan

Friend and collector of Peter Max's art

Benjamin Reed

These guardianships have been horrendously abused and need to end!!!

Sally Doty

Ann-Marie York

Susan Donk

David Kerner

Brian Caterino

Edna Canny


Valerie McAndrews

I can’t understand how this could happen. A person with dementia should not be kept isolated from friends and family.

Maureen Dauphinee

This cannot be allowed to be the final chapter of this icon's life.

Scott Aminov


Maini PJ


Natali Wind

Joseph Doan


Patti Sietz

This needs to be fixed immediately!!!

James O’Blaney


Elizabeth Marciano


Jacqueline Circosta

No person should ever be taken away from their family.

Diana Munoz

Eve Morrow


Esther Padilla

Concerned Citizen

Alexandria Servantez

Concerned citizen

Stevie Bahn

Vehemently against guardianship/conservatorship abuse.

Allison DeYenno

Peter deserves to be with his family.

David Mark Hughes

Friend of a friend, Animal Advocate

Lisa Wilson

Chacho Spears

No one deserves to be isolated or kept away from their love ones.

Lacy Smart

Free Peter Max! This conservatorship needs to stop!

Rick Wargo

I hope and pray this experience shines a bright light on this ugly disease of greed and helps put an end to it, everywhere.

Debra Garland

David Branson

Chandrika Shrobe

Radha McChristy

Lang-Moll Shala

Family Friend

Cinde Hoffman

Annmarie Zanchelli

No one should be kept from the love of family and friends. The conservatorship process needs a complete overhaul. Wealthy people are being abused for the greed of others.

Valma Offord


Virginia Kallianes

Admirer of Peter Max's Art, Fellow Animal Lover

Lori Latino Marrone

I don't know HOW this happened, but he should be with his family.

Jessie Massoudi

Aleta Neilson

Peter Max should not be held in forced isolation away from his family and friends.

Aimee Pruitt


Joan Leavy

Maureen Oboyle

Fan and Animal Advocate

Virginia Derasmi

He needs to be with his family!

Melissa Kuilan-Santos

No human deserves this treatment. This is abuse on every level and needs to be stopped!

Darlene Margeta


Mary Gotimer

Why is a court appointed guardian necessary when he has family?

Donald Blair

Italo Alfarone

Peter Max should be treated with the dignity he deserves! Stop this abuse now and let his family care for him!

April Palmieri

Peter Max should be able to have the company of his family.

Gale-Curtis Joanne


Pamela Murray

Our dear friend is living a nightmare.

Cheryl Norman

Cathy Feltman


Jessica Kacer

Paula Dory

Misty Ferguson

Human Being

Diane Philo

Concerned fan

Gail Culligan


Shirley Massenzo

Health Care Professional

Sarah Haughney

Gary Zoldos

It’s the right thing to do!""

Barbara Tesmer

Sofia Lahlou


Linda & Jon Weiss

Friend for 30 years, love and respect him

Rachel Stipano

Concerned Human

Joanne Martinez

Mary Myers

Caregivers should never be jailers. Patients should never be prisoners.

Paula Dyer

This gentleman needs support and protection from the situation he's in.

Kathy Baldassare

He needs his family and friends to oversee his care.

Wendy Sacks

Rica Mendes

Lynn Davis

Thomas Pileggi

Itzel Fierro Fierro


Elizabeth Handler

This should happen to no one.

Scot Mellor

Nancy Brown

Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy

Laura Emmett

Fan and Admirer

Dru maguire Maguire


David Franco


Shelby Burns

Hill Amirah

Michael Stamberg

Denise Laurenti

Mary Pezdek


Judith Goldfarb

Denise Cutter

Todd Sullivan

Claudia Nakash

Nathalie Le Blevec

Krystie Damsker

Lydia Matthews

Peter should not be denied visits with family and friends.

Jewell McGann

Family is more Important than guardianship.

Daphne Dahl


Lisa Pancia

This is an abhorrent injustice.

Paul Maiorana


Julie Jones

Sad of seeing more and more people mistreated by their caregivers.

Shirley Brown

Do not let his life end in imprisonment as it was threatened to be when he started his life. Give dignity to the elderly.

Sally Mallon

Kathleen Rivers

He should be allowed to spend his time freely with his family and friends. What a beautiful soul that is being held captive.

Marie Fitzpatrick


Ralph Preite

Partner with Koutsoudakis & Iakovou Law Group

Naomi Nelson

Admirer, Fellow Artist

Rebecca Janowski


Susan Horan

Everyone has a right to be free.

Colleen Meehan

Mr. Max deserves better.

June Mooney

Elizabeth Candela


Lynn Carr

This is cruel treatment of an American icon, free Peter Max.

Gerald Rhodes

Debra Bergen Koster


Carrie Hargrave


Kristy Bartholomew

Stop this cruelty NOW! Free the man!!!!!!

Antoinette Torrusio

Theresa Zabel

Friend and Artist

Sidney Greehey


Mari Tankenoff


Jennifer Agneta

No government should take away someone’s freedom and wealth!

Judy Potts

Vincent Matthews

No one deserves that treatment.

Susan Goldman

There should be better protections for people with dementia with review of funds spent and home care assessment.

Sandra Ebert

Ospina Daisy

Mar Douglas

Linda Zelikson

Jamee Schleifer

Aleda Moon

No one should have the right to do this to someone else.

Jolynn Frotera

This is an outrage. Though many do not have the assets comparable to Peter, the strangers are doing this every day to the elderly who are loved.

Trina Tardone

Lover of Peter Max Art

Maxi Verst


Roswita Szyszka

This is wrong and sounds like theft!

Vincenzina Dziorny

Elizabeth Murillo

Robert Fischer

No one deserves to be treated in such a way.

Jonah Sietz


Maryellen Brennan


Melissa Heffernan


Jennifer Pijuan

Rose C. Munoz

Sister is under exploitive guardianship. Denied all human and civil rights. Denied due process.

Thomas Padilla

Concerned Citizen and Lover of Art & Justice

Kimberly Hufstetler


Melanie Mandarano

End conservatorship abuse.

Carina Aspinall

Diana Gabunia


Stephanie Arcabascio

Worked side by side with Peter for 6 years…he needs to be with family and not by himself.

Maria Romero

Sr. Project Engineer/Sr. Legal Space Counsel
Both my parents were put into a forced guardianship due to abusive sons who were financially exploiting them.""

Louise Pedersen

Ann Henderson


Mallory Diaz

Amber Vraspir

Ellen King-Rodgers


Mary Belle Grande

Andrea Chiriano


Catherine Cooke

Michelle Slovak

This is a travesty and not what our democracy stands for. Would you want this to happen to you or your family?""

RoseAnn Pusateri-Rowe

Susanne Heinz

Paula Gadigian

Admirer of Peter Max
My heart goes out to Libra and all who just want human decency for Peter and his family.""

Christine Leone

Marlina Halper


Chris Kurceski

It's wrong to keep him from his family.

Judy Milstein

Diane Raso

Judy Grossman

This injustice must be stopped.

Jerry Griscti

It is not easy caring for someone with this disease but its our duty and calling from God to love and care for others. Please, Mr. Max needs to be with those who love him and want to care for his every need.

Richard Layman

This has every appearance of destructive abuse of the law against an American treasure and his family and friends.

Dana Elden


Sean Prizgint

People should not be held as a prisoner due to a disease. This is a immoral and nefarious to say the least! Peter needs to be with his family. Corruption at its finest!!

Jay Blue


Pamela LaVersa

No one should be treated this way.

Joy Elrod

Give this man his dignity back.

Christopher Scallon

Design Producer

Shannon Vavrinchik

Peter is being abused, trapped, cut off from loved ones.

Glenna Sullivan

Forced guardianship is wrong. Stealing from the elderly is wrong.

Jen Schultz

Worked with Peter and his studio for years

Joanne Myers

Janice Chamberland

Cruel and inhumane treatment and theft.

Frank Cole

"I want Peter to see his friends and family, no one should be controlled like this. Praying for him."

Rachel Meister


Kelly Marquart

His isolation from his loved ones is barbaric.

Jackie Hirtreiter

Eileen Dash


Linda Valentin

Roseann Bufalino

Lifelong fan

Pia Guccione

Makeup Artist

Rhonda Turso-Perez

Lifelong Admirer

Johnna Stewart

Tanya Dias

People should be surrounded by loved ones, especially when life is slipping away.

Steve Collier

Graphic Designer

Paul Schickler

Sharon Willison

Heather Dawn

Myra Mass

Lori Adams

Associate Real Estate Broker

Ingrid Saurer

He belongs with his family!

Bobby Boles

Alyssa Suran

Erica Taylor

Stacey Simens

Jim Allen


Colleen Willisch

He should not be kept from his family!

Marguerite Connor

His art defined my childhood and opened my imagination. He needs his family.

Fiona Walsh

Kathy Percoco

Heidi Sjursen

Marsha Harden

Paul Vogel


Laurie Oliver

Elizabeth Shelton

Jeanne Kelly

Beth Schnall

Logan Curtis

Donna Hicks

Holly Higgins

Mary Jozwiak

His family and friends should be looking after him!

Judy Bernstein

Let him live his life please!

Susan McDonagh

He's being preyed on because he has money. That is not justice.

Jose Cruz


Gail Shapiro

His life, money, decisions, should be his and his alone with his family and friends. Give him his life back and penalize every last person, agency or lawyer that contributed to this unlawfulness.

Velvet Valentine

I am a fan, and have family members who this could happen to. I am signing in support of all who deserve to have their needs and wishes carried out no matter their physical or mental condition. Justice for MAX!

Ronald Kahl

Let his family take care of him and love him to the end. Keep the courts out of it since family wants to and is able to make him loved.

Bridget Derbyshire


Domanie Stewart


Alexa Fuentes Valdez

Student of Humanitarian Action
This hurts my heart to read, everyone deserves freedom, especially if they have family to care for them. Court-ordered guardianship are cruel and can be easily abused.""

Eileen Kimbell-Meaney

Human Being

Ann Morris

As a loving human, I cannot condone this abuse.

Anne Russo

Michael Marsello


Meg Grant

Peter has family and friends to take care of him.

LK Noller

I feel those who prey upon the elderly are the lowest of the low.

amanda Lehrer

Jay Jay


Marcia Pepper

Guardianships are imprisonments.

James Warren

Stop corruption.

Sara Kraus

John Lafemina

No one should be held against their will or the will of cognizant family members!

Dee DePalma


Kendra Lamb

No one who has given so much deserves to have so little in their last years.

Sharon Mattingly

Mike Kramer

Sirena Green

This is so completely wrong and heartbreaking.

Joe DAmbrosio

Sharla Smith

Katharine Stiffler

Evelyn Viscomi

Everything is wrong about this.

Francine Misino Seal

Supporter of his art and supporter of his freedom!

Amalia Kerr

To support this man who deserves to have time with his family.

Camille Block

Lecturer at Fashion Institute of Technology

Richard A. Nesladek


Jack Michaels

Concerned citizen

Linda Richman

That’s cruel and not right!

Lily Pink

I love his human should ever be treated this way...send him back to his daughter!!!

Heather Humphries

Lisa Winika

John McCormick

No one should be denied the companionship of family and friends.

Fionnuala Connolly

It's inhumane to cage someone like this, especially a vulnerable man like Peter. It is unforgivable to stand in the way between a person and their loved ones.

Michele Van Rye

No parent should be cut off from there children family an friends! No outsider should be calling the shots!

Holly Maffia

Loyal Fan and Believer of Justice and Freedom.

Karen Bush

It's an awful shame of what is going on with you that people are doing to your family....

Alyssen Dagesse

We need to end conservatorship/guardianship abuse now. I stand with Peter Max and every single person trapped in this injustice.

David Aitken

I believe Peter should be free to be in the custody of his family.

Jerry Callistein

This is abhorrent. Peter Max deserves love and family, as does any decent person. Nobody should be kept imprisoned like this without due cause and due process.

Anna Lam

Brianna Haug

Peter Max fan, Human Rights Activist

Teresa White

Claire Kelly

Connie Ciskowski

Candace Bean

Elizabeth Durnin

Needs to be with his family, not vultures. Disgraceful.

Dyana Aives

Makeup Artist and Peter Max fan

Rhonda Fingerman

Regina Pellegrino

Kelly Nadler

Rebecca Sherman

Certified Child Life Specialist
No child should be denied an organic relationship with their parent, period.""

Monica Usery

Every person deserves their choices to be respected for end of life care and to be able to live their final days with the people they love.

Lisa Robles

Patricia Penley

His family should be able to care for him in his time of need!

Karen Earl

My son was abducted 3 years ago by a guardian and law enforcement. He suffers like poor Peter Max. I am trying to get him back.""

Kristen Piurek

Timothy French

Grace Barry

JD, MSW Professor of Professional Practice

Hannah Grossman

Patrick Oboyle

Fan and Animal Advocate

Ruth Sanchez

True injustice.

Linda Levin

He needs his family around him and his civil rights restored. Right now, he's in prison.

Thomas Biggiani


Irene Montoya

Fan and Supporter

Dianas Palma

Jason Rappaport

Empathy as the son of someone suffering from dementia. Children should have the rights to ensure their parents’ wishes are respected - not the courts.

Diane Giangreco


Meagan Tyler

Merchandise Manager

Ann Tib


Cynthia Parker

Theresa Zavada

Concerned Citizen

Susie Moloney

Melody Rudman

Greg Sullivan

Decent Human

Pamela Baum


Carolyn Sherman

Peter has brought so much happiness into people’s lives & deserves the same from his family & friends.

Alexis Bean

Freedom Activist
Isolating a person from their is family unjust and cruel. Peter has told most everyone of his last wishes, why are they not being honored?""

Carrie Auerbach

Marlene Wardell

Unconscionable abuse.

Marisa Fasolino

Art teacher who loves to teach of this man's journey!

Kathy Shanahan

Let him see his family!

Avery Davis-Fletcher

A person should never, ever have their rights as trampled and eviscerated as Mr. Max has.

Zoe Sandoval

Joanne Cruce

No one should be subjected to this inhumane treatment.

sandi Rhodes

Greed cannot win over love and art.

Salvatore Montano

Standing against exploitation of a vulnerable man.

Alec Peaster

Human rights are not conditional.

Cheryl Hoey

Linda Gellman

Artist/Photographer/Community Activist

Diane Bard

This is unbelievable and criminal!

Zoe Fedeles

Tom Still

Let the guy live, stop those using him to enrich themselves.

Robin Zweiback

Let his children care for him. Let him paint! Let him be happy with the time he has.

Liza Ledyard

Victoria Gear

Linda Handschue


Susan Castaldo

Family and friends before strangers.

George Steen

This man is a legend and a humanitarian...this is outrageous!

Amy Jans

So sorry to Peter and Libra for having to deal with this! Conservatorship abuse must end!

Mirleft Johnson

Mike Imperato

Cindy Watts

Sherry Batavia

Margaret Salamone


Janice Greco

Marise Hausner

Lisa Hom

Heidi Pellegrini

Annalisa Amato

Patricia Zurko

Tiffany Martindale

Denise Schnittman

Shannon Terranova


Urana Kinlen

Freedom and Dignity!

Alana Garcia

Peter Max deserves his freedom and to be surrounded with family and friends who he loves and who love him.

Manny Katz

Close friend of Peter's for 65 years